Kathryn is a small woman, barely reaching 5' in height. She has laughing green-brown eyes, that sometimes sparkle a fiery emerald. A fine webbing of crowsfeet radiates outwards from their warmth. Her hair is a warm auburn color liberally sprinkled by strands of silver. It's very long and very straight and she usually keeps it plaided back out of the way. She smiles a shy, but engagingly lop-sided smile, surrounded by deep laugh lines. Her skin coloring is pale, with some very little sun bronzing and aging showing.

She's currently wearing a worn light green tunic and brown breeches. Sturdy brown boots protect her feet and a servicable belt rests about her waist. She sports the gold and black junior's knot of Igen intertwinned with gold, for her lifemate Nylaeth. On her other shoulder is a badge showing her to be a dragonhealer.


Kathryn is the 3rd of 5 children born to a simple farming family in Greenfield's Hold. Growing up, she proved to be better with food then plants and so was send out to become assistant cook at a minor cothold. A shortage of candidates at Telger lead to her impressing her beloved lifemate, Gold Nylaeth. She took up her place as one of the junior weyrwomen, began studying dragonhealing and weyrmated bronze Jaibrath's K'lsan. At one point she even had a fosterchild, though the child left Telgar and was tragically killed.

After the lost of her foster child, Kathryn went into a bit of a decline. So at the behest of her WeyrWoman, Kathryn transferred to Ierne to allow herself to heal. It was there that her son, Rysan, from her weyrmate, was born. They returned to Telgar and, for many turns, were happy in the position of junior and dragonhealer. Saddly, K'lsan suffered an accident some twenty turns later and was killed. And with this pain, Kathryn decided to return to Ierne, leaving a grown son behind. Rather then return to Telgar, a consultation with Lonriya and K'loh brought a needed junior to Igen where Kathryn faced no memories. There she lives now, expecting a very late in life second child.


Name Relation Location Position
Sharon Mother Greenfield's Hold Resident
Neal Father Greenfield's Hold Resident
Nicholas Brother Greenfield's Hold Resident
Christina Sister Greenfield's Hold Resident
Sara Sister Greenfield's Hold Resident
Joseph Brother Greenfield's Hold Resident
K'lsan Weyrmate Deceased Deceased
R'san Son Telgar Weyr Rider of Brown Chenolth
K'vyx Son Ierne Weyrhold Dragonhealer, Rider of Bronze Xionth
C'vryn Son Igen Weyr Rider of Bronze Emeliuth


Bronze Dolf
Lean and muscular is the bland bronzen form of this firelizard. All four of his legs are long and thin, his wings, kissed with a warm amber, are wide and sweeping. Only the very tip of his muzzle, larger than might be expected and reflecting the barest glimmer of red, marks him as not just another bronze in the flight.

Brown Truff
A sweet trill and merry blue eyes greet the world. This easy-going little fellow is a sweet truffle brown. Laces of lighter chocolate and even a slight yellow vein run in his wingsails and across his back. Comfortable, he sits quietly, so much so, he might go unnoticed amongst Kat's auburn hair.

Green Enigma
A breathtaking beauty of slender quality, powerful form and perplexing persona greets your eyes and mind as they settle upon this green. A mask of dark green sweeps up to cover her eyes, giving her a mysterious air as the dark shades rise up to her exaggeratedly pointed headknobs before the color soothes to a soft jade before tumbling down her neck and ridges in a waterfall of tropical proportions. The pale jade loops around over her chest, meeting a brighter shade of green there, which moves with smooth transition back to her belly and her wings.

Her wings her her most noticeable feature, as they look strange yet natural on this firelizard. It is if all other firelizards do not have wings, in comparison to this green. Slender but powerful, their coloring is one of striped striations running from top spar down to the tips of her sails, constantly moving and ever shifting with the desire to fly. Her tail is a darker shade of iron green, with a fierce looking spade on the end.


Woven Sunlight Gold Nylaeth
Incandescent sunlight, streaks across the hide of this gold dragon from the dapples that splash on her wedge shaped head and back toward her headknobs, to the woven daylight pattern that tumbles down her neck and ridges. Cascading tumbrels of gold decorate across her shoulders and wide back, leaving her deeply dappled by the speckled shades of summer sunshine on her hide. Her color deepens on her lower back and haunches, the gold richer as it flows along heavily muscled flanks and her thickset tail. High arched ridges march along her back to her spade, flecked with dots and larger dollops of deep antique gold, thicker on the crests and peaks. Forearms and hind carry curved talons, sharp crescents of enameled metal that can land gently or rend and tear before being curved back. Lastly, her wings are a study in lacy transparent delight, pure cloud deepened by the addition of sunlight to sail, so that molten gold flows from wingspars to wing sails, from her ailerons and back to her trailing edges in a rippling display.

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