Atreides Flight

Those within the wings under Atreides Flight perform duties for the Weyr, primarily inside the Weyr. The duties fulfilled here are generally to the Weyr directly and not any of the contracted out services.

Typical Duties:

Rider: Most riders in this wing are craft riders, except a few jack-of-all-trade types which continue to apply their skills internally. These would be craft riders which provide skills that are not physically making things. For example: Beastcrafters (which tend herds (not all of the weyrs herds are /at/ the weyr), track breeding, do veterinary services, etc.), healers, harpers and dragonhealers.

Non-Rider: Cooks, baker crafters, any kitchen staff, stablehands, beastcrafters, farmcrafters, herders, jack of all trades, nannys, laundry, techcrafters (maintaining existing systems), caverns staff, archivists, scribes, and crafters most commonly: beastcrafters, healers, dragonhealers, farmcrafters, harpers, star crafters, techs, and computercrafters.

Nutmeg Wing - PC

Ligeia Gold Verzhuqueth App. Harper
E'stel Bronze Roheith Sr. App. Beastcrafter
X'nder Blue Nevinth J'man Harper
Siha Green Tufirath Dragonhealer
T'syn Green Qherakketh J'man Harper
Mara Resident App. Healer
Molochai Resident Resident
Uriska Resident Healer

Anise Wing - NPC

Kn'tor Bronze Alstoth Wingleader
As'kor Bbronze Heskith J'man Farmcrafter
N'lak Brown Demiveth Baker
Z'nar Brown Ibinth App. Harper
Cass Blue Yianth Dragonhealer
S'en Blue Loruith Dragonhealer
M'hya Green Zoroath App. Healer
Asva Green Kivieath Healer
Sage Green Peridoth Dragonhealer
Sine Green Soanguth Weyrharper
St'en Green Shelyth Scribe
Halvera Resident Baker
Orvion Resident Stablehand

Cardomon Wing - NPC

Y'lys Bronze Thoihonylth Wingleader
Eski Brown Tsanvath Wingsecond
T'pher Bronze Faolanth App. Techcrafter
U'san Bronze Kobarth App. Farmcrafter
N'el Brown Amoreth App. Harper
Doma Blue Kaidenoth Dragonhealer
Mera Blue Phikeyth Baker
Ch'arm green Sinderth Harper
R'don green Jolmirith App. Techcrafter
Sinvi green Tasselbrath Sr. App Farmcrafter
Staci Green Julieth Holderbrat
Zaxier Resident Herder
Zovan Resident Scribe
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