Pale aqua and grey eyes glisten in a tanned heartshaped face. Her hair reaches down her back in a long, black, silky wave wrapped in a crimson and gold headscarf. Standing at a good 5'9" Aoriya's chest is heavy, her hips curvy, and her arms and legs boarderline brawny with muscle developed from turns of hard work. Her skin is darkly tanned, that golden brown color one gets spending long amounts of time in the desert sun. Her ears are pierced with simple copper hoops, a tiny bead of rose quartz the only adornment on each.

Aoriya wears a copper circlet around her neck with a carved bauble of rose quartz. She wears a tight blue tube top under a thin sleeveless jacket made from burgundy red linen. Her smith journeywoman's knot is fixed to her left shoulder, her brown Wingleader's knot on her right. Igen's and Damascin wings's badges are sewn to the front right shoulder of the jacket. The item reaches to her ankles, and goes with the long, loose dark red cotton trous protecting her legs from sun and dust. The jacket tends to billow out behind her as she walks. Aoriya wears copper and amber anklets around her feet, sandals with thin wooden soles and brown leather straps.


Aoriya was brought up on the lower side of wealthy. Her father is a smith, as was his father before him and indeed many members of the family have entered into crafts related to technology or working with the hands. Her mother is a skilled knitter, baker, and cook and in the cold winters of her native Telgar Aoriya always had warm clothes and good food to keep her warm. An avid student, Aoriya loves studying almost anything to do with the family craft, but her heart is set on either a specialty in jewelry and decorative metal work or a specialty in chemicals. The first stems from her feminine love of anything shiny and colorful, and the other from her instinctive /need/ to know how things work and the fact that if you specialize in chemicals, you get to make explosives that blow things up. Indeed, fireworks are always one of her favorite delights in the summer, often begging the adults to let her watch them set up.

Her siblings are numerous, including Hanabey, the eldest, at 19, who taught her reflexitively what substance will make colored flames, Kagora, who picked up their mother's skills in knitting, but is a disaster in the kitchen, and her younger brothers Kaian and Rindan. Both of whom she is very protective of. However, she idolizes Hanabey.

She has two rider relatives, B'ton her cousin at Telgar, and D'men, her uncle at Benden, and a grandmother Aurika who retired to Nerat Hold at the age of 65. Her twin cousins Asura and Kushira are computer apprentices, clever ones, in Landing. Her cousin Sarai is an apprentice Weaver specializing in design. She prefers to modify designs from Earth's ethnic history, especially some of the more elegant dresses, though she was willing to modify a hakama for Aoriya on her apprenticeship.

Aoriya apprenticed at the tender age of 13 and displayed both a kind heart and a hot temper from an early age. She developed a love of jewelry, and got her heart set on a jewelry/chemistry specialty. At age 14 she developed an appreciation for alcohol, but not for her the standard Telgar beers. She will drink them, and never says no to a nice glass of Benden red or white, but she loves fruit based liquers best and hates Tillek wines. At age 15 she was on the fast track to being a very good smith, precise, clever, efficient and inventive for an apprentice. She knew gemstones and chemicals reflexitively, well, the basics of them, and was ready to ask her teacher about a duel specialty when her father was transferred to Xanadu.

The opposite side of Pern.

The horror…

And so with her plans for the future ruined, Aoriya must make due as an apprentice assigned to Xanadu Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Rikiya Mother Telgar Weyr Smith
Sairen Father Telgar Weyr Resident
Hanabey Brother Telgar Weyr Resident
Kagora Sister Weavercraft Hall Apprentice Master
Kaian Brother Telgar Weyr Resident
Rindan Brother Telgar Weyr Resident
Zahrah Daughter Igen Weyr Weyrbrat
Kohana Daughter Igen Weyr Weyrbrat
B'ton Cousin Telgar Weyr Greenrider
Sarai Cousin Weavercraft Hall Apprentice
Asura Cousin Computer Craft Apprentice
Kushira Cousin Computer Craft Apprentice
D'men Uncle Benden Weyr Bluerider
Aurika Grandmother Nerat Hold Resident


Bronze Kujaku
Noble and powerful looking, this bronze glares around him with a piercing, heated stare. His coloring is that of a tawny brownish bronze lacking much in the way of metallic sparkle. The point of his jaw is beaked and narrow, snapping sharply at anything poked too near. The hide on his head and neck sports a downy imprint, like that of a new hatched wherry chick. The rest of him is sleek and svelte, muscles rolling like coiled springs under the tawny hide. The outline of full flight feathers are printed in true metallic bronze across both wings. They run from the wingspars to the sailedge, from body to wingtip. His tail somehow seems more tear-drop then spade in shape.

Blue Shida
What this firelizard lacks in size, he more than makes up for with his interesting colouration. A wide stretch of midnight blue speckled with white spots covers his back, from his nose to his tail tip, and to the tips of his wings. His belly and the undersides of his wings are more of a bright sky blue, with white smudges here and there. Along his sides these two shades meet, and mingle, forming a twilight shade of blue.

Green Nemu
This green firelizard has a very average length and wingspan, being as far in size from the longest greens as she is from the shortest, though this is the only area in which she classifies as average. The most obvious area of difference being that she appears malnourished physically, thin beyond all reason, even her hide seems dulled, while her attitude is far more pampered, even fussy.


Divine Passage of Flame Brown Omasuth
A fire begins at the tip of this dragon's muzzle. Bright yellow slices in rivers across the length of a shapely snout, backed on burning wood beneath it. Charred lands stretch upward and over defined eyeridges and headknobs, that splotch of night diving down the back of a thick neck as it fades. Beneath the steady whirl of faceted eyes, those brighter streaks extend, fanning downward and into a nearly blinding flash of white-hot heat at the curve of his chest, before that light finally drops back, swept away on the slender frame. He is a lanky creature, thin in places, yet there is a perfection about his stucture, each piece flowing right into the next. Hues of brown peek out, deep chocolate dribbling down across the forearms. As talons appear, however, more fire licks upward, curling about in whisps around each paw. Billowing wings remain in the darkness, each sail a mixture of ruddy clay and mud, swirling ever so delicately on the membranes. Haunches bulge with their musculature, rippling waves of deep sienna trickling their way down and over a slight rise, before crashing down the length of an overly long tail tipped with a drop of crackling fire.

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