Roughly near to six feet in height, he's neither short nor too tall, simply nestled somewhere in between the two spectrums. Short, coarse and slightly curly, black hair frames his head and the wide set of his face. The dark color of his hair helps set off the greenish hazel hue of his wide, but slightly slanted, eyes that overlook a broad, short, nose. Around the edge of his wide, almost square shaped jaw, he's allowed some facial hair to grow, mostly around the chin, but it's kept neatly groomed. His skin is a darker shade then most, and not entirely due to prolonged exposure to the sun - it's naturally a dark brown that only darkens a little more from tanning but never fades. Even with his average height, his overall body frame is not without some mild muscular toning, but definitely seems to still carry a bit of a lanky look to him. Judging by the charcoal smudges, various old nicks and scars and the overall roughness of his long, thin hands, it's apparent that his work is more in crafts and art.

He wears a simple outfit of a light fabric tunic, dyed usually an vibrant red shade - the standard uniform colour of his Wing. The sleeves have been cut short and the front left open in a v-shaped neck. Around his neck is a simple necklace, made of finely carved sections of wood and beads strung in a pleasant design and most likely one of his own creations. The tunic is neatly tucked into a pair of long legged shorts that roll up just a bit above his knees, the fabric also light weight and dyed a pleasant beige or near black hue. The belt tied around his waist is made simply of leather, but other simplistic designs have been carved into it near the buckle, which is oddly just an ordinary oval shape. On his feet is a pair of sturdy, but well worn, leather riding boots. He's most often seen carrying a medium sized bag, held closed by drawstrings and slung over one shoulder. On his other shoulder, he wears his knot to show his rank as a Wingrider at Eastern Weyr, a bronze thread woven through it to signify his lifemate. Not far from his knot is the Flame badge and slung around him, so that it rests comfortably at his side; is a sheathed sword.

*Art by G'rism


Nalomy and Ildaw had lived almost all their lives in or around Monaco Bay Hold. Nalomy was a shy, plump and short woman but very skilled Weaver and had a kind heart. Ildaw was almost her exact opposite and his skills lay more in the Woodcraft. The two met as any most likely would, over time, in a Hold and what first developed as an unusual friendship between the two soon grew into something stronger. It was several Turns into their relationship before they both agreed to settle down together and were soon blessed by their first child - a girl that they named Emkeliss. Three turns later, Nalomy gave firth to a second child and they named him Garirsam. And from the very moment he was born, he was lavished with loving attention that was equally split between his older sister - who also protectively watched over him even at her age at the time. From the beginning, Garirsam's life was filled with art-related work. Both his parents were skilled in what they did and while he was too young to join in, he often spent many afternoons and evenings studying his parents while they worked.

When he wasn't busy observing his parents or shadowing his sister, he'd run off to join the other Hold children, only to find himself often standing on the outside of their games or groups. While Garirsam didn't lack in kindness or a friendly attitude towards others, he did have a bit of a shy streak to him. In an attempt to overcome it and be included, he'd blurt out anything that came to mind or do something that would come off as unusual or weird to the other children, which in turn led him to being a bit of an outcast. So, in time, he began to form a tighter friendship with his sister, much to her chagrin. When he grew old enough to handle it, he began helping with some of the lighter chores around the Hold and seemed to prefer it over socializing, which soon earned him a reputation of being a good worker. It was around his twelfth or thirteenth turn that he began to sketch on scraps of material left over from his parents and seemed to have quite the talent, even if his drawings were rough and lacking practice. His parents did notice his potential, however, and began tutoring him and encouraging him when they could. Around his fifteenth turn, Nalomy gave birth to her third and final child, another boy that they named Isentho.

With the help of his parent's Garirsam's talents in the arts grew. He became a skilled copyist and artist, often helping with the draft designs for his own parent's projects. Emkeliss began taking on her mother's skills in Weaving, but Garirsam seem to pick up a little bit of everything he was shown. He wasn't entirely great at one single thing, but that didn't stop him from trying and practicing it first before moving on to the next. This eventually led to him gaining a slight 'jack of all trades' edge. While Emkeliss was set on becoming a Weaver like Nalomy, Ildaw was hoping his son would take on the Woodcraft like him or the Weaver craft, but Garirsam had other plans. His plans were not to settle on any of them or any particular craft in general. This puzzled his parents, but they didn't pressure him, too much, into making any decision and left him to his own devices.

As he grew older, nearing his sixteenth turn, he became even shyer and slightly withdrawn from those of his age, except around his younger brother. Even with the difference in age, like Emkeliss was protective of him, Garirsam was protective of Isentho - they developed a strong brotherly bond overtime. While most is age would socialize amongst themselves and spend their free time away from work and chores, Garirsam simply kept to himself and focused on his work even more. He wasn't exactly anti-social, he just didn't feel like he fit in with most of those his age and to avoid any awkward situations, simply remained quiet and kept to himself unless directly spoken to or involved. The few who did manage to work their way through his shyness, however, became good friends and he eventually did open up a little more to them. But his true passion remained on his work and he became good enough at it to take on some minor commissions and projects of his own.

Around his eighteenth turn, Idlaw's youngest brother Osero, along with his wife Alya, came to live at Monaco Bay Hold. Up until this point, Garirsam had never truly met most of his extended family and was instantly interested in Alya's craft work involving jewelry design and Osero's talent in tool making. Like with his parents, Garirsam spent as much free time as he had to shadow his Uncle and Aunt, eventually picking up the skills needed to experiment on his own. Neither Osero nor Alya minded the younger boy's keen attention and when they could, they tutored him as well. Much like his abilities in sketching for copying and draft work, he seemed to take on a knack for jewelry design and designing simplistic, decorative tools - most of the time in the form of hunting knives.

Garirsam's life remained fairly uneventful until his twentieth turn. Osero and Alya announced that they'd be moving to Eastern Weyr, for a change of pace, although they were reluctant to leave family behind - they would be at least close enough to visit. What came as a surprise was Garirsam's request to join them and the permission from his parents to do so. Emkeliss had already been sent off to the Weavercraft Hall and now Garirsam felt that he, too, should move on with his life and begin exploring the world outside of Monaco Bay Hold. Reluctantly, Nalomy and Ildaw allowed Garirsam to have his wish, although Isentho was the only one not thrilled on seeing his older brother leave. But leave he did, heading out with Osero and Alya a few days after their initial announcement to leave.

Arriving at Eastern Weyr was a bit of a shock to Garirsam. Up until this point in his life, he had only heard and learned about the Weyrs and while he lived near to Eastern, he had never stepped foot in the actual Weyr until now. Osero and Alya had, however, and were more accustomed to it. It was difficult at first for Garirsam to adjust - his shy nature didn't help. It took much prodding and encouragement from his Aunt and Uncle before he finally relaxed and adjusted enough to open up a little and start socializing with the other residents, posted crafters and riders within the Weyr. He still remains absorbed in his work, however, but his shyness doesn't seem to hold him back as much, he's more sociable, but often times lets an awkward or unusual comment slip. While not lacking confidence in his ability in his craft, he does lack some in himself and doesn't go out of his way to seek the company of others, save for his own relatives that he lives with. When he isn't working, he's out wandering the Weyr's boundaries, most often seeking the solitude to think and for inspiration. Garirsam, overall, is happy at Eastern Weyr, although misses his home Hold and figures that someday, he will return, provided nothing happens to change that.


Name Relation Location Position
Nalomy Mother Monaco Bay Hold Weaver
Idlaw Father Monaco Bay Hold Woodcrafter
Emkeliss Sister WeaverHall Weaver
Isentho Brother Igen Weyr Glasscrafter
Farris Weyrmate Igen Weyr Oasis Wingleader, rider of blue Sarkith
Freya Daughter Igen Weyr Weybrat
Grace Daughter Igen Weyr Weyrbrat
Farisam Son Igen Weyr Weyrbrat
Ghina Daughter Igen Weyr Weyrbrat


Bronze Trion
Paled bronze hues mask the angular shape of this bronze firelizard's face, angling off sharply along the sides to come to a narrowed end to his equally as narrow muzzle. Polished bronze hues, seeming to almost glow against the paleness of his face sweeps up and over his sharply pointed head knobs and down the strong, arcing curve of his neck. This hue continues down a broad, muscular chest and lean sides - he is a bronze built for power and strength, not speed. Only along his limbs and his wing tips does the bronze become a burnished hue, darkening to take on something close to a reddish brown hue. Sharp talons and head knobs remain an unblemished bright bronze while the sails of his large wings boast hidden ghostly traces of deep reds and purples - perhaps merely a trick of light. He carries himself with the same air as a wise, aged individual with a knack for being in charge if need be.

Brown Pirate
This rotund firelizard, in size just on the brown side of the blue brown divide, doesn't seem quite able to make his mind up about his colour. His large stomach and the underside of his tail are blue. His wings, they're green, mostly. The bones in his wings are quite pronounced, and lighter than the tattered wingsails. The area around his mouth? Red, like fire. The rest of him is a simple brown.

Blue Fahren
Midnight blue coats the sleek form of this firelizard. Bolts of baby blue race over his body without rhyme or reason while a gentle powder blue glow seems to shine from some unknown source to surround his entire body and settles along his ridges to settle within the end of this tail. Navy blue wings sweep our to either side of him, their sails free of the strange phenomenon which spreads over the rest of his body.


Cold and Unforgiving Oil Rubbed Bronze Troyseth
Powerful muscles are evident beneath supple hide. Sinewy and toned, every fiber of this dragon's frame appears to have been carefully and deliberately molded. His muzzle is long, yet has a peculiar roundness to it that lends it the appearance of being stout. Headknobs are well-defined, yet smoothed over so as not to be angular. His neck is long and solid. Indeed, if there is one word to sum up this bronze it would be exactly that: solid. Brushed over his sturdy frame is a dark bronze hue that appears to have been rubbed and polished into his every last inch of his hide with particular care and attention to coat thoroughly and evenly. Marring this lovely shade of oil brushed bronze is a lighter patch of maple on his chest and a lighter circling of the same about his eyes that wraps around his head knobs and fades at the base of his neck. Wingsails are a dark and dirty color, as though a bottle of oil had been spilled upon the tissue there nearly covering up what might have been pure and undiluted bronze.

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