B'rant (Bryant)
Portrayed By
Gender Male
Aliases Bry
Place of Birth Richland Hold
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Bronzerider
Dragon Bronze Rhenth


Slightly waved and abundant, yet finer ash-blond hair is stylishly shorn and arranged, and frames light-skinned, patrician features dominated by large, almond-shaped grey eyes, a dimpled and firm chin, and an easy grin. At the rear, left side of his head, a wandering strip of wheat-blond hair meanders amongst darker locks, reaching from crown to just behind his ear.
His moderately broad shoulders and athlete's form is clothed in a long-sleeved shirt of tailored linen/cotton of a pale, grayed-out kelly green that often remains unbuttoned to upper chest. The shirt is tucked into perfectly fitted trousers of light charcoal gray coloration, and cinched by a cunningly-crafted, brass buckle and belt combination, the belt holding a sheathed pair of knives at either hip. Charcoal gray boots finish the wardrobe, reaching to mid-calf, and at his left shoulder is the knot of an Igen bronzerider.
Looking over others from a towering 6'8", B'rant would cut a picture-perfect, hard-muscled, almost dashingly handsome figure…if it wasn't for a thin, wandering scar meandering from out of his hairline at center and fading out above left eyebrow.


B'rant hales from Richland Hold, a minor holding that lies between Fort Sea Hold and Gar Hold. It takes its name from its extremely fertile soil, where the family grows a variety of fruiting trees, plus exotic tea leaves. He has two siblings, both younger: sister and brother - the both of them twins.
He Impressed his Rhenth unexpectedly, while sitting in Telgar's galleries with his family - who were visiting the 'foreign' Weyr in celebration of Bryant's mother's Turnday - and both they and Bryant were /not/ pleased, as the young man was Richland's heir, and wanted to remain such. His time as a weyrling was a trial, given his resentment, a high-handed attitude, and his aloofness from many.
After some uncomfortable 'growing pains'/adjustment to life in the Weyr as a rider, B'rant managed to find a few folk he might call 'friend,' though his family all but disinherited him after an accident his brother suffered while hanging out with Rhenth.
Some Turns passed, and - with tensions between himself and Telgar's 'leadership never fading - he found himself transferred to Ierne in exchange for another, foreign bronze pair, leaving B'rant a bit jaded, and his lifemate bereft of a certain female dragon he had almost come to think of as his mate.


Name Relation Location Position



Tarnished Alloyed Perfection Bronze Rhenth

Near-perfection in motion, this dragon sports a dazzling bronze hide that spans the gamut of shades - from coppery-bronze through patinaed gold and into deep bronzed green - depending on the light and the curve of his body. From the tip of his strong, yet chiseled nose, climbing up his head to swirl over regal headknobs, then descending to his strong shoulderblades, the richest hue of newly-minted, coppery bronze dominates his hide-scape, gradually blending into a more traditional coloration that continues uninterrupted upon the rest of his hide. Heavily ridged, wide set eyes seem to exude a sense of thoughtful determination paired with a strange, child-like 'innocence.'
A wide girth provides a placeholder for a deep and proud chest that glints when the sun's rays toy with the deep patina upon it, and the sails of enduring wings are home to what appear to be occasional, sluggish whorls of old gold, tarnished copper, and bronzed-green, his pinions built somewhat more for endurance than speed. Sturdy, well-shaped legs dip to the ground, their glistening color enduring through long feet until meeting rather archly-curved claws of weathered, greenish-gold. His sleek flanks join haunches that promise much strength and power, thinning into a strong, long tail that grows lanky as it stretches towards its terminus.


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