Mahogany hair is wild about this youth's head, falling about his face and neck in chaotic spikes. Carrying various shades of brown from golden brown to umber, his hair tumbles down over his ears, sticks up in the back, and no two parallel locks seem to be going in the same directions; from a variety of places hidden by the hair itself, strands of beads and thread dangle down, far longer than the rest of his hair. The beads and thread possess a variety of colors, the most prominent falling straight down between his shoulders, being the longest and the most intricate. His features are somewhat sharp, from the curve of his jaw to the shape of his brows; the sparing softness he does have offsets the characteristic enough to make him look friendly. His eyes are rather large beneath thick dark eyebrows, a shade of smoky hazel with flickers of golden and green swimming in them. Considering the angles of his features, his eyelashes are almost comically thick and his mouth amusingly soft. From the top of his left temple to his lower jaw is a somewhat jagged, thin scar that mars his tan visage, a paler taupe shade; he has another, smaller scar on his chin. As far as his physique goes, he seems to subsist on muscle tone and little else; he isn't tall, but he is closer to being lean than anything else, the angular quality of his features extending to the rest of his body.

Fitting closely to an athletic, leanly muscled torso is a garment made of pale golden cloth; the neckline is done in a militaristic cut, with two silk-wrapped buttons across the front of his collar made to keep it closed tightly over his throat. The flimsy weight of the garment causes it to fall smoothly against him, with black-hemmed embellishments striking in layers of spikes that point outwards, clasped onto a variety of faux fasteners, the sleeves long and wide at the wrists where they are hemmed and decorated in bands of the same black ribbonry. This garment falls long around his thighs, the bottom cut into a variety of waist-high slits in the cloth, each one outlined in black, with a large, loose hood that falls off the shoulders and fits neatly over his head. The gold rests well against the smooth bronze tan of his skin, accentuating the shade as well as that of his dark hair and eyes. Comfortable pants made of the same goldenrod sisal fit neatly to his long legs, the fabric twisted for a better fit and for a decorative look before they tuck into a pair of softened black leather sandals with high sides to keep the sand out and a hard, rounded toe. Due to the fact that he has his hair up, it is easy to see the intricate jewelry worn in his multiply-pierced ears: a slender golden chain attaches a pair of miniature dragons from the lobe to the cartilige of his ear, which also sports a silver star earring with a golden center; the other ear has very simplistic stud earrings, two garnets and an emerald, as well as a pair of miniscule hoops done in the cartilige. Around his neck is a choker of thin, golden chain sporting a brilliant assortment of colorful glass beads that attaches to two strips of silken black leather and ties at the back of his neck. On his shoulder, he wears a bronzerider's knot embellished to show that he is a Wingleader at Fort Weyr.


Nine months before Branyn's birth, a Weaver journeyman took up in High Reaches Weyr for a few weeks - her name was Yaelin, a slight young woman with a skill for intricately hidden patterns of color. She met a tall, dark bluerider at the Weyr and, for the time she was there, took up a rather random romantic entanglement. As neither of them was particularly interested in anything long term, when she left and found she was pregnant, she simply returned to the Hall in order to prepare for the baby. The birth was pretty uneventful, and there was nothing she found astoundingly interesting about the baby. She named him Branyn because it sounded like something easy to pronounce. Contacting her sister, who was currently stationed at Igen with her own daughter, she sent her son to live there; unfortunately, Branyn's aunt had about as much interest in raising him as she had in raising her own child. When his aunt decided to leave Igen, she left him there, to the mercy of the nurseries.

He was an energetic child, with an interest in colors and gleaming objects that got him into trouble far often than is probably sane. Eventually, he even took to wearing them in his hair, sloppily until his foster mother was kind enough to do it for him lest he look entirely untidy. More often than not, one could find Branyn running about the Weyr at dangerous speeds, dodging and diving around people, over baskets, and sometimes even scrambling over chairs. Wild as he was, one of his punishments was often having a rope tied to his ankle on one end and an occupied chair on the other, just to keep him in place. As a result, Branyn eventually learned how to undo knots discreetly, as well, something that thrilled his foster mother to no end, to be sure. Finally, deciding to try and channel his energy into something at least mostly productive, and to indulge the boy's sometimes overly helpful streak, his foster mother charged him with delivering messages. Aged ten and running wildly down corridors, a package clasped against his chest, Branyn found an activity that could actually tucker him out.

The next five years were spent running rampant, delivering messages and packages, taking things from one end of the Weyr to the other, almost never having to sit still. It can be tiresome work, but the youth seems to have a boundless supply of energy, though that could easily be based on his eating habits.


Name Relation Location Position
Yaelin Mother High Reaches Weyr Weaver
Unknown Father High Reaches Weyr Bluerider
Jenyn Son Igen Weyr Resident
Kyra Daughter Igen Weyr Resident
Neraud Cousin
Sura Cousin


Bronze Borealis

Brown Hazelnut

Brown Nimbus
Coloured the mottled rusty colour of a pit-canine, this brown firelizard resembles one too. It's in the sleek, dense musculature of his barrel and stocky forelegs, the shortness of his neck and the slight but noticeable underbite that his otherwise angular muzzle possesses. He is definately top-heavy in that respect, for his hind quarters are slim by comparison. His claws are all a little long but blunted and straight, rather than hooked over. His wings are so dark an umber shade that they're almost black, spars standing out sharply in contrast against them. When not in flight, they're held low against his stocky shoulders. His neckspars are a stone-like grey with white edges, looking a lot like ridges of armour that march down his spine, as do his sharp-looking headknobs. His right eye though, is lazy. Or rather, the lids that cover it are — frequently, they do not lift up quite enough for him to see properly out of that side, earning him a perpetual lean to the other side to get a good look at things. When angry or lusty, that eye seems to glow balefully.

Blue Cirrus

Green Cumulus
One could think of the color of a lime gummi when they look at this firelizard. She's a very distinct, bright green, and to take a closer look shows nary a flaw in the overall color that is stretches across her. Even to her wingsails, where the color is just more translucent and vivid as the sun shines through. Just like a gummi too, she's quite a spry little thing, with energy pouring off of her like a visible aura of good nature. Rarely are her eyes any color but a swirling green or blue, and to keep up with this cheery and personable lizard would seem a full time job.


Apricot Ambition Bronze Albarith
A delicious blend of orange and red tones caress silken-soft hide; the saturation and hue a mottled flow of color that envelops the very curve of his rotund little body. A mosaic of peach color begins along his muzzle, dappled droplets of a blend of creamy gold and ocher bronze that widen and grow in sweeping patterns across his broad jaws and along the generous expanse of cheek beneath his eyes. Tangerine and citrine crown his headknobs, spilling down his neckridges in a fruity concoction of delectable sweetness etched upon a hatchling's hide. Along said neckridges, just slightly more prominent and narrow than usual, a faint burst of shaded cherry — the reddish tones tempered by darker tones — gleams along each neck ridge; adding the illusion of depth and roundness to the narrower 'ridges. And along his pale peach wingsails, traces of apricot veins trail hither and thither over the broad expanse of his wings. Although slightly paunchy in the belly, the clean even lines of his frame leads to broad flanks, well muscled along strongly-shaped haunches, and along the length of a stem-like tail.

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