Portrayed By Amelia Thomas
Gender Female
Aliases Kass
Place of Birth Outside Southern Hold
Current Location Transferred to Fort Weyr
Occupation Jr. Weyrwoman / Dragonhealer, Rank 2
Dragon Gold Xerosaeth


Hair of dark red frames a face fair some might think. Eyes of green change with her moods from darkest hunter to spring green, while golden flecks of sunlight sparkle in their depths. Her heart-shaped face sports high cheekbones and a rounded chin while a dainty nose marks the middle, coming to a stop above pink lips. Her smile is like a breath of spring, and her voice is soft like summer rain. Fair is her skin, smooth and unblemished, marked only by the occasional freckle. Tall is she, hitting the 5'10" mark, body filled out nicely with curves that leave any hint of being willowy with her height behind.

When at work or in class as often is the case, she is dressed in sturdy trousers paired with a tunic who's weight is fine for whatever the current season may be. Generally, her hair is pulled back and braided to lie along her back out of the way.


Born and raised at a cothold just outside Southern Hold, Kassala was the youngest of five kids born to farmers. After the family visited Ierne Weyrhold after an older brother was Searched, a curious Kass found herself at one point, turned about, and in the Dragonhealing school. From that point forwards, it was her desire to become a dragonhealer, her natural inclination as a caregiver serving her well. When she turned 14, her parents took her back to the weyrhold where she joined the newest class starting. She's been there since, seeking to learn as best she can how to take care of Pern's largest inhabitant, now as a Rank 2 dragonhealer, with Rank 3 on the horizon.

Just shortly after her 18th Turnday, she'd meet up with an old family friend, Riohra. The two had often hung out, for the traveling hunter's family and her own, were good friends. Friendship turned to something more between the two, and while she remained at the school, and he found a posting at Fort Weyr, the two would often be seen together whenever they got the chance to be together.

Kass was searched in the Market one day (RL: Summer 2017) by J'en and his lifemate, Leketh, just a week after Riohra had been Searched for the clutch that sat on Half Moon Bay Weyr's sands. Joining him there, she dove into all the fun of candidacy that included a few incidents with glitter. When the dragons began to thrum and the eggs began to wobble, she made her way out onto the sands with the other candidates. Eggs broke, dragonets laid claim to their lifemates, but both Kassala and Riohra would be left behind.

It's then that Kass decided to follow Riohra to Fort Weyr, and after gaining permission from both the dragonhealers at school, and Fort Weyr's leaders, she made a home there to see what the future might bring in the colder weyr.

Things were going well until she visited Igen Weyr to take a look at the recent clutch on the sands, and talk to the Weyr's Dragonhealer to see how things were going. Running into the Weyrwoman, she was invited to Stand as a Candidate again, which surprised her. After saying yes, she returned to Fort to let her mentor know before taking another dragon back to Igen Weyr where she adjusts to the heat and life as a candidate once again.

Candidacy passed without much of a hitch, except experiencing the heat of Igen Weyr for the first time. And people say Ierne Weyrhold is hot! Whew! Not only that, she also got to learn all about desert sand storms when one hit, leaving the weyr closed for days. When it passed, life went back to normal for a candidate until the day the dragons started thrumming, announcing the impending hatching of eggs on the sand. Walking out there on the sands a second time, feeling the jitters in her stomach, Kass remembered the last time of being left behind. Eggs hatched left and right, dragonets zooming around, and then she was, the gold, who came right up to her and laid claim to her. Xerosaeth.

And then life took a new turn, throwing her into the life of a weyrling. Days, weeks, and months did pass with them working hard, learning the lessons the WeyrlingMaster would teach to them. Before they knew it, it was time to learn how to fly, and then later, to between. Trips to Fort Weyr to visit friends and Riohra would be had, the last to find that he'd been Searched for the clutch on Fort's sands. Days after Kass and Xerosaeth graduated from weyrlinghood, the dragons would begin to thrum at Fort. They were there to see Riohra find his own lifemate in bronze Wiliyeth, becoming R'hra.

All of the other graduated Weyrlings at Igen found weyrs, except for Xerosaeth. Usually not one to be fussy, none would suit her. A trip back to Fort Weyr to visit R'hra and their friends, and the gold would sneak into an empty Queen's weyr, soon to proclaim it PERFECT. With only a little needling from two other golds, it was hard to budge her from the weyr to return to Igen. With a note from Fort's Sr. Weyrwoman in hand, Kassala spoke long with Neyuni and got permission to transfer.

Igen was a beautiful weyr, would be long remembered for giving her the best thing in her life, but it wasn't quite… home.. the way Fort was.


Name Relation Location Position Extra
Kasier Father Buttercup Cothold Farmer
Mysala Mother Buttercup Cothold Farmer
M'yr Brother Ierne Weyrhold Dragonrider Blue Dragoneth
Kays Sister Southern Hold Jman Dolphin Craft Dolphin - Jane
Masal Brother Buttercup Cothold Jman Farm Craft
Mier Brother Telgar Weyr Jman Miner Wher - Whersk


The First Touch of Sun Gold Xerosaeth

A fine smooth arc begins the sweep of her eyeridges, framing the slow whirl of her knowing eyes whose depths languidly consider the world. Jaw is more curving than angular, echoing the windswept rocks within a winding canyon, the bones comes together to form a soft point in a finely wrought snout. Large nostrils flare as your gaze sweeps back up the topline of her slender head back past the sweeping arc of ridges to the elongated neck upon which her head swivels. The ripple of muscle defines the easy grace with which she'll slowly turn and neckridges seem too time or weather worn more rounded than pointed as others. Neck transitions smoothly into a soft muscled back and deep set chest which swells with each breath. Arms and legs are sturdy, neither particularly lean nor muscled they do the job they are intended to. Lengthy tail disappears behind her frame while wings, if she is obliging, spread to blot out her competitor -the sun- from its daytime glory. Indeed her hide is frosted with the first breath of those rays captured over the desert's scape in the earliest morning just before the golden globe peeks over the horizon line. She is a glorious golden dawn captured in those moments of brilliant transition. The gold is not of a solid hue, for what sunrise is ever the same or so simple. She is a unique moment, burnished in rose-gold along her lower portions and solidified in the sharp grasp of talon. While mid-body transitions imperceptibly to a soft tangerine and higher along her wingsails even lighter yet as color washes out to a pale lemony gold. The hues which color her are dispersed in a way only caught in the mornings after a subsiding sandstorm where just enough particulates still drift in the air to catch and spread the glorious hues in a more subtle and uniform manner than any cloud could ever manage.

Fire Lizards

Yarrow: Bonded at HMW during Candidacy.
Speckles of green mingle across the hide of this firelizard, like an herbal blend that shifts from the pure green of basil to the yellowish shades of yarrow on her belly and the purple tinge of lavender along the sails of her delicate wings. Nowhere is her hide just one color, but the mixture varies to make a halftone effect that's soft pea-vine green on top gradiating smoothly through lime juice and into speckles of yellow on her belly, while the shoulders of her wings slip through blue-green rosemary out along the spars before a sprinkle of violet and borage joins the leaves of her sails. Her tail is one long sprig, a sweep of green with a white two-petaled flower at the tip, while her neck is a bundle of chamomile whose yellow and white blooms sprinkle her face.

Cyanos: Bonded at HMW during Candidacy.
Brilliant azure streaks his thin form, tracing the shock of wildly curved headknobs and smattering down his sinuous throat to splash in a wild array of blues and greys that glitter across his scant shoulders and back. Cerulean perks his huge wings, spraying fine lines along sparbone and over filmy fingersails. Mischievious to the core, he can often be found in the middle of the fun… or the latest chase!

Melancholy: Bonded at FOW.
He will never be the largest of browns, yet his sturdy, heavy frame is apt to create the illusion of his being so, chestnut and copper mottled together over a hearty, well-muscled body in a manner that creates the impression of glossy fur. His blunt muzzle bears smudges of tan and umbre, teeth that would be sharp in any instance just a little unnervingly malformed at the canines, making them longer than is natural for most firelizards. Large eyes are ringed with russet, his ridges tall and a touch wavy, creating a ripple down his short neck. His shoulders are broad and bulky, his wings heavy and 'sails a rich shade of mahogany when raised to the light. Limbs are slightly too short, as is his tail, but claws of blackest night will argue with anyone who sees fit to point this out.

Goldine: Bonded at IGW during Weyrlinghood.
Coins stacked higher than the eye can follow. Some glisten in newly minted shiny and reflective. A bright and brilliant gold that glistens and gleams invitingly. Other coins are tarnished, aged and worn with specks of dirt and dust and grime clinging to ridged edges and dimpled surfaces. From this mass she rises, a hissing thin specter of whirling eyes and viciously sharp talons. Long and leans and rather narrow she is not your typical queen. Well maybe the brooding, narrow eyed suspiciously protective part may be, but her build is definitely atypical. While she has a sort of beauty in the mix of golden coin that alternately shine and rub at the grime of time and use, her physique is a bit lacking. Arms and legs are rather spindly and chest is not so deep as one would expect. Neck is long, lean and studded with nuggets of gold for ridges. Head is a bit larger than the rest of her proportionally, wedge shaped her tiny teeth glint in alabaster whiteness with deadly intent. Wings flutter, the sails delicate and light. The thinnest of pounded gold stretched between spindle spars that crinkle as they fold across her bony back. Tail is oddly short, often curled to her side, around an arm or neck in a protective encirclement as if she is ever guarding some precious treasure.


Created and played at Ierne Weyrhold before her move to Fort Weyr. Her wiki page for IEW is here.

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