Portrayed By N/A
Gender Female
Aliases Al, Als
Place of Birth Pern
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Handyman
Dragon N/A


There's no way around it: this young woman is built like a brick shithouse, if you could find one made of, say, granite bricks. She's really tall, really broad, and looks like she could lift a small dragon if she was really trying. There's no half-hearted 'chubby' here, this lady is a big ol' chunk, as chunky as she is well-muscled beneath, and she's a lot of both. Her strides cover a lot of ground, long legged and rangy, broad shoulders sway like a young tree as she moves, giving her a larger-than-life presence beyond her actual size. Mid-brown skin is peppered with scars, mostly old: animal-looking here, odd and twisted there, generally no larger than a few inches. She's got a lantern jaw, broad smile, dimples that are already bringing laugh lines around big brown eyes. Klah-brown hair falls around her ears and no further, kept short and out of her eyes by means of a myriad of goofy hats and bands.
Does Alasse own anything not tank-top and shorts-related? No, probably not. She's got lots of those, though, and no fashion sense to speak of. Chartreuse and lavender? Sure. Maroon and teal? Yeah! Spots and houndstooth? You bet. She absolutely does not seem to notice when she clashes painfully, and frankly, the fact that the only pair of footwear that she owns is a salmon-dyed pair of work boots to go with all those colors is a threat.


For somebody who's so open with hugs and expansive sweet nature, Alasse sure is sketchy when it comes to a past. She showed up one day, picked up a toolkit, and joined the Weyr's brigade of carpenters and handy-folk. She seemed to know what she was doing, had a special way with fixing broken things, so nobody really asked too many questions. When the headwoman questioned, she gave a vague tale of leaving some distant hold for finer fortunes, so there's that.
This young woman sure doesn't seem holdbred, though — she's got all the nonchalance of the weyrbred, a hard-won kind of patience that comes with seeing Some Shit over a lifetime. Faranth only knows what that accent is, though, some mixture of the most backcountry drawl and the carefully neutral accent spoken in diplomatic fields of work. Really, the mystery in Alasse is likely quite boring- but enough of a bummer that she just doesn't want to talk about it. Who really wants to share with strangers about floods or famine or why you're just the tiniest bit on edge when monsoon sets in?


Name Relation Location Position
Mother Mother Pern Mother
Father Father Pern Father


I Vant To Suck Your Blood Blue Beetle
A beautifully beetle-iridescent blue encases this firelizard in style; the equivalent of a well-fitted suit, in truth, with a jewel of quicksilver brightness flashing at his throat. Aristocratic lines define him, exquisitely sharp and sleek and perfectly proportioned. But all is not entirely perfect with him if one gets a good look at his face, for there they'll find eyes that might perpetually be limned in red and two teeth peek over his lower lip like fangs. His wings bear a tattered appearance that's purely cosmetic, but their dark drape is deliberate and vast, like a stretch of the night's sky that can be gathered around him to cover his defects from prying eyes.

Run Around the Ringlet Bronze Speckle
Long tapered muzzle ends in a blunted point edged with a bit of blush around flaring nostrils. Spotted eyeridges are not particularly prominent pairing with equally demure headknobs. Nek arches finely, sinewy muscles rippling and merging down into a deep chest. Arms and legs are thickly muscled, matching wings stretch upon sturdy spars, broad of sail. Rather thick tail swishes behind in a casual affair which belies the beautiful pattern upon suede like hide. The pale metallic bronze that is the base of him is quickly lost in comparison to the darker bronze ringlets and dots. Stepping back one looks first upon patterned face where small dots accent the curve of his eyeridges, dapple his forehead and tease about the knobs. The rest of his body is spotted irregularly but frequently by the ringlets of darker bronze, smaller along his spine and thick tail and larger upon the body and flanks before fading smaller again towards wrist and ankles. Wingsails are the most impressive where the ringlets block the light so that it forms a spectacular pattern upon the ground as he flies by in a dapple of light and shadow.


Marauder's Pact Brown Gwansuleth
Strikingly regal this umber dragon holds his powerful body with an air of confident distinction. A sturdy frame is swathed in near-black brown, impossible to distinguish when not in direct light. The depth of darkness creates an aura of roguish mystery reflected in cocksure posture accentuated by a copper-lined broad triangular chest and high set shoulders. Atop those shoulders rest ashen wing spars supporting elastic wing sails of smoky russet which stretch impressively down his length. Thin membranous sails, sooty yet voluminous, begin to grow opaque near the leading edge creating a shimmering cloak of deep carob. Long limbs are balanced precisely with body length, and a thin, sturdy tail provides expert counterbalance with its sepia forked tip often curled skyward with intrigue. Designed to move in silence, wide paws assure equal weight distribution while pike-like onyx talons provide ideal traction control. Echoing the claim of vast superiority, a broad elongated muzzle is chiseled and symmetrical, refined without coarseness or weakness. There is a pull-up at the lips that resembles a near-constant sneer. Offsetting the smug sense of self-satisfaction are wide, knowing eyes set toward the front of his skull. Soft wrinkles of charcoal rim both eyes, trailed on either side of his head by laugh lines. Faded ebony whirls up heavily exaggerated and pointed eye ridges building up and together to form sharp peaks. The identical forward-facing triangles almost resemble erect canine ears perpetually perked in a state of curiosity.


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