Al'dru (Alexandru)
Portrayed By Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Gender Male
Aliases Al, Alexandru
Place of Birth Greyson Hold
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Wingrider
Dragon Bronze Eranzath


He's lanky and awkward, with arms and legs that seem overlong against a slightly barreled chest and thicker torso. His shoulders are slightly narrow, seen with a too thin body with joints and bones showing, under dark, nearly black skin. Callused hands show a multitude of small tiny scars and lighter pink burns, healed around broken fingernails. He's got a closely cropped cap of tight dark brown curls just covering his head, exposing his ears and the nape of his neck. Dark brown eyes are framed under thick black lashes, while a large flattened nose rests above full lips and thick, nearly square jaw.
He's wearing a pair of loose woven brown trousers, enjoying the comfort here with the heat of Igen, and a loose woven darker brown vest, open at the throat and halfway down his chest. The only piece of clothing that seems well crafted is a pair of rider's boots made of sturdy weyrhide and dyed a very dark brown and somewhat new. Barely tacked to the shoulder of his vest is a knot for an Igen Weyr bronzerider.


Born the second of five children to a pair of crafters at Fort Hold, Alexandru has always had it pounded into his head, that honest work is required to make a life. Once old enough to be taught to keep out of the way of danger and how to complete simple tasks around the home, hes been helping with either his siblings or his parents craft work preparation. His father Zemuel , as a blacksmith expected his children to help gather fuel for the fires , to sort scrap metals, and perhaps take a turn at the bellows if needed. Laradella, his mother was no less a taskmaster in that she needed help for pottery, from lugging clay and carting finished pieces, even if he was no less allowed near the kiln than he was the forge.

With that sort of work ethic from his parents, it was with little surprise then that he was eager to follow their footsteps and in particular his fathers into the smithy. So, once he was of age, it was with no little excitement that he begged entrance into the craft to begin his studies. So it is come that the past few turns have left him traveling from home near Fort, to the Smithcraft Hall near Telgar as he attends lessons before being sent down again for practical experience at Fort.

Some turns after his experences at Fort, he was once again back up at Telgar in the craft hall when he was asked to stand for search, at High Reaches of all places. He did, as the mountainous region was so similar to home and again a chance to travel and see a different part of Pern. His thoughts, perhaps of once last adventure before he gained his journeyman's knot. His first trip on the sands though turned out different when he impressed though to If Wishes Were Wings bronze Eranzath, and that experience driving most every thought of the SmithCraft clear from his head.

Weyrling training passed quickly and then they were into their wing, training as all pairs do until Aldru caught what at first he thought was a simple cold. Still it hung on, and as a male he wasn't going to go in and see a healer over nothing. So it stood that as he waited so long, that while he eventually healed, for his health the healers recommended a warm dry climate for him, which brought him to Igen.


Name Relation Location Position
Laradella Mother Fort Hold Potter
Zemuel Father Fort Hold Blacksmith
Surka Daughter Igen Weyr Weyrbrat


Blue Knize

A cute head cants ever so as you take in the visage of this azure firelizard. Slightly wide at the base it tapers to the typical pointed muzzletip, jaw line dotted with pearlescent teeth atop and a strong boney line below. It sits atop a shorter neck which is on the thicker side but not so much as to detract from his sort of graceful look overall. Wide chest tucks into a slightly rounded belly which disappears beneath heavily muscled haunches. Elongated tail curls frequently about his form, twisting this way and that as if to mesmerize the viewer. Of hue the sky is his range. Dawn breaks across back neck and head, while day rules the majority of body tail and haunches. The darkening dusky blues nibble at hands and feet and the lowest part of his belly. The night also encroaches upon the underside of his wings with a darkening sheen like watercolor across the wide swaths of his sails. Caught form the other side however, it is the dawning blue of the first rays light that is reflected back from the translucent membranes. Overall one might say he makes for a very cute looking flit.


If Wishes Were Wings Bronze Eranzath

Shadowed bronze gathers in deep pools over the dips and curves of this bronze's body, darkest hues curling at the joints of limbs and wings. Burnished bronze dances like clouds over the smooth hide of his stomach, curling at the narrowing of his waist and disappearing rather than climbing up over his sides. Polished bronze wingsails float between each shadowed spar, before the brighter hue appears again in the ridges that are aligned upon the center of his back, and dapples his shortened muzzle. His build is neither bulky nor lean, residing somewhere in between, the cognac swirls that dapple his hide giving him an almost airy appearance.


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