Standing up at six foot three inches, This man is big, very big and by the look of his tanned skin, he spent a lot of time outside in his earlier days. His blue eyes shine brightly in the middle of square face, just above a strong nose and some parched lips that the man is often found licking and a cascade of white hair frame his face just nicely. Janan is very muscular, with broad shoulders and a strong torso narrowing (just a bit) down to his hips and then his long legs, just as muscular as the rest of his body. For the moment, this man is wearing some lose black pants and a shirt which has the first button taken off.


Janan was born some 50 years earlier in Fort Weyr, he quickly got interested in runnerbeasts in there and despite his parents' best efforts to push towards a better work or even being dragonrider, since they were both riders themselves, he quickly became an assistant stablehand, well, once he really prove he could work around runnerbeasts to the Head Stablehand at that time. He spent most of his time there, at Fort Weyr, carring about runnerbeasts, even after his parents passed away. That's only late in his life, when nothing was really keeping him at Fort that he decided to resign from Stablehand, pack his stuff and moves over to Igen Weyr to offer his help as Stablehand and maybe find the special someone that would get him settled.


Name Relation Location Position
Tanissa Mother Fort Weyr Resident
H'ust Father Fort Weyr Rider



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