It's a little darkness in a splash of light that makes up this young man. While he'll never win any height contests, he stretches to at least a moderate height of five feet and seven inches. Dark hair coats his head in glossy blackness, bangs falling forward in order to shield one eye from view at times. His eyes are dark as well, a murky, cloudy blue that almost borders on grey, making his pupils seem rather large. His skin is darkly tanned, evidence of long hours spent in the sun. Lifting, or other forms of activity are a likely part of his day, considering the finely toned musculature that can be seen defined just beneath the skin.

Dark upon dark, he's clad in partial riding leathers. At least as far as his pants are concerned. The leathery material hugs the greenrider's legs a bit, making for a smooth transition from them to the clunking boots he wears. A dark green streak is woven into the sides of the leathers, the bar widening at his hips. He wears a thin, white shirt though, and over it a black vest with a few different pockets. His forearms are wrapped in a durable fabric as well, tied on the underside. Probably make a good grip for a firelizard.

He wears the knot of an Fort rider at his shoulder, along with the badge of Thunderbird Wing on his vest.


Katori grew up at Igen Hold. Always a quiet boy, he didn't make many friends with other children his age, and tended to spend as much time as he could by himself. He never seemed to mind it though, and despite his general lack of well-rounded social skills, he got along well with people when he needed to.

It came rather unexpected for him when he was searched by Jess and her green, to stand at Igen Weyr. Unsure of himself and very naive toward the world, he went along willingly. For the first time he was thrust into social situations, and found himself trying very hard to fit in with the other candidates. He never really expected that on the day of the hatching, a rather volitile green named Silaveth would pick him out of the crowd.

Weyrlinghood was filled with much turmoil, for the hatchlings seemed to differ so greatly that squabbles between them and their new riders seemed inevitable. It was only close to graduation that things finally started to calm down.

Just before they could graduate, Silaveth rose on her maiden flight, which proved to be just as jarring as the Weyrlingmasters had described it. Another green had risen at the same time, provoking much aggravation between K'ori and the other rider. What proved worse in his mind, was that the very rider and fellow weyrling he had a crush on, caught the other green instead. It was a harsh blow of reality for him, and he soon discovered that people are more complex than he ever thought before.

Over time, K'ori has advanced himself in dragonhealing, constantly trying to better himself and learn all that he can. It came as a surprise when he met Moriel, a rather angry young man. The two have begun a tentative relationship, although with how much the two argue, things are never certain.


Name Relation Location Position


Blue Gauze
Upon the light and angular body of the firelizard, shining sapphire hues are dazzled and reflected, as though one were looking at the clear ocean through a crystal glass. Every curve and line of the blue firelizard appears to have been accentuated to the point of exaggeration and elongated. To these prominent features the pale blue coloration clings, as though it might be blown away in a gust of wind. Indeed, the lithe firelizard appears waifish, as though he might shatter into a million tiny pieces if he were to touch the ground. Muscles, highlighted by pale tones of turqoise, contradict this frail image and add a sinewy, powerful beauty to his ethereal coloration and body form.

Blue Momo
Midnight blue coats this blue with deep navy blue tones serving as barely acceptable highlights over great muscles which make up this living shadow. Deep bronzen patches sweep over his wings as dark amber slips over his chest. No colors reflect the light. There is no pale tones. There are only two orbs which whirl in ready reflecting of his every whim and emotion.


Dancing Shadows Green Silaveth
This smoky green is built with all the delicate lines of nature, her face narrow and angular with slightly larger eyes than is the norm, her headknobs slender enough that they almost work themselves into points, a fine glassy green glaze coating them. This paler green soon fades away into the rest of her hide, a hide that sports the darkest of greens to the point of becoming a fine, verdant black at the tip of her tail. Her ridges, oddly, are each and every one a gleaming jade shard planted along her agile back in a fine, neat row. This jade repeats itself with a sage hue where her claws come into question, each claw elongated and sharp as razors, tipped in shining black. Though notably muscled beneath her thick, dark hide, her body is lean and lightly made for speed, her tail winding and abnormally dexterous, perhaps longer than most. Another offsetting feature are her wings, which seem to be somewhat smaller than one would usually find, though they are jeweled in a myriad of different colors along the sails as well as the wings themselves, mottled to create a wonderful rainbow of green on the thin membranes. When she moves, the colors of her hide, dappled as it is with a few sprays of lighter coloration, seem to slip and slide about.

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