+IGWhelp Candidacy

Candidacy is the period of time following the clutching of a gold's eggs when young people between the ages of 12-25 for males and 14-30 for females are selected by the dragons of the Weyr as potential Impressees for the clutch on the sands. Following Search, a Candidate is brought back to the Weyr and is installed in the Candidate Barracks. For the next few weeks, the Barracks are the Candidates' home, and they've be expected to perform chores to not only prepare them for Weyrlinghood, but also to help contribute to the Weyr which houses them.

For those who have been Searched as Candidates of Igen Weyr, the period of IC Search is a special time for you all. You'll forge new friendships OOCly and ICly along with a friendly rivalry or two along the way. You'll meet the players who call Igen Weyr home, and discover new depths to your characters' personality and lifestyle as they experience what Candidacy is like.

One of the first things you will need to do as a Candidate is to set your new home in the Candidate Barracks. When you are brought there by the rider that Searched you, and instructed to do so, @link yourself to the Barracks. If you have a cot object, please set it @dark to avoid cluttering up the room. Candidates are also advised to look at the Cot Chart object in the Barracks so that they may choose a cot and use that for roleplay purposes.

As a Candidate at Igen Weyr, you will be expected to perform chores, which can be either RPed out on-camera or performed off-camera so you can RP. Candidates are encouraged to RP as much as possible, since it not only helps them meet more members of the Weyr (and lets the SearchCo see how they interact with others) but it also helps them develop their characters.

Candidates are also encouaged to use the NPC Candidate Object to submit an NPC Candidate. Although there may only be a small number of PC Candidates, it is assumed that the Weyr would have Searched two or three times the number of eggs in order to give the hatchlings plenty of choice. Candidates are encouraged to submit NPC Candidates, which gives them fellow Candidates to RP off of, but those NPC Candidates might Impress some of the NPC dragonets during the Hatching.

There are rules that Candidates will be required to follow, and all Candidates are encouraged to read them as soon as possible after being Searched, as it's entirely possible that failure to follow the rules could result in IC explusion from Candidacy.

See +igwhelp candidate rules for further information.

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