Portrayed By
Gender Female
Aliases Aria
Place of Birth High Reaches Hold
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Harper Senior Apprentice/Candidate
Dragon None


A young woman in her mid teens, Ariadne has wavy golden hair which comes down t just below her shoulders, although she usually keeps it tied back into a runnertail. Her face is round, usually with a smile, and her eyes, bright blue, sit on either side of her cute, upturned nose. She's still developing her figure, and will end up being more willowy than curvy. She wears a simple blouse, short-sleeved and untucked , with a leather belt at the waist, as well as a skirt that comes down to just below her knees. A pair of simple shoes cover and protect her feet.


Ariadne was born at High Reaches hold, the daughter of the Steward and a Bakercraft Journeywoman. From a young age, she showed a love of music, which was noticed by one of the posted Harpers, who took the girl under his wing. By the time she turned ten, she had already learned to play and make simple pipes, and was practicing on the gitar, as well as singing. It was natural that the girl would choose to join the Harpercraft herself, so, some six months after her twelth turnday, she traveled to Fort Hld and the hall, to apply as an apprentice. She has been there since, learning her craft.


Name Relation Location Position
Arielle Mother High Reaches Hold Bakercraft Master
Diadn Father High Reaches Hold Steward






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