Farris is a bit on the taller side, with well balanced tone of muscle throughout her body. She has shoulder length dirty blonde hair, which frames her face well. Her eyes are a crystal blue, which sparkle radiantly with her typical upbeat personality. Her skin has been kissed by the sun often enough to leave a fairly brown tone upon it, and a few daring freckles scattered about her nose, and cheeks. She has strong features, which some may consider to be beautiful, as it is obvious she takes care of herself quite often.

Her attire tends to consist of long blue tunics with gold trim, and a pair of solid brown pants, as well as shined up black boots. Along her shoulder proudly displays her rankings as a Blue rider, a Wingleader, and a journeyman Harper. When out relaxing, and out of uniform, Farris can be seen in a blue bikini, typically with a sarong wrapped about her hips when she is enjoying the sand, and sun of the beach, or lake, and looking to unwind.


Farris has lived nearly her entire life in Eastern Weyr, save when she spent a few turns at the Harper's Hall working her way up towards her journeyman status. As the second born in a huge family of seven, she was quite the busy girl in helping to raise her younger siblings, and keep her older brother out of trouble. When she was younger, she was quite a rebel child. Older now, she's even more so.

During her time in the Harper Hall, Farris experimented with many different forms of music, and attempting to master the gitar as best she can. While studying through the old records, and listening to some of the stored media files in the computer files which has been preserved over time, she fell in love with the ancient's classics, and has strived her best to create, and come up with a new style. The Master Harper Alisar, and Moyrel embraced her new style, despite having mixed reviews from the public, and the rest of Harper Hall. Some craved more, while other's shunned. Some were not ready for such a dramatic change of 'noise', which should be music, and song writing.

When Farris was summoned to candidacy in the hot sands of Igen, and impressed to the wild blue Sarkith, her life changed once again, and she found herself within a new realm of maturity. That, and a rollercoster ride of a relationship with G'rism, her long time friend. Despite all the up's, and downs, she found herself more or less in love with the dark skinned bronzer, and has settled down into a fairly intense relationship with him, which doesn't seem to settle down.

Now, Farris resides in Ierne, working on some new music, and taking a long break from the busy wingduties of Eastern. With her weyrmate having found leadership in Igen, it seems that she may find herself traveling back to the desert weyr where she found her lifemate, and once more taking up home there again.


Name Relation Location Position
Freida Mother Eastern Weyr Resident
Broan Father Eastern Weyr Resident
B'rm Brother Eastern Weyr Rider of bronze Treasath
G'rism Weyrmate Igen Weyr Weyrleader, rider of bronze Troyseth
Grace Daughter Igen Weyr Weyrbrat
Farisam Son Igen Weyr Weyrbrat
Freya Daughter Igen Weyr Weyrbrat
Ghina Daughter Igen Weyr Weyrbrat


Blue Bruiser
Though one of the smallest of his colors, the shocking electric hide of this blue firelizard makes him seem much larger then life. He is from head to tail one solid color, even down to the miniscule curving talons. It is a neon blue that assaults the eyes with unnatural brightness, overwhelming the build of tiny, delicate lines and dainty bones. His tiny head is always in motion, right down to the bright alert eyes. The slim body and slender legs quiver with suppressed energy and his tail whips around behind him. The restless wings hold his only spot of secondary color, as the spars seem to have a lacy webbing of gold over the electric blue.


Sunburnt Child of the Desert Blue Sarkith
Drenched in a basecoat of simple cornflower blue, the merry colour does nothing really to disguise the fact that this youngling is but a slip of a dragon. The rounded edges of his wedge shaped head, though elegant in their own way, are the first indication that this one was not built to reflect exact porportions. As if to highlight the raised areas of muzzle, head knobs and neck, a dusting of ruddy violet seems to shine in it's dark way. Almost the way a sunburn might glow upon the skin. Sliding down from the head, his sleek and slender neck flows down in a continuation of the cornflower blue, slowly transitioning into a showing of randomly spangled streaks of cyan and black-blue silt along his shoulders. These touches of cyan sand and black-blue silt wrap up and over the small, well shaped wings, blending into the background and foreground colours in little patterns like distant constellations. Slightly larger than normal haunches are well toned and keep the flow of his body going as the hide shifts back towards the original cornflower blue. One might think that this expanded scale might continue when one considered the thickness of the tail at it's base. Until one realized the abruptness with which the spade had been set, this blue's sunburnt and freckled tail only being around a third of what it's length aught to be.

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