C'vryn (Cevryn)
Portrayed By Stefano Masciolini
Gender Male
Aliases Ryn, Cevryn
Place of Birth Igen Weyr
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Wingrider
Dragon Bronze Emeliuth


At 5'10", C'vryn most resembles his mother in appearance but thankfully has gotten more height from his father. He has dark auburn hair, more brown then red except where the light strikes it. It's straight and cut in a loose shaggy do, slightly longer up top then near the bottom. His head is oval with a pointed chin and pug nose covered by a mass of brown freckles. His skin tone is pale rose with a hint of olive undertones, which brings out the golden flecks in hazel green eyes. His lips are on the thin side which only exacerbates the lop-sided nature of his devilish grin. As for the rest of him, he's got a moderate build for his age, nothing special save for a scar across his left kneecap from some past injury and usually visible due to Igen's warmer weather and the lighter clothing worn there.

He's currently wearing a loosely woven cream cotton shirt, the sleeves pushed up above his elbows, while the neck hangs open and the tails of the shirt hang down over the slightly tatty pair of shorts he is wearing, those made of slightly sturdier cotton and dyed a dark brown. He's got a pair of sturdy leather sandals on his feet, the toe area slightly scuffed from the Igen rocks and sand.


Born into a surprise set of twins, after his mother thought she was past child rearing Cevryn and his brother Kevyx arrived at Igen, to Kathryn and C'vex. Somewhat sickly as children, they didn't really grow out of that until they were approaching their teen years and both of them started to chafe at the protections their mother kept after them because of it. Only as a teenager and later did Cevryn apprentice, into the healer hall. With that being a craft somewhat related to what his parents did, but different enough to find his own way without their interference or help. Now, a few turns into that apprenticeship, he is perhaps making satisfactory progress, depending upon who you speak with.

Not so long many turns were spent as an apprentice as it turns out, when he was home for awhile working on programs at Igen Weyr and asked to stand for what would turn out to be Nylaeth's last clutch. It was there that he found his own life partner in The Magic of Flight Bronze Emeliuth and so he stopped his training for quite a few turns. Now that he's older, he's gone back to the craft of his youth, working his way as a healer, although more interested in the plants for healing than in actual patients.


Name Relation Location Position
Kathryn Mother deceased Weyrwoman to Gold Nylaeth
C'vex Father deceased Rider to Bronze Caith
K'vyx Full sibling Ierne Weyrhold Dragonhealer and Bronze Xionth's Rider
R'san Half-sibling (maternal) Telgar Weyr Rider of Brown Chenolth
N'vex Half-sibling (paternal) Ierne Weyrhold Rider of Brown Pagearth
Lya Half-sibling (paternal) Ista Weyr weyrwoman to Gold Adlevith
Janja Weyrmate Igen Weyr Junior Weyrwoman


The Magic of Flight Bronze Emeliuth

As polished, aged brass does, this mid-sized bronze glows a natural golden tone that causes him to gleam brightly in the light. Though strong of bone, he is slender and leanly muscled, giving him the impression of being smaller than his actual size. A narrow pointed head sports high, large head knobs tinted coppery red while great curved ridges of dark bronze march down his long, graceful neck. They meld into broad shoulders atop a deep, full chest. His back and flanks narrow to his hindquarters, then fill out just enough to give him the look of a well bred racer. The golden-hued tail is thin and definitively on the short side. As he moves, the play of muscles sends alternating ribbons of gold or ruby fire racing thru his hide and burning a pathway up into the vastly oversized spread of sails. Here heavy golden bronze wing bones serve as the posts to support the delicate spindles of his spars. The sails themselves are a vision of brass filigree whirls and swirls, down to dainty leaves and fey flowers worked onto a backdrop of dark, tarnished bronze.


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