Ch'y (Cherinyvel)
Cherinyvel Klomaedes
Gender Male
Aliases Cherin
Place of Birth Monaco Bay Weyr
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Journeyman Starsmith
Dragon Blue Etoth


Ch'y's face is somewhat rounded with a stubby nose and full pink lips. Warm large hazel eyes regard the world calmly. Klah brown eyebrows, and long brown lashes help to delineate his eyes. Curly dark brown hair has highlights of copper and straw. His skin is a deep olive hue, warm and tanned it gives his a healthy glow. He's of average height and weight, neither fat nor skinny, just kinda, well, average. He's not particularly well muscled, an indication his job may not be particularly physically demanding.
The clothing he wears is comfortable and fit to his body. Shorts and his short sleeved shirt are brightly colored in blues and greens, with tan leather sandals upon his feet.


Originally to be dubbed Nyvel or Nelchia by his mom, depending on the results, he ended up Cherinybel by way of his father's booming voice which his mother sagged back that moment after birthing. His mother was a cavern's worker at Monaco, and growing up, Cherin (for short) was exposed to many different perspectives and ideas. His mother's relationship with her father did not work out in the long term, though Ch'vel is still quite a good friend of the family, even after he and his brown Shavaleth transferred to Fort Weyr. Cherin is the oldest of several children, none particulalrly planned, and although he lived with his mother he generally grew up with the other weyr fosterlings. It was somewhat a suprise when he chose to leave Monaco, as he had always seemed attaached to his mother, for Telgar Hold and apprenticeship at the Starcraft Hall. The craft itself meshed surprisingly well with the budding teenager, despite his mother's fussing. In a few short turns he was promoted to Senior Apprentice and a few turns after that was posted under a journeyman at Irene Weyrhold to gain some practical field experience. Much to his surprise he was soon searched for the clutch hardening on Telgar's sands but failed to impress. After an interesting ocean voyage he found himself asked to stand again, this time on Xanadu's sands. For a second time the eggs rocked and cracked but no hatchling so much as glanced his way.

Some time later he was searched yet again and stood on home ground. Perhaps it was the place he was meant to be for a lovely Blue by the name of Etoth found him to be suitable. Weyrlinghood passed with little of note and upon graduation the draognpair seemed more interested in the stars and sky than the land below and the complication of relationships and such things. What little seemed grounded resulted in a falling out that sent the pair away to another Weyr, High Reaches this time. Surely the sky would be so much clearer at such a rocky height. Ten turns there and but again for 'personal reasons' the pair transferred to Igen. Perhaps the hot, relatively dry climate will prove fruitful for the night dwelling pair.


Name Relation Location Position


Bronze Esko

Brown Entu

Broad, stocky and powerfully built, this brown is all about strength and stamina. Do not be fooled, however - if he has too, this firelizard can move with startling speed should the time call for it. Otherwise, he is a calm, laid back soul who prefers to let trouble come to him, rather then the other way around. His smooth hide is primarily a rich brown hue, unblemished in areas where other mottled hues have not touched. Darker chocolate browns mask the top of his wide wedged shaped head, dropping down in a steep angle over the edge of his lower jaw to disappear along the curve of his throat. This leaves both his thin, sharply pointed head knobs and blunt-shaped muzzle to a lighter chestnut hue, the very same that mottles his rounded ridges, the joints of his stocky limbs and his feet - the sharp, dark brown talons standing out in contrast. Reddish brown dusts his muscular shoulders and wing arms, gradually disappearing over his upper chest and down the middle of his back. The sails of his well proportioned wings are an untouched lighter brown, almost appearing more white then brown along the edges when stretched out to full length.

Blue Eran

The extent of his hide gleams with silvery-tinted blue, his base color being diluted by the lighter metallic additive, as the molten metal pools at each wing join, the sails a purer sky blue. His muzzle is elongated, overly stretched, as is his entire form, giving him a nearly serpentine appearance despite of his rich coloration. Even the ridges along his back have a silvery glint, though they are many shades darker than his body, nearing the hues of midnight.

Green Eiber

Long and full, this countryside princess is a striking lass. Large in size, she's still a bit out of proportion for her length. While she's no waif, she'll never seem bulky or broad. Even her wing bones are just a bit too long for the sail width. It is in color where she's most eye catching. From a distance, she is apple green, glossy and ripe with promise from snout to tail. Closer inspection reveals a pattern covering every centimeter of hide with the exception of her belly. The open mouths and curved tops of apple green bells bunch in clusters over her hide. Misty green clangers swing with each muscle movement until one would almost expect to hear pealing bells.


Beyond Infinity Blue Etoth

The darkest night itself is captured and tamed by the hide of this small hatchling, dominating the infinite depths throughout it's lithe and delicate form. Midnight blue engulfs his body from the head to the tip of a long tail only to be disrupted by the frosting of steel specks that adorn the back of this creatures neck, swirling out and fading into high neck rigids and stunted headknobs reminiscent of the Stars' formations above. The same pale tones collect at the small paws and tail tip as if this hatchling walked upon the glistening lights themselves, trailing in faint whisps up to his muscular thighs and hips where they appear to twinkle as if reflecting a constant light. Even the brightest hues on his hide sport shadows, with raven talons arching from those dextrous paws, and heavy, dark patches reside over each swirling eye, giving this hatchling a visage to mirror the evening sky in its mix of silver and shade. Proportions are well crafted throughout it's average form, save for the long sails mottled with the soft flow of periwinkle as though his movements capture the clouds before it.


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