Gender Female
Aliases Kitkat
Place of Birth Central Hold
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Journeyman Farmcrafter
Dragon Green Olivith


Her long, medium brown hair is plaited back and falling over one shoulder. Fluffy brown bangs hang over the hazel eyes set in a rosy freckled face. She has a pug nose, an open friendly smile and a heart shaped face with high, round cheeks. The rest of her is relatively average, muscled but with a bit of padding as well.

She tends to wear browns, grays, and greens in comfortable materials that wear well.


General: The middle of three daughters, Kitty was born to a harper and healer posted at Central Hold. So it was a bit of a surprise when she went for training at the farmcraft. She was searched to stand at Telgar, where she impressed her green Olivith and as soon as weyrlinghood was over, the pair returned to the farm for farther study. Eventually she received her journeyman walk. Now she works at Igen in their hydroponics devision.


Name Relation Location Position
Kitera Mother Central Hold Healer
Tylen Father Central Hold Harper



Nocerella del Belice Green Olivith

So very slender, this green dragon appears stretched from the tip of her narrowed muzzle on back to the delicate point of her tail. Painted with chartreuse hues from the tips of her headknobs and along her neck with her sharply pointed neckridges to where it fades out to a fainter, paler grey green across her shoulders and slim sides. Her forearms and haunches are only lightly muscled, delicate boning seen underneath the pale green hide and down to her sharply curved and arching talons of darker emerald green. A massive expanse of pale stretched hide are her wings, brilliant chartreuse on the underside and tipping to much paler green on the upper side where the sails are cast in shadowed verdegris before her wingspars are picked out in brighter polished greens.


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