Ise (Ilyse)
Portrayed By
Gender Female
Aliases Ily
Place of Birth Trader Caravan
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
Dragon Niskath


Hair the color of dark embers flow down around this young woman's elvish face. It's a firey red and curls in waves along her head and down to her shoulders. A small slightly crooked nose, full and pale lips, and dark set coffee colored eyes make up the rest of her features.

Tanned from many days in the sun, she's wearing a simple tunic of unremarkable grey and it is baggy and large even tucked into her black breeches as it is. It's short sleeved and allows easy views of the scars on her forearms up to her elbows. Small thin silver lines crisscross there. The breeches fit her better and her feet are bare. Around her shoulder is a white knot of Candidacy for Igen Weyr.


Ilyse was born to a small group of traders that circulated in both honorable and disreputable circles. Her father was the head of the caravan and her mother was a former drudge at one of the many Weyrs they visited. Ilyse was taught how to read and write by her mother, how to hunt and survive off the land by her father. She also learned how to trade and barter from the entire caravan. And so that's how Ilyse's childhood went, learning her parents trade and moving around the small section of Pern they called home. It was during one of the trades with a small renegade band that while Ilyse was out gathering firewood for the caravan that an argument broke out between the caravan and the small band of renegades. Ilyse could hear the screams and the smoke rising from her caravan. Too terrified to head back, she darted off into the woods and managed to survive long enough to find a passing caravan that picked her up and promised to drop her off at their next stop. She was treated as little more than an annoying dog by the owner of the caravan, him of the opinion that she brought bad luck, and so she had to fend for herself for the most part. Eventually she managed to hang on long enough to make it to a small Hold and sneak onto a vessel and that's how she ended up at Half Moon Bay.


Name Relation Location Position



Free At Last Green Niskath

Sunlit ferns stand quietly in a small break within a distant forests floor. Curling tips are a particularly vibrant hue painting the underside and lower portions of this delicate girl. The flash of malachite talons slip from between the fern, a dazzling and deadly display for those with the displeasure of getting to close a look. The fern gives way to the rising sunlit forest as ones gaze climbs from talon towards shoulder. Deciduous leaves paint upwards in thick clusters in a healthy summers' hue. Beneath the foliage there are hints of moss that cling to the supporting trunks. They tease at the sturdy structure which this lady hides beneath smooth curves and sinuous, carefree movements. Arching neck and flaring wings break into the canopy above. Alive in waves of the forests' green, subtle shifts in hue are found as one tree merges into the next upon the broad sails that take her high above such forests in practice. Proportioned head brings the only blaze of color beyond the overwhelming of green in the depth of her eyes. When placid they'll almost disappear in their own contented green and blue, and when not you'll know for the vibrant contrast that give to the rest of her body. Dew kisses eyeridges, neck and tailridges in little emeralds that seem to sparkle as she moves and catches the light just so.


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