Portrayed By Rekha
Gender Female
Place of Birth Curved Hill Hold
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Weyrwoman / HAC Jman
Dragon Gold Toruth


Long dark brown hair frames her oval face. Wide chin is framed by smooth tapered jaw. Not nearly as harsh as it sounds, her face blends with cheekbones notable but not to prominent, and a long nose that is rather thin. Lips are thick, smooth and rather deep red, likely by some type of makeup that she has a habit of freshening up with. Brown eyes are large, and striking beneath thick eyebrow lines and a quick swipe of darker hued eye shadow that helps them stands them out. Her hair is often free flowing down half her back, glinting with red highlights beneath the sun. When riding it’ll be pulled into a quick loose braid held by a short string of leather. She isn’t particularly tall, olive skin tanned even more distinctly under Igen’s sun.

She wears simple garb overall, tending to looser fitting tops and skirts she can playfully twirl in. Usually in hues of cream and browns, her highlights come in the sparkle of embroidery along sleeves and neckline. The embroidery is often pleasant geometric patterns in bronze, copper and gold filaments. Jewelry is always a necessary accessory. She’ll sport a necklace of shimmering metal, or a semi-precious stone pendant, and glittery ear rings and bracelets. Footwear is standard hide boots to handle wherever she needs to go.


Iwa was born second of four siblings in Curved Hill Hold to Tani and Conam. His mother is a seamstress, and father a techcraft journeyman. She grew up there with nothing notable, being a typical youngster playing and occasionally helping with chores. She tended to enjoy singing, making up her own tunes after quickly working through the Harpers teaching ballads as she did her chores. This caught the attention of the Harper who was on the Hold circuit. She went to apprentice just before her twelfth birthday and enjoyed learning guitar and pipes while at the Hall, and found she had a neat hand for writing. At just shy of fourteen she was promoted to senior apprentice and then to her teachers dismay half a turn later was Searched for Igen’s latest clutch. As any youngster is apt, she quietly had dreamed of dragons and though nervous presented herself on the sands with a small group of candidates. The eggs hatched and hatched and she thought perhaps that nice blue, or green might look her way only to find the Stomp N Chomp gold hatchling nibbling at her sandals. Impression was made before toes were endangered and a whole new phase of her life began.

Her name already being short enough, Iwa remained just that after impression. She wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but the goldling who had chosen her was certainly not it. Trouble quickly followed her aggressive and playful partner and weyrlinghood became a blur as she learned about her new partner and her new life. With the shine of her Toruth’s hide, responsibility seemed inevitable but for the practice of Igen she found herself free to be herself despite the shine of her companion. It allowed time for her to grow along with her partner without pressures one might normally expect. Toruth as well grew and mellowed slightly, or at least started listening to Iwa now and then. Like her dam, Toruth was a late riser, but at age 8 finally took to the skies and laid her first clutch of four. She’s been infrequent and unpredictable in her flights but in present day it hasn’t mattered.

Iwa spent the ensuing turns getting to know the Weyr, naturally curious that harper part of her figuring and wondering and when she got access into the Weyr’s archives she found a treasure trove of information. In trade for some additional histories and inside information which remains unwritten, she took on some of Neyuni’s duties in managing some of Igen’s administrative aspects, and interacting with some of the local Holders. Although she enjoyed singing, and plays instruments as a hobby now, her harper studies continued, focusing in scribing and archiving around her duties to the Weyr, until at age 30 she was promoted to journeyman.

At 39 her life changed again when Weyrwoman Neyuni stepped down after her queen not clutching for nearly a decade. The infrequent rising of the queens of Igen is well enough known and it wasn't exactly clear which dragon would be next until Toruth took to the skies to claim the Weyr for her own. Now she settles into formally doing much of the duties she did informally under the previous Weyrwoman, only look, official knots as proof!


Name Relation Location Position
Tani Mother Curve Hill Hold Seamstress
Conam Father Curve Hill Hold Jman Techcrafter
TBD Older sister TBD TBD
TBD Younger Brother TBD TBD
TBD Younger sister TBD TBD


Gold Aureli
Large and imposing this queen firelizard is ready for a fight. She hisses at your visual appraisal, and tilts her strong jawed head to the side in a dismissive manner. Of figure she is imposingly strong, muscles on arms and legs bulging with barely contained power. She'll flex a thigh, stretching it out in a non-subtle display of her prowess. Deadly sharp ebon talons tip each finger and toe, ready to rend her meal or defend her chosen. A thin veil of gold drapes over her like a light cloth, bunched across her back and swirled around the shorter thicker length of her tail, and hindfeet like an odd set of bandages. Shorter neck arches regally if not as elegantly as the more lithely built of her kind. The thick spine bones covered with rather pointy neckridges which are dusted with lapis accents. Wings are long and rather broad making her less agile in the air than others, but what she lacks there she will make up for in a surprising endurance that only grows as she ages.


Stomp N Chomp Gold Toruth
A fairly large queen, Toruth is not just large but rather heavily built as well. She will not ever be mistaken for some lithe graceful creature, for she is one of power and pose. Her soft hide gleams in the light a healthy burnished yellow agate. A hue which mimics the sandy dunes of the Igen desert from which she hails in soft whirls and whorls that finely layer variegated shades of gold, amber and honey. From afar the layers blend into a warm shimmery effect of looking at a golden dune miraged by the desert sun. Up close however she is beautiful and mesmerizing and one could spend hours lost in tracing the patterns upon her hide. Small but angular citron hued ridges just out from shortened neck and stud down the shorter length of her tail. Large wind smoothed head swivels with passively blue-green eyes swirling contentedly as she surveys her terrain, alabaster teeth peeking through. Her neck widens at the juncture of her broad chest, and somewhat pudgy belly. Gilded talons tip each claw on each thick finger and toe. While sturdy arms and legs propel her along when needed and at rest disappear into the pattern of her hide. The membrane of her wings stretches across spars that seem far to small for the heft of her build. Here the colors give way from their pattern to a liquid yellow agate broken only by sunshine like rays as the sails flex in the air.


Title OOC Date Cast Synopsis
Simple Introductions September 15, 2022 Apheli iwa Apheli meet eggs, eggs meet Apheli.
Existential Encounter of the Egg Kind September 18,2022 Iwa, Ava, Apheli These eggs have the bad touch and its time to find that out first hand.
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