Isentho is a man on the taller end of things, but not so much to stick out in a crowd - he can just reach the high shelves easier than others. Combined with his leaner, bony build though, it puts a bit of an emphasis on his lengthy torso and limbs, giving him ever-so-slightly a gawky and long appearance that isn't quite hidden under a sturdy musculature and dark mahogany skin. His hair is a short-length and slightly dreadlocked mane of black, kept clean despite its rough appearance. His eyes are a dark mix between brown and green, largely difficult to tell from straight chocolate-brown unless directly exposed to light.

His clothing is a very basic assortment of woven linen pants and tunics, in colors of browns and greens and tans, and vests of dark leather stamped with the crest of the Vintner's. Capping off the ensemble is sturdy leather boots and a belt with various small pouches.


Isentho is the youngest son of Nalomy and Ildaw, and overall, the youngest of all their children. As such, he was raised with the inevitable boon that comes with being the baby - the devotion of his parents and the troublesome blend of love and even jealousy from his older siblings. Life was overall bland and boring, the boy assisting his family in their trades as he grew older and competant or making his rounds about Monaco Bay Hold to play with the other children and get into the usual childhood mischief. Things began to change, though, when his oldest sister made her way off to an apprenticeship, and then his brother (whom he was always close to) departed with their aunt and uncle for Eastern Weyr. Suddenly left alone, Isentho was forced to step up and help support the family and he began to apprentice under a local glasscrafter who taught the boy the fine and careful art of manufacturing. They weren't artists, though Isentho did on occasion dabble in the decorative arts of glass, but the call for strong, clear glass for windows and other functional purposes was in high demand and it wasn't long before the boy was immersed in the craft. He was awarded his Journeyman's knot at the age of nineteen and settled in to earning marks to help support him and his parents while doing what he could to keep in touch with his siblings. Wanderlust was soon to develop in the lad who'd never travelled far outside his home, and upon hearing his brother (now a rider) had become the Weyrleader of Igen, Isentho began to make plans to move there and see if he couldn't offer his skills. Besides, he and his brother had a lot of catching up to do.


Name Relation Location Position
Nalomy Mother Monaco Bay Hold Weaver
Idlaw Father Monaco Bay Hold Woodcrafter
Emkeliss Sister WeaverHall Weaver
G'rism Brother Igen Weyr Weyrleader, rider of bronze Troyseth


Green Fusion
Dainty and bright, the resemblance of this tiny lady to an emerald green fairy is unmistakable. She is as small as a fire lizard comes, with delicate bones and a waif-like build. In proportion, she seems slightly elongated thru legs, neck, and tail, as compared to her width. Her eyes are wide and almost over large in her head and she tends to flit about like a wayward pixie. Her hide is deep emerald green with the sheen of satin. Faux impressions of sapphire and ruby silk ribbons play in the swift flow of her blossoming muscles then twirl through the expanse of silken wingsails. Dainty little pins of gold make up the talons on her paws as she dances thru the air. And covering it all like the finest lace is a pale golden web overlaying the green and encasing her entire body.

Around the body of fusion is a carefully crafted harness of fine golden-tan leather adorned with glass beadwork in the black and gold hues of Igen Weyr. On a brass plate is etched her name, Fusion, and the name and location of her owner, Isentho.


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