Portrayed By
Gender Female
Aliases Jan
Place of Birth Tillek region
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Feyruth


She is a young woman, slight in build. Soft, shiny near platinum blonde hair frames her face and then tumbles down in soft curls to her back. Thick blonde lashes shadow icy blue eyes, pale against her pink tinged complexion. Her cheekbones are high arches, while an aquiline nose gives her face an angular quality, saving it from complete softness. A full mouth, lips a delicate rose and often found in a smile. One dimple offset to her right and above a slightly pointed, determined chin.

She is wearing a flowing tunic in soft cream, with long full sleeves that gather at her wrists. A simple short vest, in a lush wine color covers her bodice and is laced together with a matching burgundy cord, tied into a bow. A wide leather belt cinches the tunic, crafted of deeply dyed hide and patterned in a design of fanciful embroidery. Trews of a slightly darker cream cover her legs before her feet are decked out in leather slippers of the same dark hide, although unadorned.


Janja was born to Marjost and Ellisa, cotholders of a large stake near Tillek. As she grew older, and started to show off a fair amount of beauty her parents started to dream about the higher station she could bring them, especially as her only ambition seemed to be designing clothes to wear. Though she had been apprenticed to the weavercraft since she was twelve, marriage seemed her fate. Shortly after her fourteenth turnday, as her parents had just arranged a very advantageous marriage for both her and them to Lord Aland of Riverbend Hold; searchriders arrived from High Reaches. With a queen egg on the sands, the riders could not be denied Janja's presence, especially once the girl agreed with a cheerful abandon, throwing turns of careful planning out the windows. With the promise that Janja would be returned once the hatching was over, off she went whistling happily out of tune with Ed'ard and blue Dnocesth. Unfortunately for her parents, Janja was not to be returned to them after the hatching as she impressed out on the sands that hatching to gold Feyruth. This had repercussions for High Reaches as Lord Aland had to put off his marriage now, until Janja's younger and not quite as pretty sister Jely was of marriageable age. With a new golden mouth to support, Janja buckled down and worked hard to earn her journeyman rank. She even managed to make something of a name for herself locally with her decorative needlework and unique designs. However, Feyruth never seemed to get along with the High Reaches senior queen and so when an opportunity opened at Igen Weyr, she was politely pushed out to nearly everyone's relief but her own.


Name Relation Location Position
Marjost Father Tillek cothold holder
Ellisa Mother Tillek cothold holder
Jely Sister Riverbend Hold Holder
C'vryn Weyrmate Igen Weyr Wingrider


Brown Rusty

This fellow is not your particularly eye catching fanciful flit. Wide head tapers along the shortened length, ending with overlarge nostrils that dilate with each slow drawn breath. Large eyes glow, reflecting the mood of this fellow, although they predominantly flicker into the yellows as he seems to reacts to every loud-ish noise in his vicinity. Bulky body barrels out behind thick muscled neck with stock arms and legs flanking the cylindrical core. Tail curls somewhat behind, similarly foreshortened to somehow fit this compactly built fellow. Rusty browns partake his dirty smudgy hide liberally. Patches of him look as though they might flake off should he breathe to hard, but in the end it is a mere trick of the light. Even wings are no delicate affair. The sturdy spars somehow hold together despite times wearing. Rusty rivets looking to shear at a moment's notice somehow manage to yet hold firm the smokey quality of his sails. Within the wingsails ashen browns mingles in choking dusty billows with dying embers landing here and there threatening to burn holes in the thickened membrane. As much as you might forgo the fellow to think he won't ever make much, his actual movements carry a strength and will which may yet win the day.


Not Your Average Fairy Dusted Gold Feyruth

Speckled with brighter motes, the pale hide of this gold dragon seems to glow with an inner resonance as it slides along the near perfect proportions of her lithe body. Her head is narrow, only widening slowly as it moves back towards her cheeks and then her eyeridges and headknobs, and covered in pale buttermilk golden hide that seems to splash easily down along her neck now. Sharply pointed neckridges are dusted with slightly darker straw motes as they line her swan like neck before that melds into her graceful shoulders and well sprung chest. Her haunches are slender, although well covered with muscle to provide the necessary strength for flight, before tapering down to the slender lengths of her legs and the fine bones of her feet outlined in pale straw hide above probably the darkest gold on her body, the sharp wicked curves of her talons. Her tail is long, perhaps overly slender for a dragon but well made to balance her in flight and lined with those same sharp pointed ridges, still dusted with darker flecks of brighter straw. Finishing her picture perfect portrait are her wings, a captured study in sheer gold wingsails that stretch from her leading edges to her trailing, seeming near translucent in the light and only marred by the limning of her wingspars in a touch of straw coloring that outlines and traces each fragile bone.


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