Though not much taller than average (a rough guess would place her height at five and a half feet), this young woman's sturdy build makes her stand out. She's no waif, despite the ash blonde hair cut sensibly short in a rough, ear-length fashion; her small light brown eyes framed with pale lashes. Her round face seems the prettiest part of her, soft and pale with the right amount of blush to her cheeks, pale freckles dusting her face and neck, her nose being long and pointed and her lips small and plump. Plump would be the crueller way to describe her build, but in truth much of it is muscle. Her neck runs straight into unusually broad shoulders, and her rounded arms taper off into slender fingers with clean, cut fingernails. She's small-chested and has a rounded stomach, while her legs are just long enough to save her from being called stocky - though they're thick in their own right. She's probably well into her teenage Turns.

Azoa wears work-worn clothes consisting of an orange-brown cloth shirt and tough brown cloth trousers that tuck into her high leather boots, these caked with dirt. Her knot is that of an Igen weyrling, with a strand of brown to indicate her lifemate's colour. She also wears the badge of a beastcrafter apprentice.


It was a stormy winter's night when Azoa was born, and the family was worried as Nemara went into labour. Nemara had breezed through her third pregnancy but struggled through the birth, and thus she and her husbad Tehon were immensely relieved when the midwife announced the baby to be a healthy girl. Tehon held her first, admiring his daughter with the same pride he'd had when Mavie had been born six Turns and Jull three Turns before. They named her Azoa, for no reason other than the fact that they thought that it suited the platinum blonde-haired baby with the small, beautiful eyes. Suddenly a stormy night seemed so much brighter.

The family lived in Igen SeaHold, where the main commerce was, of course, fish. Tehon was a fisherman and Nemara his pretty (though tempestuous) wife. The pair had grown up together in the SeaHold and married, a Turn later having the first of their children. They were soon blessed with a son, and then a second daughter. Only a Turn after Azoa's birth they had another son whom they named Lakel, and the family was complete; with no desire to have any more children, Nemara drank a concoction that would prevent her from ever conceiving again.

Azoa lived a relatively happy life at the SeaHold. Though money was tight and it was nearly always fish on the dinner table, she grew up around people who were good to her and animals that she adored. Surprisingly, she didn't get along well with her older sister Mavie, who quickly become very much a girly-girl unlike the tomboyish Azoa. Azz was more likely to be found playing in muddy pools with her brothers than weaving or discussing dresses and boys with the other Hold girls. Despite her natural inclination to make friends, other girls her age rarely treated her as more than an acquaintance due to her boyish nature.

When she was eleven, Azoa hit puberty. Despite her mother's previous explanations of what this would entail, the girl was surprised to find herself attracted to boys as more than friends - and she was quite dismayed by this. The next Turn was a turbulent one, with Azoa struggling to come to terms with adolescence, and with Mavie wedding a young man whom Tehon wasn't overly fond of for his rumoured womanising ways. Moods in the family were stormy, and it was at around the same time that Mavie got married that twelve-Turn-old Azoa decided she wanted to become a Beastcrafter.

Her parents scraped together enough money to get her apprenticed there, knowing how much their daughter longed to work with animals. With two sons interested in fishing back home, they didn't mind letting their younger daughter go. They were delighted to hear that she had settled in fine at Keroon and was excelling at the craft, displaying an amazing amount of enthusiasm and skill at the craft after a rocky, nervous start. Under the scrutinizing eyes of her Masters, Azoa blossomed more than she ever would have if she had stayed at Igen SeaHold. She quickly showed particular expertise in assisting at births and by the age of sixteen had delivered a fair few babies without the help of tutors. She loved it all: the caring, the mess, the dirt, the exhaustion, the mysterious of diagnosing animals and the wonders of medicine. When she was seventeen, the Apprentice Master decided she needed some hands-on experience outside of the Hold, and thus Azz was sent to Igen Weyr to work under Zaxier, the Weyrherder. With a mixture of apprehension (living in a Weyr!) and excitement (big opportunities!), Azoa travelled out to her post.


Name Relation Location Position
Nemara Mother Igen Seahold Resident
Tehon Father Igen Seahold Resident
Mavie Sister Igen Seahold Resident
Jull Brother Igen Seahold Resident
Lakel Brother Igen Seahold Resident


Bronze Titch
Faint swatches of alternating burnished and dark colors meld together to form an almost indistinguishable pattern across the hide of this tiny bronzen fire lizard. Faded copper pools around the corners of his eyes, sliding down along his tapered muzzle and skipping along the tips of his ridges. Pure molten bronze flares across his chest and seeps along his somewhat rotund belly, starkly bright compared to the tarnished color that has overtaken the majority of his hide. Droplets of gold-tinted chocolate encase each of his toes, the rich color creeping along the back of his short limbs until it fades away. A dull spiral of aged brass circles around the length of his thin tail, which strangely appears almost as long as his entire body. Touches of near-white slide along the edges of his overlarge headknobs, only bringing attention to the fact that they seem much too big for his somewhat small frame. Even the massive expanse of his wings seem out of proportion, as though opening them too quickly would make him topple over.

Brown Dorfl
This large firelizard is a paler, bleached sandy brown, a rather drab color, highlighted in sunlight-dappled water that keeps his initial hide from being dull. Across his body are splashed all the blazing colors of a living coral reef. A streak of blue across one hindleg, tendrils of yellow snaking up his snout, and a sponge-like texture painted over his wingsails to counteract a garish pink anemone stuck to his right forefoot.

Green Suze
Streamlined lines flow across this one who is meant to fly, and fly fast. Head is narrow, the tapered muzzle more pointed than usual with teeth gleaming beyond bared lips. Eyeridges are not quite as prominent as some, sweeping back into her head after protruding just barely enough to protect the rapid swirl of here eyes. Neck is narrow and long, flowing into a body which broadens somewhat in its otherwise compact nature. Arms are long and spindly while legs are slightly short and well muscled, the tip of each finger and toe graced by a rubber-black talon sharper than it appears. Wings are oddly broad but short, swept back from the rest of her figure upon sturdy bones, and shoulder muscles. They seem precisely controlled, the sails barely fluttering as she slices through the skies. Of hue she is an even military green that seems somewhat grayed and is highlighted by silver and shadow to give her extra depth and presence. Not that she is hard to miss.


Mottled Warrior of the Desert Brown Yumath
All shades of the desert seem to collect themselves in the body of this one large brown. Burnt Sienna seems to have been painted over his head and body. A small tattoo like pattern of prussian blue and terra cotta dots enhance the deep set of his large eyes. Muscles ebb and flow along the length of his neck, each ridge peak tinted a glinting brass. His length stretches further on his back and sides, as pale russet is mottled by thin striations of sage green paired with a light khaki. Strength plays out in wings that seem so intune to not only his body and size but to his unique colorations as well. Belly and legs are dipped in dark tones that seem to enhance and enlongate his limbs while helping to hide the chubbier roundness of his stomach and chest. Thick spars sing with raw umber while sails tune in with more wheaty hue that's flecked with just a hint of copper where sails and spars come together. As if seeking a final place to stretch out futher, his tail seems to go on and on, where again the deep sienna of his body comes into play only to turn into the warm mahogany of his tailspade.

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