Portrayed By Rose Leslie
Gender Female
Place of Birth Igen Weyr Igen Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
Dragon A Scholar's Consequence Blue Sciath


Aph is about 5'4" with a curvy build. Her pale skin is dusted with a plethora of freckles across her shoulders and her button nose, and she has green eyes, the shade of ripe olives. Her hair is red, although sun-bleached to a lighter strawberry blonde, shaved into an undercut all around with a long bit on top which she often keeps coiled into a topknot. If her hair is down, it is wavy and comes just to her chin, cut in a sharp angle to the back of her head. A merry, mischievous grin can often be seen on her face, and she laughs easily. She is wearing khaki cropped trousers which tie off at mid-calf and a green, sleeveless split neck tunic belted by a woven black and green belt. At her shoulder is a knot marking her as a weyrling. One can see that her freckles continue all the way down her arms. Yellow, closed-toe style sandals adorn her feet. She looks to have about twenty turns, perhaps a few more.


Born at Igen Weyr to a Harper mother and cook father, Aph has three siblings. One older sister, a greenrider at Xanadu Weyr, and two younger brothers. She was a cook herself until she was searched for Oriapeth and Roheith's latest clutch.


Name Relation Location Position
Aleri mother Igen Weyr Journeywoman Harper
Phel father Igen Weyr Cook



This little guy is nice and toasty warm, all the time, any time. His hide is a series of somehow /marbled/ appreance. The primary color is a light creamy brown, like klah with just your favorite dose of creme to make it just right. Marking (and at times blending into) his silky hide are patches of dark brown, like having your klah dark and strong, and patches of off-white (slightly yellowed) creme, all of them interlocking like a suit of mail or a jeweled necklace. This guy has wings of a klah-creme blend on the sails with spars of dark brown. His eyes are faceted jewels set in a slender, tapered to a point snout. His whole body is gracile but also quite sturdy and his tail seems to be contantly moving with repressed excitement. On each paw are short, curvy talons, each one a slightly different shade of brown, no two alike.


A Scholar's Consequence Blue Sciath

It is not this blue's appearance that defines him, a creature of lapis hide cloaked in celestial delights - it is his comportment of self that takes what would be whimsical in any other beast and lends it peculiar intensity. He appears to be carved from bold blue stone, a taut pull upon his features rendering him both striking and severe. Bands of ice-white and near-grey alternate dominance in their sweep over intelligent eyes, striating the long, proud arch of his neck before their meteoric streaks burn out upon the voluminous expanse of his wings. Starry candescence lights his lower jaw, swathing throat and belly in subtle brilliance. Limbs are deceptive in their slow descent into night-darkness, thin but strong and seemingly-plain except for the stark press of sinew and bone against hide. It is only when one observes him as a greater picture than his parts, however, that they might realize he's painted as a predator: marbled above, pale below, a mistake the unlucky might only make once.


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