Portrayed By Bae Su Ji aka Bae Suzy/Suzy Bae
Gender Female
Aliases Dai
Place of Birth Igen Weyr
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Infirmary Aide
Dragon Green Ellezath


Igen's relentless sun is known to weather its inhabitants over time, and this young girl, with her golden skin and kohl-rimmed eyes, stands as the model resident. Her skin should be smooth, at little over seventeen turns, but it's taken on a toughness born of labor and exposure; it adds turns where there shouldn't be any. Silky black hair curls around her shoulders when left unbound, though the length is often wound into braids and pinned underneath a head scarf. Rosy lips, softer than the rest and decidedly feminine, constantly curve into a smile.

Slender, with wiry muscles, Daija just barely hits five foot tall, but dresses like a woman double her size. Loose tunics, billowing harem pants, and burnoose robes are staples - in dark, jewel, and brilliant colors that range the spectrum. Her style lacks sophistication, and makes up for that in its practicality. Simple leather sandals encase her feet when she's not one duty or trekking Igen's surroundings; thick boots are her second shoe of choice, perfect for long journeys and tirelessly standing on her feet. Accessories are few, save a band of leather worn around her wrist and rough-hewn metal rings on her fingers.


Some people travel to Igen Weyr from foreign locales, but others are born amid the sand and heat. Daija is the daughter of a cook and a brownrider; she's a baby born of the frustration following a gold flight. Her father took to a new wing at a new Weyr when she was three turns old, and she hasn't seen him since. Her mother, however, was also born unto Igen and remains. There is nothing drastically remarkable about the girl's life - from birth to adolescence, she'd been another Weyr brat, and then, given a chance by one of the infirmary's healers, she sallied into the ranks of infirmary aide. It's something she's become useful at, when she isn't out scouring the desert, but she's still dreaming of finding her lifemate on the sands and becoming a dragonrider like her wayward pa.


Name Relation Age Location Position
Ajaria Mother 43 Igen Weyr Cook
M'kai Father 41 Fort Weyr Brownrider
Sajari Sister 14 Igen Weyr Messenger
Jain Sister 10 Igen Weyr Weyrbrat
Peisar Brother 8 Igen Weyr Weyrbrat


Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere Green Ellezath

It's no wonder that this little lady is a beauty - her looks, from those captivating wide eyes to her dainty paws, have surely got no parallel. As fresh as spring, her smooth hide is flawless in its soft jade shade, each svelte curve of her sculpted form perfect in reflecting her natural grace and poise. The gentle sweep of her dainty nose is freckled with sun-kissed tan, which is smudged beneath her large, sweet eyes to accent them, making them seem wider and more pronounced than they actually are. Edging her rounded 'ridges is a hue akin to that of old parchment, lovingly aged to a creamy ecru. Her wings echo the same shade, a complementary contrast to the sunlit jade that colours the rest of her hide and wingsails, with buttermilk brushed along her trailing edges and fading up the length of her delicate spars. All four of her paws are a buttery green-gold, with rose-tinted toes and talons that match the blushed tip of her slender tail.


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