Z'an formerly Eryzan
Portrayed By William Levy
Gender Male
Aliases Yz;Lion
Place of Birth Southern Boll
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Jman Harper
Dragon Mokusoth


Impetuousness and youth may be the first impression one can get when looking at Eryzan for the first time. Blessed with an athletic build, his rather tall silhouette gives him a certain self confidence he doesn't hesitate to display in his smiles. Light brown hair encompasses his tanned face from where glitter the gem of his amber eyes. Their complexion hard to get as the sun keeps playing with them, sometimes darkening to almost black, sometimes brightening to the lightest topaz's shade. With full curved lips, legacy of his mother, surrounded by an eternal two days beard, this young man walks his path always looking at the bright side of life.

Having to adapt himself to his new climate, Eryzan was forced to trade his usual colorful short sleeved shirts and mid-thighs shorts to sweaters and wherhide pants. But he still does carry the warmth of his natal land and it's not rare to find him wearing light clothes, at least on his upper half, even in the coldest weather. The only thing he seems to have adopted are his pair of leather boots.


Since he was born, Eryzan has always been the little prince of the family. Cherished by his mother (maybe too much?) and by his two beloved sisters, he never had to care about anything. Born and raised at Southern Boll, he quickly found all the marvels amidst the tropical lushness of the peninsula. His early turns were as soft and warm as Boll's weather which made him think to live in paradise. Climbing trees, sunning, swimming were his main occupations much to his parent's dismay.

When they decided it was time for him to do something of his life, Eryzan protested. Why should he have to worry about that? The Healer Hall is way much up north and it'll ruin his tan. But then turns passed and the young man found himself humming more and more, probably mimicking the wild firelizards he's been staring at during his early youth. On his 18th turn day he received a guitar from Andara, his elder sister, and something happened. Something he never thought would happen. Bringing tears of joy from her mother and pride in his father's voice, Eryzan decided to enter the Harper Hall.


Name Relation Location Position
Eryn Mother Southern Boll
Zandar Father Southern Boll
Andara Sister Southern Boll
Lytine Sister Southern Boll



The Lady's Got Potential Green - Jade

Finely wrought delicate head is ever held high upon this little lady green flit. Thin bright tendrils of moss highlight her eyeridges like thin brows over the brilliant orbs of her eyes. Slender jaw is firmly set with an ever determined look of one who's iron will is not likely to bend. A long, slender arcing neck is studded by bright emerald hued ridges. The primary tone of her hide is a steady polished moldavite. The fairly un-eyecatching olive green hue of the stone is well highlighted by her other decorations, so that its plainness isn't detracting from her otherwise quite fetching form. Feminine she surely is. Smooth curves of chest make it appear narrower than most, and belly tucks tightly so that her waist seems almost painfully small as it slips behind slender hindlegs. Talons protrude from fingers and toes in that predatory fashion. One of the indelicate parts of her, they gleam in a fierce polish jet. The delicate swath of overly fine wingsails are supported on too thin seeming spars of the moldavite which fade in watery swaths to a mix of celadon and emerald. Lengthy slender tail finishes the portrait of this proud willful lady, the last flourish of emerald continuing upon the tiny ridges here too.




This brown is not one that is easily overlooked, or forgotten. No, this young dragon looks -fat-. Its anyone's guess how he managed to fit in the egg without bursting it open accidentally. It doesn't help that he has a relatively small looking head and neck, and a long skinny tail to go at odds with his portly midsection. His legs are just long enough to reach the ground and give his belly a few feet of space between the ground and it. Shards, his wings, they look too small for his fluffy form. His coloring is that of salted caramel hot chocolate, a uniform color that has covered him from black talon to pale beige neckridge. Those almost too-small wings are lovely dark mocha brown, however, there are tiny speckles of bronze intermingled throughout the sails that glimmer when the light hits them. He carries himself well, despite the swaying midsection, and overall doesn't seem like he'll tip over.


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