Portrayed By Amanda Seyfried
Gender Female
Aliases Alexa
Place of Birth Not Igen
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation weyrwoman / harper
Craft Harper
Dragon Gold Raaneth
Theme Billie Eilish - Crown


A scrawny, weedy little thing, it's likely that Alexa would be mistaken for a boy if not for the subtle curves that mark her as a young woman. She'd be a very pretty boy, if she were one. Kinda small at five-four, but with a soft oval face, full lips, wide green eyes. Pale skin with a hint of rosy sunburn and long, yellow-blond hair that hangs to the small of her back. Definitely pretty, if you're into that sort of thing. Also, definitely not a boy. But in the throes of adolescents, she's caught in that fun place of being just a little too skinny, a little too lanky, a little too bony. Not really a kid, but not really an adult, either. Fun times. At least the acne has cleared up.

As a weyrwoman, Alexa's old style has been blended with the new. While she still favors function over form, the quality of fabric and general craftsmanship has improved significantly. Her status is evident in the fine weave of the linen and cotton which adorn her, and the cut of the pieces that are perfectly tailored to show off her assets and minimize the flaws. Often, she can be found in a pair of loose, wide-legged trousers and a billowing, high-necked blouse with long sleeves, the colors earthy and dark. At her shoulder is the knot distinguishing her as a goldrider of Igen Weyr.

Clear glass has been molded into an oval shape. The front is gently rounded while the back is contoured to rest comfortably against the skin. Within the clear glass, a fragment of eggshell is forever preserved: glittering gold and ruby red, opulent and rich. It was once the Road to Riches Egg, before it shattered to birth Raaneth into the world. Edged in gold, a small loop at the top allows a simple braided thong to secure it around Alexa's neck. On the back is stamped the date: Day 24 of Month 2 of Turn 2721


UPDATE Alexa has moved to Fort Weyr. Please view her page HERE.

Look. There really ain't much to tell, alright? Green dragon goes up. Brown dragon catches. Nine months later, my brother and I are born. Twins. Tiny, scrawny, sickly little things. But stubborn. Can't forget stubborn. Stubborn enough to fight and somehow, stubborn enough to live. Some people didn't think we would. In fact, I think most people thought we'd die. Our mother certainly did. But we proved them wrong. We proved her wrong. We do that a lot. Not that she cares. Straight from the womb and into the arms of some woman who'd love for us to call her 'mom', even if she's not.

But whatever. She was nice enough. I kinda liked her. I kinda miss her. She would do this thing at night… gather up me and my brother, snuggle up in a giant blanket, read us stories… I loved those stories. It's probably why I wanted to be a Harper. Those stories. But anyways. That's over. Five turns old, and we're shoved off again. Not her fault she died, but definitely sucked for us cause the next woman? Ugh. It's not like she *beat* us or anything. Shards no. The rest of the Hold wouldn't stand for that. But she definitely didn't give off those warm, fuzzy feelings, you know? She was kinda strict. OK like, real strict. It was seriously chafing. But I guess I should thank her, because if it wasn't for her and her stupid rules, Alek and I never would've realize we could pull off that whole 'passing as each other' thing. At least until I got boobs. (But now I'm getting ahead of myself, cause those didn't come until I was like, fourteen. And they're still kinda small and just… it's not fair, Okay? At some point, I wanna stop looking like a weed!)

Anyways. We stayed with her, and her husband, and her bajillion other kids (that might be a slight exaggeration, but only slightly) until we managed to escape to the crafts. The one good thing I can say about her is that she encouraged me to read. Not really her intention but… The library was my sanctuary. It was one of the very few "acceptable" places for a young woman to go, and so that's where I went. Any chance I got. And I would drag Alek with me, only he wasn't as interested in the books. At least not about anything except those stupid plants of his. So, it was only natural that I join the Harpers (even if I can't sing to save my LIFE. I can categorize and alphabetize like a boss. Librarian all the way!) and Alek went to the Healers (pharmacy? Botany? Something with plants and not people, that's for sure) which at least kept him close. Which is good. He's the only family I got, after all.

It was fun. I learned a lot. Like. A lot. And not just the stuff they wanted me to learn. But I was a good student. I really was! It's really not fair… anyways. We did good. Good enough that we got posted to a Weyr. And of course, we went to the SAME Weyr. Because there's no way I'm losing my brother. None. It's him and me for life. For. Life. But the only Weyr that could take us was Igen. Probably cause it's in the middle of the friggin' desert (which is as good as being on the face of the sun, I swear) and everyone else is smart enough to say 'Shells No!' when they're asked to go there. Except us. We were dumb enough to say 'Yes!' if just because it kept us together.

Of course, I can't complain too much about the desert. While it's hotter than heck and sandy AF (seriously. The sand tho!) It turns out it has some kind of cool features. Igen Weyr's library is one of the best I've seen. The dragonriders are kind of cool (especially N'sir) and… I totally Impressed a dragon. A queen. Sometimes, I still can't believe it! Raaneth is amazing. She is the best thing ever, and I can't imagine what I would do with out her. And you know? Being a weyrwoman it's too bad either. I mean… sometimes it feels like people see my rank and not my face, but I guess that's true of everyone. I'm still pretty new at it but, I mean… optimistically speaking (which almost never happens. WHO am I anymore?!) I think it's going alright.

Course, the downside of dragonriding is dragonflights. I would never begrudge Raaneth anything, but dang it all, she picks the oddest bronzes to win! First Nymionth from Fort. Then Leketh from Fort (and can we just take a moment to appreciate how freakin' terrifying J'en is? So OF COURSE I'd get pregnant from that one. He does make pretty babies though…) and then Nymionth AGAIN (and also, pregnant AGAIN! Which I'm not that mad about except, well… F'inn. He's very… F'inn.). But on the whole? Yeah, I guess life at Igen isn't as terrible as I thought it would be.


TL;DR - My Life in Dance

Family & Friends & People I Know

Name Relationship Location Position
A'eyr Brother (twin) Igen Weyr Mad Scientist (aka: Healer/Botanist-in-training) - Bronzerider
Unimportant Bio-Mom Who cares Brownrider // not a mother
Random-Guy Bio-Dad Dunno/Dun care Greenrider
K'zre another brother I guess Fort Weyr Greenrider/Healer
M'ti Friend Fort Weyr Greenrider/Woodcrafter
N'sir Friend/AWLM Igen Weyr AWLM/Greenrider


Gold Honey
(aka, the only one I didn't desc myself. Can you tell?)
Elongated limbs move with a smooth sensuality on this lady. Auburn gold glimmers in iridescent strands which curl about her headknobs, wisp over eyeridges and flow in a playful tangle down her lengthy neck. As she tosses her head bits of gold flecks along the strands glitter and twinkle giving a depthy effect of flowing hair rather than smoothed oiled hide. Large bright eyes take in the world with a joyful intensity that hints to an underlying cleverness no matter how casually she may seem to act. One can't quite help but follow the curves of her body downwards to a deep barreled chest with thick chest muscled that give her quite a well endowed appearance. Although long, her limbs are also muscled enough to carry her large body without themselves becoming bulky. Long fingers are tipped by amber hued talons, wicked sharp scythes that no one in their right mind would mess with. The curve of haunches angled just so to catch your attention lead to the length curl of her tail studded with citron ridges. The expanse of her wings is supported by sturdy spars. The sails themselves are wide and broad, not built for agility but endurance in the most clever and tricky of games. They are translucent and hued in pale gold with a pattern like a fine cloth from a master weaver. She's in it for the long haul and her prize, her prize… well whatever she desires!

Bronze Bourbon
He's a bronze.

Brown Whisky
He's a brown firelizard. The color of whisky, cause duh. That's how I named things.

Blue Berry
He's a dark, purply-blue

Green Moss
She's a firelizard the color of (you guessed it!) green moss. That's pretty much it.


Forces of Destiny Gold Raaneth
Here, a spirit of restraint and diplomacy has been expressed in artful touches that somehow serve to create the illusion that this golden beauty's hide is velvety to the touch. Pale creamy golden hues comprise the base of her delicately long muzzle, deepening to dusky topaz along the eye ridges, her nares, and dusting the shadows beneath cheekbones. Darkest kohl lines compound eyes in graceful sweeps fading into a smokey line as it stretches back toward the downward tilt of her eyeridge. Those smokey hues make a reappearance in a whisper fanning down from nares to trace in a delicate line bisecting her maw. Gracefully long head knobs boast the same buttery tones as the rest of this regal beauty's face, the rounded ends adorned with kohl-hue speckling that transform into shadowy, sun-lit dapples along the sinuous length of her neck and the expanse of her shoulders. Here, those creamy golden hues darken into dusky topaz, the color stretching out to comprise the the spars of elegant wings, hug her breast bone and trail down the length of powerful fore-legs. Midway down her fore-legs Kohl resurfaces, hugging long limbs in its shadowy embrace and topped with shining onyx claws flecked with gold. At midback, dusky topaz fades back into buttery hues of her face, darkening to coppery hues over the expanse of her belly. Hints of smokey kohl mottle her spine only to darken as it sweeps down the length of her tail. Here, upon that sinuously serpentine length, the ridges are dusted with topaz, the kohl giving way to muted gold along the length of her tail-fork. Again, cream colored hind legs are wrapped in shadowy kohl, the tridactyl toes touched with claws of deepest onyx. It is her wings, though, that draw the most attention, pale translucent gold billowing out from topaz hued spars to drape along her frame with the elegance of a silken cloak. Power and grace define her, from the long lean lines of musculature to the dusky golden hues that adorn her. There is no doubt, in a glimpse, that this is a lady to be reckoned with.

Play List

Billie Eilish - Crown
Transviolet - Undo
Alec Benjamin - If We Have Each Other - for my brother
Tommee Profitt feat. Svrcina - Free
Tommee Profitt feat. Fleurie - Wake Me Up



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