Y'taer (Kytaer)
Portrayed By Jamie Bell
Gender Male
Aliases Tae
Place of Birth Keroon Hold area
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
(Tech Sr. Apprentice)
Dragon Vernammerath


Tae is the sort of short that says he might not quite be done growing yet, if you judge by his long, calloused inventor-fingered hands. In the meantime, of course, age hasn't settled in on him yet; his facial hair is the sort of patchy-scruffy pathetic of most teenaged boys who are trying to convince those around them that they're men (and failing), although at least it does match his dark-blond hair, which — while not patchy — is often the sort of bushy-straggly of someone who isn't concerned with frequent haircuts. (At least it minimizes the appearance of his ears, to some extent.) His blue-eyed gaze is often quite intense, under a strong browline cursed with disappearing eyebrows; his nose is strong, not to say overbearing, but perhaps he'll grow into that in time, as well. His mouth marks a narrow line above his strong jaw, but when he does smile, it's wide.

Little Things About Kytaer

  • He's very good with, and loves tinkering with, timepieces.
  • Both sunburns and freckles easily. The Igen adjustment is going to be hard.
  • Starting to become known as "the kid who built an air conditioner in weyrwoman Janja's weyr."


Tae — because that's what he'd like you to call him, please don't refer to him as 'Kytaer,' that's for formal circumstances or parents — was an unusual child who didn't fit in with his family situation, and ran away from the circus to join a craft. Yes, that is in the right order; his family, the Loilon of the Keroon area, are arguably 'traders' though what they are in truth are traveling performers. Artists and singers and dancers and jugglers, that sort of thing.

While he had a knack for the sleight of hand, the performance life was really not for him, and from an early age he wanted to learn something instead. He knew he was talented with his hands, and that he was smart; his family always told him his ideas were innovative. That was enough to spurn him, and at twelve and a half during a trip to Landing, Tae broke off from the group to apprentice to the Technicians' Craft instead.

As might be assumed, his family didn't quickly forgive him. The idea of abandoning their ways to become a more traditional person — when the group had originally been formed by those running away from a more hidebound society, not that the Techcraft could really be thought of as hidebound — was completely nonsensical. It took a couple of turns before they came around, and he started sending presents to his parents and siblings by way of relatives at Ierne Weyrhold. When he was fourteen his sister Rylia Impressed, which brought the pair of them closer together and continued to ease the familial strain as more of the siblings broke out.

A solid student, bright and capable, Kytaer progressed through his studies quickly and on his sixteenth turnday was made a senior apprentice. Showing an aptitude for invention and innovative repair, he was attached to a mentor who was soon after dispatched to a posting at Igen Weyr, where Tae followed.


Name Relation Relative Age Location Position Adoptable
Amian Mother + 25 Turns Loilon Caravan Instrumentalist/Trader No
Ylarnas Father + 27 Turns Loilon Caravan Illusionist/Trader No
Ythara Sister + 6 Turns Loilon Caravan Singer Yes
Rylia Sister + 4 Turns Ierne Weyrhold Brownrider No
Nydrigan Brother + 3 Turns Loilon Caravan Trader Yes
Tayris Sister - 2 Turns Loilon Caravan Trader Yes
Amernas Brother - 5 Turns Loilon Caravan Child Yes
Fylaen Brother - 8 Turns Loilon Caravan Child Yes


You Spinel Me Right Round Baby Blue Vernammerath

Broad-hewn, thickset, every inch as powerful as the next - his burly physique is draped in a swarthy cloak of sapphiresque spinel, that adds a glimmering sheen to each well-chiseled curve and sculpted muscle. Goldstone's speckled shine accents the masculine arch of his eyeridges and nose, rugged features that are complemented by a sharp chin, wide jawline, and stubby headknobs. Accentuating the short arch of his neck are 'ridges daubed in raw tanzanite's purple-blue, their tips tinted dark enough to be near black, a shade echoed across the satiny expanse of his over-wide wings. The powerhouse strength of his compact body is supported by stout legs, though his chalcedony paws, with their moonstone claws, seem overly small, and overly pale, for his hefty aphotic form.



Title OOC Date Cast Synopsis
Crafters, Riders, Craftriders December 1, 2014 Eresai, Janja, Kytaer, R'en Just a normal day for the Weyrleader being surrounded by children. Then Janja kidnapped some apprentices. Let the good times roll.
Clutching Winter 2014 December 8, 2014 Al'dru, Emelene, Fi, Janja, Kytaer, Lucrezia, Neyuni, Quillan, R'en, Reya, Rynn, T'ayne, Vanessa, Zak Eggs are clutched, and a candidate ensnared.
Too Easy December 9, 2014 Kytaer, Hamiathes (NPC) Kytaer gets his journeyman's consent to keep that candidate knot. (Vignette.)
A Series of Minor Mishaps December 13, 2014 Emelene, Kytaer, Janja Emelene is working. Kytaer got set on fire (a little). Janja doesn't handle the infirmary too well.
Fireworkings December 14, 2014 Neyuni, Ilyse, Kytaer, Emelene A booming party in the North Bowl.
Candidate Questions on the Sands December 19, 2014 Al'dru, Eresai, Kytaer, Sabrael, Vivka Al'dru escorts a group of of curious candidates onto the sands to touch the eggs and willingly endures their many questions.
Dragons Who Maybe Possibly But Not Definitely Eat People December 21, 2014 Al'dru, Eresai, Eryzan, Janja, Kytaer, Sabrael, Vivka Candidates discuss the diets of a particular gold (guest appearance by her rider) and either lie or don't to one another.
Hypocaust December 23, 2014 Kytaer, Sabrael Tae fixes the hydroponic gardens, and Sabrael helps.
Talk of Eggs, AC, and Excitement December 27, 2014 Eryzan Sabrael Ilyse Kytaer Janja As the hatching grows closer, the candidates are all about talking about it.
Hatching Winter 2014 December 28, 2014 Abrael, Al'dru, Daija, E'sai, Ise, Neyuni, R'en, Rezia, V'al, Vivka, Y'taer, Z'an Zuhth and Sindrieth's clutch hatches!
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