E'sai (Eresai)
Portrayed By Grant Gustin
Gender Male
Aliases Es, Eresai
Place of Birth Citrus Grove Hold (beholden to Southern Hold)
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
Dragon Waterworn Lapis Blue Khuth


Eresai must have both patience and mindfulness for the little details in life, else his floppy brown hair would be in haphazard chaos instead of the coiffed precision that gives it an upward swoop. Curiosity dwells in his hazel eyes, as if each new sight is a puzzle to be solved, while his mouth favors a slight, close-lipped smile as though to keep his own mysteries locked behind it. Perhaps he doesn't mean to be an enigma, though; perhaps it's simple shyness, judging by the curve of his slender shoulders and the carriage of his pale, unassuming frame.

His clothing is as neat as his hair; a mother could be proud. His shirts are largely of a button up style that allow for easy sleeve-rolling and securing with hidden loops hooked over buttons just above the elbow. The fabrics of both these and his many-pocketed cargo pants are eminently practical for the harsh heat of Igen. Though the khakis and creams that he favors in his dress are rather plain, they are sometimes complimented by embroidered patterns in of deeper, bolder color. His footwear varies from boots to simple sandals, but his floppy, brimmed hat with a mesh line running around the crown for ventilation is a must-have when facing the exterior heat.


Life at Citrus Grove Hold is simple. The holding itself isn't more than a handful of orchards and a small collection of buildings that belong as much to the orchard hands that work there as to the holding family itself. They're some of the minor of the minor holders, but there's a certain casual feeling that creates community to that sort of life, especially on the southern continent and this far from the main of Southern Hold that they're beholden to. Terevan and his wife, Sairena, don't stand on ceremony and their six children grew up working and playing in the orchards along with the handful of other littles spawned from the other residents. It wasn't always easy, but it was a happy life. Wake, work, lessons, work, play. Harvest times were hardest, Eresai, the fourth son, would later recall, but only because they were busy from dawn til dusk and some days even later.

As the fourth son, Eresai had no expectation of managing the family business someday, so he had no shame about cultivating interests beyond the citrus groves, or rather in them. The wood of some of the trees provided endless hours of entertainment for the artistic lad. It was slow going, teaching himself, but when his interest was noted by his father, gifts of books on wood-carving helped him make progress. It didn't make him any better off than any other would-be apprentice when he turned twelve, save perhaps for a little better sense about not puncturing his flesh with his tools (only because he'd already done it often enough to earn his mother's special look of disappointment).

Eresai's interest was plain enough that his father had no qualms about arranging the apprenticeship and by thirteen he was happily installed in the WoodCraft Hall at Lemos. He had an avid love of books and seemingly endless patience for practice, if perhaps ideas that were less practical than they were fanciful, but that's what the ornamental carpentry specialty is for, isn't it? His early designs for puzzle boxes, reed instruments, and whittled avians showed promise, even if they didn't always work out in practice. After passing his exams for senior apprenticeship, he chose the obvious specialty and found himself with a new posting under a journeywoman of ornamental carpentry posted to Igen Weyr.

It was a new posting for Journeywoman Saresha, too, so together they could learn the desert and its unique woods. While Eresai could never be said to be particularly extroverted, he did, by the time he was preparing to leave, have a small circle of loyal friends he was loathed to part with. Still, a new posting tickled his sense of adventure and natural curiosity, so seeing as how he couldn't change the orders, he embraced them.

He hadn't been at the Weyr long when Zuhth clutched, and he was searched to stand. Part duty, part curiosity, he went onto the sands not expecting to find a lifemate, but Khuth had different plans. Their weyrlinghood was a learning process for both, though less tumultuous than many of the other more boisterous pairs, the blue pair often off on their own in quiet communion with each other and the world that Khuth was only beginning to know.


Name Relation Location Position
Terevan Father Citrus Grove Hold Minor Holder
Sairena Mother Citrus Grove Hold Minor Holder's Wife
Teresan Eldest Brother Citrus Grove Hold Minor Holder's Heir
Sarevan Second to Eldest Brother Citrus Grove Hold Minor Holder's Spare Heir
Reirsan Next Oldest Brother Citrus Grove Hold Minor Holder's Against All Odds Spare Heir
Saireva Younger Sister Citrus Grove Hold Minor Holder's Daughter
Tairesa Youngest Sister WeaverCraft Hall Apprentice


Waterworn Lapis Blue Khuth

He is the essence of water: fluid and graceful in both build and movement. A base of rich, liquid lapis molds the elegant proportions of a nice medium sized blue. His head is angular, deep in the rich jewel-like lapis, but limned by dark, iridescent blue along the softened edges. As still waters, pale cerulean floats bright highlights over the sinuous neck to pool in the shallows created by the smooth rounding of shoulder, back, and hip. The lapis darkens as it runs down the well-sprung chest, limber tail, and long, powerful limbs to the briny depths, ribboned with just hints of dark blue iridescence. Serene cerulean sails are supported by spindles of lapis yet when they lift to catch the sun, ripples of silvery blue shimmer and sparkle on their surface like sunlight on water.


I Still Believe Green Foliole

Hidden amongst a lush tropical garden steps forth this petite and tiny green. Life drapes in lively hue with broad leaves draping and tucking themselves about her feminine figure. There is something shy about the way she moves, the way she holds herself as if she is ever exactly unsure. Tentative in movements, such that she might be considered timid, slender jaws part to reveal pearl white teeth. Nostrils flare to either side of pointed muzzle, ever testing her environment as angular head turns upon the slender long neck. Neckridges seem draped with green vines, the snake-like tendrils weaving here and there continuing down her spine and here and there on her overlong tail as well. Over the slender chest and around the tuck of her belly the broad leaves gently dress this figure. Wings are long and rather narrow compared to most. The delicate sails nearly invisible in the light, carry a silvery sheen in shadow lending the only credence to their existence.


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