Standing about 5'7" tall, this young man doesn't stand out in a crowd. His once slender build has had some muscle added from his weyrling and wing training and his once long blond hair has been cut short so that it fits better under a helmet. His one distinguishing feature is a thin white scar that runs from the bottom of his right ear to the tip of his chin, a reminder of a childhood injury. Hazel eyes peer out at the world with a piercing curiosity, likely inherited from his mother.

K'al's figure gives the impression that a stiff breeze might blow him away quite easily, but his wiry build belies a strength born of hard work and long hours hauling nets. He wears a blue sisal shirt which is tucked in a pair of serviceable wherry pants, and a leather belt circles his waist. It serves the dual purpose of keeping his pants on and as a place to keep his leather pouches. On his feet are a pair of worn and dusty work boots, but one also notices that great care has been taken in maintaining them in good condition.

Upon his shoulder is a knot of double cord one gold and one brown, arranged in triple loops with one silver tassel.Indicating the newly minted weyrsecond at Igen Weyr.


Kale was born on Ista Island the son of a herder at Ista Hold. His mother Irene was a gentle soul and the most important person in his life. Two older sisters and one brother filled out the rest of his family, his sisters already married and settled in their own homes, while his brother seemed to be destined to follow his father's footsteps.

From an early age Kale learned the handling of various beasts and of all that was required for their care but he found that he was restless and had little interest in his father's craft. When of an age he talked to his parents and informed them that he was leaving to find his own way in the world. His mother tried to dissuade him but his mind was made up. Soon after he started his wanderings, working on various farms, cotholds and even holds…but still he could find nothing that gave him a feeling of accomplishment of belonging..so he kept traveling.

He found passage on a ship headed for Southern and worked his way down the coast to the southern continent learning the ship craft. Not one to stand still for long he wandered here and there on Southern and spent some time working on a fishing boat learning the fisher's trade. Such hard work he'd not come across in his short time on Pern and it left it's mark on him.


Name Relation Location Position
Irene Mother Ista Hold Resident
Lybard Father Ista Hold Herder
Talia Sister Ista Hold Resident
Adrieli Sister Ista Hold Resident
Neliwin Brother Ista Hold Herder


Gold Alectrona
She is a vision of sunlight thru clear liquid, seeped and speckled with flakes of purest gold leaf. The pale, pale sun gold burns across a modest frame in all its refracted glory. It seems to blur and twist with the liquid flow of her moderately sized muscles and leaves one in an alcoholic haze. Her face is a smidge more pointed then most, capped on the muzzle tip by brassy bronze. Her neck curves like a sine wave into the elegant line of her chest. Her short back and taunt belly straight to her haunches are riddled with the gold leaf while legs, sails, and tail remain water bent sunlight. The sun fire cools to a red tinge on the trailing ends of her sails and is extinguished by cinnamon spiced talons.


So Swift the Storm Brown Perkineth
As though seeped with age, the lean lines of this brown are coated in a dark gray-brown sepia. The color dominates from muzzle to tail tip, lightened only slightly by the glossy play of sunlight across the bony points of his body. On his narrow face, it dances the crest line of his eye ridges, swirling above the expressive faceted orbs. Shadows deepen into dark pools in his flanks and below his shoulders so as to throw the points of hips and shoulder blades into stark relief. Again, highlights shine on the point of his keel bone, illuminating the slight nature of chest and abdomen. His wings are air itself. The delicate bones of spars and mainsails seem almost too fragile to support the weight of the gossamer stretch of smoky quartz sails. Smoky quartz froths over the membranes, spilling in a bubbly insubstantial foam and adding to his airy quality. As for the rest, he is built small and sleek, a being of speed and agility, rather then mere brute force. As a finishing touch, russet coats his talons, encircles his nostrils, and rims the trailing edge of his sails.

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