Raven black hair sprouts out from the young lad's head, cropped short at the back of his head. His bangs are often pushed to the side of his triangular-shaped face but have a tendancy to slip back in front of his sapphire blue eyes. His skin is of a dark tan color, suggesting that he spends a lot of time out in the sun. His body has a muscular tone to it, especially in his rather long arms. But despite all of this, his hands have a soft look to them, especially in his dexterous fingers. He is of a average height an doesn't really tend to stand out in a crowd.

Most who know Kelemi might know he favors darker colors when it tends to come to his clothes. A deep cerulean shirt flows easily over his chest and ends short just of his hips where dark black pants snuggle his legs. On his feet are black wherry-hide boots that are well-looked after.


Kelemi was born and raised in Igen Weyr, his parents being kitchenworkers. Having grown up with several siblings, a older brother, Kelnami; a younger brother, Rikemi; and a younger sister, Elemi . Kelemi always felt like he had to make a statement with so many children in a family, especially when his parents focused on his younger siblings instead of himself and his older brother. This caused Kelemi and Kelnari to become rather close to to each other. Kelemi didn't like his younger siblings and spent most of his time out wandering in the weyr. One thing Kelemi loved more than anything was listening to music, he'd do everything he could to get his hands on the latest music or go out to listen to the harpers. Music moved his life, and he was often out dancing with his friends. So it wasn't surprising that Kelemi decided to become an apprentice over at the hall. It was where he really started to come into his own, favoring playing instruments rather than singing himself. And as much as he loved music, it took a few turns of practicing before he was good enough to walk the tables and become a journeyman. And when he did, he moved back to Igen, where he resides now.


Name Relation Location Position
Ikani Mother Igen Weyr Kitchenworker
Kelemar Father Igen Weyr Kitchenworker
Kelnami Brother Igen Weyr Resident
Rikemi Brother Igen Weyr Resident
Elemi Sister Igen Weyr Resident



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