Beast Craft

Beast Craft is just that. Beast Crafters are trained as veterinarians and to keep records of breedings of domestic animals. Their job is to guide Holders in the proper methoids of keeping and breeding livestock, as well as developing better means to produce good beasts. They do not have anything to do with dragons, firelizards or watch whers. (whers are trained at the Minecraft Hall by trained Wher Handlers)

The hall mostly imports Grain, hay, and straw, while exporting Livestock, and vet supplies.

Craft Badge is a circular badge with a simple white background, in the center is a golden herdbeast ensignia.

Recent Craft Events that have been recorded on the game by a hall memeber :

There is a terrible heat wave. (07/09/06).

At Vale Hold a pack of feral canines attacks livestock. (7/9/05) -

At Greenfields Hold there is animal disease. (6/16/05)

Near the Beast Craft there was Wild Wher Attack. Dark, the dangerous bronc runnerbeast, was found, amazingly alive, covered in wounds and blood. Its not known if the wher survived this as no body was yet found. (3/25/05)

At the BeastCraft Hall, there is a severe windstorm (3/22/05)

At the BeastCraft Hall, a herder was discovered to be pregnant and she thinks the father was a rider from Igen, but will not name who. (1/6/05)

BeastCraft Master Theodar is missing. (1/11/05) to (1/16/05)

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