V'al (Ivaylo)
Portrayed By
Gender Male
Aliases iva;ylo;yolo;iv;ivay
Place of Birth Smithcraft Hall
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Jman Smith
Dragon Matioth


Dark skin with a height of 6'2" is Ivaylo, with a muscular frame from hard work and heavy labor. He looks to be about 18 Turns, 5 months, and 1 day old. His hair is dark brown, appearing almost black but also lighter in some areas in a natural highlight. It goes down to his shoulders, braided in small braids to keep the strands manageable. Furthermore, it is often pulled back by a leather band either in a runnertail or up in a bun, depending on the work being done.

He wears loose-fitting clothing, pants range from shades of browns to black while his tunics tend to be a little more vibrant and full of color. He wears a well made, but well worn vest over these tunics when he is not working. Sturdy boots are worn, also aged with time and use.


Ivaylo was born as the second son but third child to his family. A long line of Smiths, it was expected that he, too, would join in the family's craft. His sister and brother before him were also expected to follow in this tradition. And, at the age of twelve, Ivaylo joined the ranks as an Apprentice Smith. Fortunately, he did not learn under his father's tutelage outside of their familial area. And, even more fortunately, he learned to enjoy the Craft rather than seeing it as an obligation he was expected to fulfill. He was not an extraordinarily gifted apprentice, but he worked hard and applied himself serious when it came to his tasks. And so, at the ripe age of 18, he walked the tables as Journeyman and was posted away from the Crafthall — at his request.


Name Relation Location Position
Vayla Mother Smithcraft Hall Smith
Iovien Father Smithcraft Hall Smith
Sister Smith
Brother Smith


Blue Unknown
Darkness sweeps across the thin lithe form of this dangerous looking blue. Intense gaze lingers on all who make eye contact with him, just long enough to know that he's taken note of you and maybe not in such a good way. Deep navy's drench his hide with accents of dark sapphire keeping him ever a bit dashing in that dangerous sort of way. It hides the power of the muscles beneath the ripple of suede smooth hide. From the shadows, the starpricks of alabaster teeth glint within the narrow tapered muzzle. An inaudible laugh of the predator preparing to strike, the disappear as quickly as a twinkle in the night's sky. Long neck arches majestically, with the poise of a regal bronze, sapphires stud his neckridge in rather sharp looking points. The razor sharpness echoed in the curves scythes of his talons that tip each indelicate finger and toe. Wings spread, a vast darkness that looks to envelop the land in an endless night. The sails hold almost solid against even the suns light casting only the murkiest of opaqueness to what are truly fine membranes.


Dichotomy of Dark and Light Blue Matioth

Dark, so dark the hide of this blue dragon seems to swallow all light that touches it from above, from the elegant pointed planes of his head with his deeply arched headknobs to his rather lengthy, slender neck and barely wider shoulders. This same lithe build continues through his chest and down to his flanks, still colored in that deep navy hue that leaves him nearly indistinguishable from the night sky, or lengthy shadows. Even the hollows on his body are merely minutely darker spots and almost imperceptible. Sharply arched ridges align down his neck, following one after another as the trail down his body before finally ending as barely seen smudges above his tail finial. It is as you look upon his underside and where his slender feet rest that his color is now surprising, a blue so pale as to appear frosted, icy crystalline in shade as it adorns over taut muscle and strong bone. It allows all the definition that the darker color does not, showing haunches lined with muscle and the wiry strength that his limbs possess. His wings are stretched silk, moving from his leading edges to his ailerons, in a subtle sameness of color with nary a brighter mote or speck to denote his wingspars or finger bones. It is the underside that shows the same surprising coloration, lined again in frosty hues and allowing his build to be seen in a play on light and dark, that is finally carried out by the nearly midnight navy of talons. They cap his feet with needle points etched in darkness, an inky end to something so bright.


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