Gender Female
Place of Birth Igen Weyr
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Sr. App Weaver/Weyrling
Dragon Green Ruseth


Arva is a young woman nearing the end of her teenage turns, perhaps eighteen or nineteen. She's somewhat taller than average, just an inch or two shy of six feet. Her build is on the lean side, though she has noticeable feminine curves. Her hair is a strawberry blonde, flowing slightly wavily just down past her shoulder blades. Her facial features might almost be described as dainty, with a tiny little nose that seems dwarfed by large, expressive, icy blue eyes. %R %R %T Arva tends to wear current fashions, rarely wearing the same outfit twice to any big event. This might be explained by the one constant to her wardrobe, a knot marking her as a senior apprentice of the Weavercraft. She does tend towards light clothes that give her freedom of movement, and nearly always includes at least a little bit of red.


Arva was a typical weyrbrat, born as a result of a mating flight at Igen Weyr. Her parents barely knew each other and hadn't planned on children. Like many kids from similar beginnings, she ended up mostly raised by the weyr nannies. From an early age she was a confident girl, sometimes turning even slightly bossy. Her creative streak and interest in design were noticed by one of the Weyr weavercrafters, and she ended up recruited into the craft at the age of twelve. After six years, she managed to work her way up to senior apprentice. Since then she has bounced from posting to posting, working with journeymen and masters throughout Pern.


Name Relation Location Position


Point of the Laser Green Ruseth

Chilled mint hide, a blue-tinged green, eye-catchingly bold and vibrant accentuates the sleek, angular form of this moderately sized lady. Her head is a delicate wedge where fine bones are defined by clean, sharp lines. Bright, expressive eyes shift animatedly beneath the graceful arch of the eye ridges. It is supported by a leanly muscled neck surmounted by daintily rolling neckridges of a faintly emerald touched bottle green. The neck flows into the athletic torso, neither softly curved nor bulky with muscle. A springy chest tapers slowly to taut flanks and defined haunches. She has long, nimble limbs with lengthy, narrow paws tipped by sharp talons of a blushing coral hue. The points of her joints are visible, especially at the peaks of the strong hip bones. Tiny bottle green ridges return on the balance of her restless tail. Light strikes the great mass of her long, pointed wings making eldritch flames of the curious bottle green sails. It spills over mint green spars, to splash down and leave her shimmering in a ghostly glow.


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