Portrayed By
Gender Female
Aliases Brid
Place of Birth The Open Road
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Candidate/Trader


Long, brassy blonde hair is tied out of this young woman's face in a business-like tail. She's slim, of average height, and still has a little youthful pudginess in her cheeks. Her eyes are bright, sky blue, often shining with undisguised excitement at the world around her. She's tanned from a lifetime spent in the sun, and obviously works hard to make sure that she always looks her best.

At the moment, she's wearing a simple long short sleeved, pale gray dress that falls down to her knees, and a pair of tan sandals with thin straps that wrap around her legs to a little over halfway up her calves. The dress is cinched at her waist by a thin tan belt clasped in front with a polished silver buckle. On her shoulder is the knot of a candidate at Igen Weyr.


Brighid is the eldest child of a trader. Her mother refused to tell her about her father, only saying that he was a "nice boy she met at a Gather", and that she never saw him again. Brid has two younger brothers, the eldest a full ten turns her junior, and a multitude of cousins, all of whom are just as entrenched in the family business as she is.
From the time she was old enough to sit up right, Brighid has been riding runners. She is as much at home on the back of a runner or draybeast as she is on her own two feet! Probably the most significant thing that ever happened to her happened when she was on the back of a runner, actually. That was the first time she saw a dragon.
Her family's caravan tended to avoid the Weyrs, her grandmother preferring to trade between the smaller holds along the coast and a few days travel inland. Brid was nine when her grandmother decided to take the family to Southern Boll Hold for a sevenday, or so. The young girl was out riding, showing some of the holder children how amazing her little gelding was. Sure, Katar was older and wasn't as fast as he used to be. Sure, he was a good two hands shorter than other runners. Sure, he was one of the sweetest, friendliest runners that her family kept, but he still had spirit and would do anything she asked of him! While she was showing off, a blue dragon from Fort Weyr arrived on Search. Though Brid was too young to be Searched, and she had to keep her distance because Katar was terrified and threatening to bolt, she was able to stay long enough to see one of the older boys picked, and got to talk to the rider for a few minutes while the newly selected candidate packed his things and said goodbye to his family.
Just a few months later, three days before her tenth turnday, Brighid was riding along a beach near a hold her family was doing business with, and she came upon a firelizard. Very carefully, keeping an eye out for the dam, who was chased off by Kitar, the little girl scooped warm sand into one of her saddle bags and placed the eggs inside to take back to the caravan. She had every intention of selling them to the people at the next hold they came to, but the clutch hatched when they were still two days out, giving her mother a beautiful dusky gold and one of the older boys a sturdy brown.
For her fourteenth turnday, Brighid's mother gave her the largest egg in Precious's latest clutch, thinking that it would be a gold, since the dusky gold's egg was the largest in the clutch that Brid had found turns before. The egg didn't hatch for another sevenday after Brid was told that it was hers, but the girl kept it by her side at all times, just to be safe. When it finally did hatch, in the dark hours of the morning before dawn, the girl almost missed it because she's such a heavy sleeper. Fortunately, she woke up just in time to coax the newly hatched brown (not the gold that her mother thought it would be) into her hand and get him to start eating.
Now that she's fifteen, just a couple of months shy of being sixteen, Brighid is taking more responsibility in the family's caravan, trying to build up a customer base of her own as they travel the coastline of the Northern Continent.


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Younes Trading Caravan





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