+IGWhelp Activity

Igen Weyr does its best to encourage an active community. Without players keeping the Weyr active, it becomes more difficult to keep long-range Weyr TPs and activites going. Therefore, TPs don't happen, and players idle, and it becomes a vicious cycle of inactivity. Igen Weyr tries to encourage players to maintain at least a minimum of two hours a week online, which is in are in no way mandatory. We hope however to keep a number of players active on the activecheck, which is a minimum of four hours in two weeks. Players are not required to keep to this activity level, but it is encouraged to keep the Weyr active as much as possible.

Players that have not logged in three months may be removed from the Weyr knot, and riders idle for over three months may be transferred to Honshu Weyrhold. If a player has been removed from the knot, they will be required to contact the Weyr admins to be added to the knot again. If you are planning to be onvacation, or away for an extended period, please set: &vacation me=<info>

Weyr admin are encouraged to spend at least three hours a week online. However, as OOC administrative duties are required — such as adding people to the knot, planning events, etc. — excessive absences may result in removal from the admin group.

Players with IC rank (i.e. Wingleader, Steward, etc.) are encouraged to spend at least two hours online a week. Particularly with Wingleaders and Wingseconds, they are encouraged to promote RP amongst their wing, as an idle Wingleader often leads to an idle wing. Inactivity from a player with an IC rank may result in removal of that rank if said inactivity occurs over several months time.

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