Gender Female
Aliases Katailea
Place of Birth Nerat
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
Dragon Green Xinieth


A wealth of sun-kissed blonde waves fall to the understated curve of her chest, apart from the diametric plaits that twine back from the sides of her head, restrained with a green strip of thin, dyed wherhide near the nape of her neck, the ends left trailing down amidst her hair. Poised below honeyed brows, bright sea-green eyes could almost be darker, if scrutinized in different light. Her flesh is a warm, faintly tanned color, her cheeks holding only the slightest hint of natural blush. Her lips are full and pink, her nose slender and faintly upturned at the end. Her jaw is tapered and faintly delicate, well sculpted. Her shoulders and arms are supple and slender, her bosom average for her build, and long, trim legs giving her the look of a young woman who is used to moving quickly.


Born the daughter of a pair of Neratian seafarers, Katailea spent as much, if not more, of her childhood on ship and dock as she has dry land. The couple's fifth child, and only girl, she was unexpected to say the least especially when their youngest at the time was already a teen. It wasn't that she wasn't loved but neither was she doted upon or spoiled. She grew up a little girl in a family of men who lived their work. Her father didn't seem to take much notice in her other than when something she was tasked with wasn't done to his standards (or at all). Her mother passed away when she was young enough to hold only the vaguest memory of the woman and her brothers had little interest in a child tagging along on their excursions - not that she didn't anyway. She may not have had the support of hold or hall around her all the time, but not knowing any different it never seemed to bother her. So life when on in a relatively uneventful fashion if one were to ask her, and the turns passed, a girl growing into a young woman.


Name Relation Location Position
Garron Father Gilded Lily (Ship) Trader
Kaidence Mother (deceased) Trader
(Unnamed) Brothers Gilded Lily (Ship) Trader


Elegant Treasured Sea Green Xinieth
The soft flow of water and endless time have worked to smooth the edges of this lithe lady, at least in appearance. Of personality a different time will tell, but for what the eye can see is but an elongated teal green muzzle that is smoothed around curving jaw and overlarge eyes covered by weathered ridges. Of an arcing sinuous teal and sea green neck, studded by blunted turquoise ridges and decorated with tiny pearls along its upper length blending into the deep pool of her chest. Where phthalo greens rise from her belly and tickle like drifting kelp and sea grasses rolling to the invisible flow of watery currents. Smooth strong muscles flex along elongated arms and legs twined with beads of pearl and bits of shell, ending in the only angular part of her. Diamond sharp talons hued of pearl like the egg from which she birthed, tip each wicked finger and toe. A hint of something more dangerous than her smoothed elegant form otherwise implies. Drifting flanks lead to long tapered tail that dapples between the teal and sea greens decorated by tiny bits of shell, inviting one closer to this elegant lady, but beware the hidden danger of her talons. Of wings she sports finely woven sails, a thin sheen of watery green hues that look ever damp as they drift to watery turquoise along the trailing edges. They balance her, allowing her to move with a fluid grace unusual for one so newly born.


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