Average is a word that is often associated with Anjah. Her height is just under one and three quarter meters, with a frame that is neither toned, nor overly fleshy. Her hair comes down to her shoulder, a red-tinged auburn that seems brown, until sunlight touches it and draws out the red undertones. She has an even complextion, her skin a dark tan from foot to face.

It's clear that Anjah takes care with her appearance. Her fingernails are always neatly trimmed, her hair carefully brushed, and her skin clean and smooth. Her clothing has clearly received extra attention, in that while the style is the light fare favoured, it is carefully fitted to her frame and is wrinkle and crease free. Eschewing a skirt, she instead wears a pair of form-fitting trousers, with a button-down shirt that has long sleeves. On her feet is a pair of comfortable sandals.


Born in Igen Hold, Anjah is the second of five children, and the first daughter. Her parents were Crafters, her mother a Weaver and her father a Herder, and neither of them felt any sort of drive to leave their home Hold.

When Anjah was eight, her parents agreed to foster a child from the Weyr, Margo. The pair hit it off instantly, and Anjah accompanied Margo on may adventures through the Hold, much to her parents distress. They were inseperable the entire time Margo lived there. However, for whatever reason that her parents are keeping quiet, Margo was sent back to the Weyr when Anjah was in her late teens. The pair lost touch through the Turns, and it is only recently that Anjah found her way to Igen, having been Searched for a clutch upon their sands. She did not Impress that day, but chose to stay at the Weyr rather than return home.


Name Relation Location Position
Mother Igen Hold Weaver
Father Igen Hold Herder
Margo Foster-Sister Igen Weyr Resident



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