K'cen (Kacen)
Gender Male
Aliases Kacen
Place of Birth Monaco Bay Weyr
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Journeyman Woodcrafter
Dragon Blue Karidath


K'cen has a lean, angular face with squared jawline that comes to a sharply cleft chin. His hair is a medium, muddy brown kept to a relatively uniform three inch length all the way around and often in the need of a good brushing. Dark narrow brows arch over the piercing sea blue eyes matched by thin, unsmiling lips. He has an average nose, well sized and shaped for his face, though it seems to have been broken at least once in the past. And he often seems to be a little scruffy.

As for the rest, he's lightly tanned with slightly weathered skin and of a moderate frame, with the toned build of someone who regularly does manual labor. His hands are unusually broad, scrapped, scuffed, and tinted a shade darker than the rest. He's usually found in either dirty but sturdy work clothes or light fabrics, though his flight jacket is always in hand.


Kacen was born to Katlyn and one of her many random flings at Monaco Bay Weyr. Due to the strange nature of Katlyn and her weyrmate, he has wide assortment of full, half, and not really siblings though he was closest in age to Neamon: best friend and not-brother. The pair grew up happily in typical weyr fashion, surrounded by other weyrbreds, and perpetually in trouble. When the time came to either do something or be tossed from the weyr, Kacen got himself apprenticed to the local woodcrafter who specialized in furnishings and carvings. When Neamon was searched for Xanadu's clutch, Kacen found an excuse to be posted there as well, in theory to learn new techniques from their crafter. And when the hatching came, he was there in the stands to cheer his brother on. But when N'mon impressed, Kacen missed it. He was too busy impressing a wandering blue of his own, becoming rider to Karidath.

Weyrlinghood was a trial for K'cen. He was actually expected to grow up and become useful! So once graduation had past, K'cen and Karidath went off to the Hall to finish his craft training. They were posted here and there about Pern, as is appropriate for a young man working towards his journeyman status. Gradually the pair finally settled into a few preferred posts and at last count, they can be found at Igen Weyr shaping wood to suit your needs.


Katlyn Mother Monaco Bay Weyr Rider to Green Artemisth
L'cen Father Monaco Bay Weyr Rider to Blue Freminth
N'mon Best Friend Half Moon Bay Weyr Rider to Brown Odamith




Protector of the Pure Blue Karidath

Sleek steel blue sweeps from muzzle to tail, the smooth gleam of a polished blade reflecting the expanse of the ocean collected upon his hide. Deeper cobalt splashes along his stomach, solid coloring his centerline, while the spots become sparser and more sporadic by the time they reach each of his thin limbs. Dark ebony talons gleam at the end of each limb, the darkest point on his body. Wing spars darken to the same cobalt while sails are a silvery steel, colors pulled to every edge of his form. As his short muzzle arches up at each faceted eye and sweeps back into rounded headknobs, dark royal ridges run along his back to his tail, coloring pure as can be.


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