While J'leron appears seemingly in his mid teens to early twenties, it is rather deceiving as he is actually in his late 20's-early 30's in age. He seems to be rather striking and handsome to behold. Short sun-streaked hair is brushed back, where a pleasant almost flirtatious smile and bright, intelligent yet mysterious ice blue eyes add to his charming nature. Seemingly tall at 6'4"', he has a nicely sculptured form, of which his broad shoulders and medium to large athletic build bears a deep bronze tan and well-toned muscles from hard work in the outdoors. His ice blue eyes look out at the world, constantly interested in what is going on around him.

On his shoulder, there is but one single knot. The knot done up in a double cord and double loop in the dominant blended color of yellow and secondary color of black with a single thread of brown to denote the color of his lifemate and that he is a Wingsecond at Igen Weyr.

A pair of deep earthy brown trousers cover his lower body, while a tan-colored tunic covers his muscular upper torso showing off his well-sculpted form and years of hard work. Under the legs of his trousers are a sturdy pair of sienna brown hand-made leather boots and at his waist is a small blade sheathed at his side that looks like some sort of utility knife, his trousers are held at his waist by a braided black leather belt.


A cry was heard at Fort Hold one stormy night, a baby boy was born but it was not such a joyous occasion…as a new life entered Pern and a life left Pern that night. Joleron had been the only child to a nanny at Fort Hold, the son of a bronze rider that had been known to frequent the hold to see the young nanny. Jole was left abandoned with no parents when a Journeyman woodcrafter, Amran and his wife Tonisa took the young boy on as their own and thought he could grow up happy with them and their family, he was only months younger than their baby girl Aleka, the two young children grew up close and developed a strong friendship, not knowing the history of why Joleron didn't seem to be a blooded member of the family. Joleron, a young curious boy was somewhat of a prankster though he was also curious…sometimes the mix of curiosity and playing pranks caused him to be labeled a troublemaker from time to time. As Aleka grew up knowing a bit of everything so did Joleron, as he got older he questioned where he was from and is now glad that he never found out his origins. He loved his "parents" very much and grew to be close to Amran learning how to carve wood and make things from wood but despite the encouragement to become a woodcrafter, Joleron didn't want to settle…it was shortly after that Aleka had left to stay with an aunt at Fort Weyr. He decided to head as well to Fort Weyr with only enough skills to perform at most menial handyman duties and in short time became quite proficient in duties as handyman. In the meantime, not long after his sister became a stablehand and him becoming a handyman that Aleka was searched for the hatching at Fort weyr and Impressed a lovely green named Saerobeath. Joleron was happy and very proud of her when he had gotten to watch Aleka Impress. Despite weyrlinghood and such, the two young siblings remained close and dear friends. But unfortunately Jole never wanted to settle at any one place and told Aleka, he was heading off when a dragon and rider arrived and invited Joleron to stand at Benden Weyr. It was an offer that Joleron couldn't refuse and decided to take it up becoming a candidate. The young man though quickly stood out amongst some of the males making it clear that he'd be unlikely one to Impress a bronze when it became noticeable that he had a little bit of a preference for males in ways that even his own family didn't know. It was a bit of a surprise though when the handsome young man that had a gentleman's nature but also a bit of a mischievous streak was chosen by Brown Dakoth. Bets were he'd end up on a blue or a green for sure but he seemed to be a good leadership type so in the end, it all worked out. Unfortunately Dakoth was quite the weyrling dragon and would often have the young J'leron constantly on his feet trying to keep up with the dragon that loved to pull pranks. He had several male weyrmates in the span after graduating weyrlinghood, it was even probable at some point he even managed to have some children but he never really got involved with women at all. J'leron having impressed at 16 now was 26 turns old leaving Benden Weyr to spend some time as an independent rider not knowing where life would lead him and Dakoth.


Name Relation Location Position
Unknown Mother Fort Hold Nanny
Unknown Father Unknown Bronzeirder
Aleka Sister Fort Weyr Rider of green Saerobeath
Andoran Son Igen Weyr Weyrbrat


Brown SweetTooth
Of fairly normal size, this brown firelizard is a healthy and vibrant example of his species, with a well-built physique and a good head on his shoulders. He is the color of milk chocolate, a creamy medium brown with just the faintest hint of a darker gloss across the surface of his hide. From a point under his chin, his color drastically fades to the color of malt, a pale sandy beige that lines his undersides and the inner curve of all four limbs. It continues on along the bottom of his tail to the fork of his tail where the pale hue dominates. Wingsails are the same soft tan, adding a distinct contrast to the rest of his hide, and shining with a soft golden light when the light shines through.

Brown Zombie

Blue Solaris
This is no dainty hatchling, in fact, he is rather portly. His short blunt muzzle has been dipped in Ecru, jaggedly ending at the base his large eyes. From there azure flows down his neck, ending just where his front legs start. A thin trail of foamy white follows the flow of the azure, starting at hatchlings headknobs and ending at his shoulders. Along the back and under belly ecru covers the hide, leaving a thick strip of sea foam green that starts at the hatchlings front legs and moves all the way to midway along the tail and hind quarters. The remainder of the tail is washed in cerulean blue. His large billowy wings are painted a sky blue along the finger joints and light blue wing sails.

Green Eclipse
Size belies a form of grace and agility, a lean toned body designed to be in the sky. The wings of this green are broad and large, casting a shadow larger than herself on the earth below her form, and the membranes are so dark and thick that they barely allow light to pass through them. The rest of her color is equally dark, like a forest in shadow or blanketed by twilight, a deep hunter green with dappling of even darker hues that would offer her perfect camouflage in the thick forests. Talons are a smoky brown, the only place where the green is absent.


Tiramisu Brown Dakoth
Striations and layers separate nicely across this hatchling's hide. The colors go from a light, barely beige touched cream across his wedge-shaped head and down his dorsal ridges to deep, chocolatey brown across his stomach and coloring his tailfork nicely. In between, the colors lighten and deepen oddly as each layer goes past. It's as if he were completely made of that lovely cream. Whatever colored the bottom bit of him that dark brown seems to be what invades the rest of the colors, turning them each a varying shade of brandy brown. His wings seem to be of the same light, frothy cream color as most of his dorsal, but whirls of every other shade swirl across them, the product of a patient baker making sure his sweet is nothing but the very best.

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