Portrayed By Nicole Oliver
Gender Female
Aliases Em; Lene; Emmy
Place of Birth Igen Hold
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Weyr Healer


Emelene is a woman at the early phases of adulthood, though with her native Igen sun's harshness it makes her look somewhat older than she really is. Her face is slightly long with a strong jaw, a long clean cut nose and cheeks gentled by rounded edges that brings it all into balance. Her skin tone is light but well tanned, with barely visible freckles of the palest tawny. Brows and long, wavy hair are both dark brown that borders on black (though liberally streaked by sunbleaching), and chocolate brown eyes are framed by pronounced black lashes.

She wears well kept clothing that's not afraid to show some color, though it's exchanged out for lighter and more professional tones when work calls. Nearly all of it is the light linens and skirts best suited for desert life. Jewelry, when present, is modest and simple. When she does, there's an unusual frequency that they make noise - tiny bells and shells in bracelets and anklets that move when she walks or swings her arms.


Emelene is no one special, so she feels. She's distant kin to the Lord and Lady Holder of Igen, but the high life is a far thing and her family nothing but average. To her, they've always been normal folk, doing what they can for the greater food. Most were either workers or farmers, and to that same lean did her parents go. Fortunately, Emelene showed aptitude enough for the young as she assisted her mother and so was accepted as a Healer apprentice, learning the difficult but tender arts of being a midwife and tending to children. She worked ferociously hard and walked the tables early. In time, she was given a posting at Igen Weyr, the desert an unwilling place for many to go who weren't used to the heat.


Name Relation Location Position
Emelee Mother Igen Hold Nanny
Lenean Father Igen Hold Journeyman Farmer
Leana Sibling Igen Hold Apprentice Farmer




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