Dark brown eyes peer from beneath dark, arched eyebrows, set deep in her olive-hued face, above a long nose and pink lips. Her cheeks still show a bit of baby-fat, which it seems she'll never grow out of, but the remainder of her face is long and thin. Dark brown hair is trimmed short, not even reaching her earlobes, and is usually clipped out of the way with a pretty barrette. She's finished the majority of her growing up, as a defined waist offsets her other, womanly, curves, standing at a average height of 5'6" or so.


Jevsia has had a rather unremarkable life up until now, living the majority of her childhood at Eastern Weyr, fostered with her sister and younger brother. The daughter of greenrider Susia and bronzerider J'vry, she spent a fair bit of time going back and forth between the two and their respective families, though she always came back to Eastern. As she grew older, her interests departed from those of her siblings, and while they were content to spend time fishing and doing general tasks around the Weyr, Jevsia's attention went to the more 'feminine' duties. Her stitches are neat, and she's quite neat, though at the same time, she'd much rather spend her time in the company of a handsome gentleman than a muddy critter.

When her mother was transferred to Rubicon River Hold, Jevsia absolutely refused to move somewhere that 'renegades run wild'. Yet, Eastern had begun to lose its taste as well, so it was off to family at Igen Weyr, where she at least has someone to rely upon, yet at the same time can pursue her favored habits.

It was at Igen that she joined the ranks of the candidates, having somehow slipped past searchriders for the previous turns, and her first time upon the Sands Impressed a pale green, Yxelth. Weyrlinghood was rather uneventful, as was the transition to full rider. In time, she met O'ren, blue Nivaath's - thanks to one of Yxelth's flights - and they were soon weyrmated, and the proud parents of twin girls. They were joined in the arrangement by J'io, and it wasn't too long before J'io longed to return home to Ista, and so the trio went. And so, at Ista, Jei is settling in once more.


Name Relation Location Position
Susia Mother Rubicon River Hold Watchrider to green Torikath
J'vry Father Ista Weyr Rider to bronze Leoth
F'bian Step-Father Rubicon River Hold Rider to Blue Oscuranachth
Candia Twin Sister Everywhere Rider to brown Cinrath
A'di Half Brother High Reaches Weyr Weyrling to Blue Dalasith
O'ren Weyrmate Ista Weyr Rider with blue Nivaath
J'io Weyrmate Ista Weyr Rider with bronze Ytroth
Serena Daughter (O'ren) Ista Weyr Weyrbrat
Jenia Daughter (O'ren) Ista Weyr Weyrbrat
Jeri Daughter (J'io) Ista Weyr Weyrbrat


Bronze Future
Bronze flecked heavily with gold and green is the colors that can be seen on this handsome lizard. He stretches out his long neck, his head is a sharply angled wedge. His chest is deep and his wings, when they open appear to be a fair explosion of the bronze, gold, and green that covers his body. Smoky amber talons tip the paws peeking above his coiled tail.



Crystalline Diamond Dust Green Yxelth
Sunlight's refraction glints across this pale green dragon, scattered into crystalline diamond patterns before they melt into the icy depths of her hide. Hoarfrost crowns a finely boned muzzle, leaving that a paler green before melting away along the rest of her delicately carved head and then the upswept arch of her headknobs. Prismatic flashes of color, are limned along her curved neckridges, before trailing on down her back to follow the wandering length of her tail to the flash of her tailspade. Slender shoulders lead into her lithe body, from the slight curl at her belly to the slightly more amplified curve that leads into her haunches. Finely boned again are her legs, colored in those same reflected hues of winter's icy green, before narrow feet terminate in the arching half moons of her talons. Winter's filmy haze is over lain across her wings, spreading from her leading edges to her main sails, ice crystals to refract the light in a sunlit display over the deeper green, until it ends in a flare of brighter reflection at her ailerons.


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