Dune Tidings Archive

You look into the archives to see what has gone on in Igen in recent turns…

Key: random generated events in game in our area (italics), PC occurrences (underlined) , and background RP hooks and plots going on.

** December 2016 **

Weyrlings graduated and the Weyr celebrates, and parties, and all is generally good.

November 2015

At Curved Hill Hold there is an insect infestation.

At Bayhead Hold there is a dragon and rider who die in an accident.

The weyrlings start paired flight.

Gather at Katz Field Hold.

At Katz Field Hold there is a rumor about the leadership.

Hatching Day! Nine healthy pairs were settled into the barracks, among them K'vir and Bronze Zekath and Arva and Green Ruseth.

At Tanner Craft there is an insect infestation.

October 2015

Igen's local eccentric artist is up to it again. This time with a bit of extra manpower on hand he's gotten approval of the leadership to have a bit of that energy directed to help with his latest project. Candidates and other interested riders and residents are walking (or gliding) along the dune crests outside of the Weyr and tossing out a layer of dyed sand atop the dunes. The primary color seems to be varying shades of blue, although some green was also ordered and it seems some especially inspired riders have smuggled, err, brought their own hues to add. But it's not all bad, rides are offered each evening near sunset to get an aerial view of what looks like ocean waves and little islands out in the desert's 'sea'.

At High Plateau Hold there is a food fight.

Kyzen was searched.

Arva was searched.

Gold Zuhth clutched 9 eggs and now broods upon the hatching grounds. This begins Igen's PC search. Our search is focused on plots and roleplay for a group of stand only candidates.

At South Telgar Hold there is a food fight.

Gold Zuhth took to the skies and was caught again by Bronze Eranzath, confirming Al'dru the new Weyrleader.

At Keroon Hold there is an insect infestation.

September 2015

Gather at South Telgar Hold.

At High Plateau Hold there is a valuable gem found.

At Tanner Craft a harper writes a song that becomes really popular for about a month.

At Beast Craft there is an unexplained explosion.

At South Telgar Hold a small meteorite hits.

August 2015

At Lost Hold a person is approached by a mysterious person who hands them an even more mysterious message before disappearing with no explanation.

At Smokey Lake Hold there is an outbreak of a human disease.

July 2015

At Keroon River Hold a valuable gem was found.

Zak impressed Bronze Kivshiralth and became Is'ac.

Zuhth was finally relieved of brooding duties with the hatching of her latest clutch. The Weyr celebrated eighteen new pairings: 4 bronze, 3 brown, 4 blue, and 7 greens. The shelling of so many bronzes was a surprise to all but the parents who looked quite smug. NPC's can be filled in on the wiki and will become part of the wings in the future.

Gather at Curved Hill Hold.

At South Telgar Hold a vacationer became lost on a day hike and was rescued by the searchriders.

Gather at Keroon Hold.

At the Tannercraft Hall, the watchriders dragon took to the skies in a surprise flight. Those at the Hall were reportedly a bit hung over the next day and not much was accomplished.

At Curved Hill Hold some treasure was found.

Zak was searched for Xanadu's current PC clutch.

Gather at Igen Hold

Keroon Hold lost a crop field to blight.

June 2015

At Smokey Lake Hold there was a tunnelsnake infestation.

At High Plateau Hold there was a flood.

Igen is now out on Search. The Weyr has many of eligible age within its caverns already, and rumors are that they seem to be poaching among crafters more than straight searching. Is it true?

Gold Zuhth took to the sands and clutched 18 eggs! She now broods over them jealously and will not allow even candidates near.

Holders are currying favor with the new Weyrleader, Al'dru.

May 2015

Gold Zuhth finally took to the skies in the new leadership flight. She was caught by Bronze Eranzath, making Al'dru the new Weyrleader.

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