Malk'm (Kallum)
Portrayed By Stephen Amell
Gender Male
Aliases Mal/Kallum/Kal
Place of Birth Landing
Current Location Igen Weyr
Position Weyrling/Comic Relief
Dragon Blue Jageroth


This young man's short-cropped honey brown hair has been styled in a mass of spikes, parted to the left. His deep-set startlingly silver eyes typically dance with barely suppressed mirth, narrowing into happy slits when he smiles. He has a strong jawline with a wide chin. His shoulders are broad and muscular, his torso tapering to a narrow waist. He typically wears rugged, though well-made clothing fit for travel.


A famous mindhealer once said, “Tragedy has a way of revealing who we really are.”


That’s just one more reason why I didn’t like the nosy, arrogant son of a- Er, uh… I’m getting off-topic.

Name’s Kallum. I was born at Landing to an apathetic greenrider who got rid of me as soon as was socially acceptable and vanished into the morning mist. Or so I gather. I don’t actually remember any of that. I was raised by two loving foster parents at Landing (officially) who spent most of the turn digging up/investigating the rich history of Pern. In fact, Landing was more of a vacation spot for us than an actual home, but we didn’t complain. Each of us preferred trekking across the planet, digging for relics from the past than losing our minds at something more mundane “respectable.”

Just after my twelfth turnday, my parents decided I might like to know that I was adopted (I didn’t) and that I might like a change of pace and stay with my mother’s brother, Jexanar, at Landing (I definitely didn’t). A few days later, reports started coming in of disaster at the dig site. There was a handful of survivors; none of them were my parents.

The next couple of turns were less than pleasant. Jexanar did his best to raise the troubled boy so abruptly forced upon his life, but it wasn’t easy for either of us. Shortly after the accident, he sent me to see a mindhealer at Healer Hall. That didn’t work out. So, after a couple of turns of misery and boredom for me (and probably torture for Jexanar), I joined a trading caravan and never looked back.


Name Relation Location Position
K'lu Foster Father Deceased Geologist
Marla Foster Mother Deceased Historian
Jexanar Uncle (foster) Landing Wealthy Merchant


Clever, Sneaky, Bronze Larcen
With this stout bronze firelizard’s appearance, you might not think of him as such a sneaky, sticky-fingered little thief. His hide appears to be primarily black as cromcoal, but, in the right lighting, the smooth skin takes on a more feathery appearance, shining as though he had just rolled in a pile of fine gold dust. In stark contrast to the dark, his paws and muzzle shine like burnished bronze fresh from the forge. On his face, the color reaches just past his eyes before suddenly shifting to black, almost giving the impression of a shifty gaze peeking out from underneath a low hood.

Queen of the Forest Green Rana
Prowling in the shadows lurks this fierce huntress. Her body is rather compact, with a sturdy, muscled build that will give her the power to strike when the moment is right. Yet she isn't bulky in her musculature, a powerful figure that can as easily slink through the treetops as well as use the broad sails on her shorter wings to fly amongst the same branches. Beyond her build though is the striking patterns upon her coat. Head, neck, body, wings, and tail are all similarly patterned with a leafy green base that is early entirely obscured by a dappling of dark forest rings. Each ring is about the same size, but otherwise unique in its exact width and shape. The rings are irregular, some broken into two or three islands while others are solid. Within each ring is a hue halfway between the leafy green and the dark forest so that each stands out as its own island. Some even have smaller dots within this hue of this dark green. The leafy green pales upon her belly to a very light hue and the islands coalesce into spots albeit remaining the deep forest green.


Armored Exo Guardian Blue Jageroth

From head to toe, this one presents an imposing figure that even in a relaxed stance radiates an intimidating power. Large wedge head seems composed of angular metallic blue plates that, while seamlessly joined, define the long snout in boxy planes. The plates clamp over angular jaws and form thick protruding ridges which protect the whirling electric blue eyes that indicate a contentedness his build contradicts. Headknobs point back towards his neck from the base of his skull, a darker steel pair of horns contrasting the shimmer of his hide. The same oxidized metal studs his short, thick, and heavily muscled dark blue neck and then blends into a deep barreled chest and large pectoral muscles. Power and strength are displayed in the grip of his talons behind which forearm and biceps flex. Hindlegs reflect the same, somewhat shadowed in comparison to the rest of his body they propel him when there is need with strong muscles that ripple and thick talons which easily rend. His tail extends behind a shorter length of sinewy muscles to which he expresses a fine control of the whip-like appendage. Muscled shoulders support the broad swath of his billowing wingsails. The dark navy membranes add to his shadowy cloak with the dappled by almost black spots along the trailing edges giving the sails a tattered appearance. On the right sail, there is a distinctive, thick trip of metallic blue, standing out brightly from the navy background. It seems to carry within a triangle path of navy near his body and a dappled set of spots that form the number two before resolidifying into a solid strip for the remaining length. These impressive wings are most often neatly tucked to his back and settle like a cape over his figure, flourishing as needed.



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