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Portrayed By N/A
Gender Male
Aliases Kyzen, Kyzenviro
Place of Birth Fort Weyr
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
Dragon Bronze Zekath


Copious amounts of wavy, curly black hair tumble haphazardly over his head, the locks just long enough to cover his wide, bright and expressive blue eyes. His features still carry some roundness to them though his body has begun to grow and gives him a slight lanky look in his arms and legs. Not quite to that awkward stage but he is definitely your average youth.

He is usually dressed in sturdy clothing that can withstand some rough handling and work. Pinned to his shoulder is a knot showing his rank as Weyrling, the colors that of Igen Weyr and a thread of bronze woven through to show the color of his lifemate.


Kyzen was born one summery day, mid-route between Fort Sea Hold and Fort Weyr. His arrival to the world was premature, surprising both his parents and resulting in Kimmila giving birth to him in the back of the wagon she was riding in with no one but Th’ero to oversee before the Healer’s could catch up. Despite it all, the boy was healthy and warmly welcomed by his parents.

With both his mother and father being riders, they did their best to spend as much time as possible with him during his early months but Kyzen was most often tended by the Weyr’s nannies until he was weaned and now lives, more or less, full time with his foster family, who is none other than Kimmila’s older half-brother Tlazio and his wife and son.

Even at such a young age, Kyzen’s already developed a reputation for himself in Fort Weyr. Aside from being “the Weyrleader’s son”, he’s known for his overly curious personality, his charming and outgoing behavior and… his knack for finding trouble, causing trouble and being the first child to perhaps wear a harness and a leash when out and about with his parents when he was a toddler. It’s not that he goes looking for trouble! He just hasn’t learned the lesson of ‘think before you act’ and may not have it sink in for Turns (if ever).

For now, Kyzen spends many of his days in lessons with the Weyr’s Harpers and playing with the other weyrbrats and children, though of late as Kyzen grows older he’s been the subject of bullying among the older weyrbrats and so has made friends with the few Trader families who come and go throughout the seasons. Occasionally he’ll join his parents on outings or spend a day with them, but overall he leads a normal life for any child, carefree and enjoying life with the typical dreams and goals of any youth his age.

His life took a drastic change, one that he did not full realize at the time and his impulsive nature led him to accept before absorbing the whole situation. In Turn 2707, in the second month of winter and just barely a month into his twelfth birthday, Kyzen was Searched by Igen's Ch'y and his blue Etoth. Without a second thought, the boy agreed and he was taken immediately to the desert Weyr — much to the alarm and shock to his parents later when they came back from their duties to find their eldest son gone.

Kyzen adjusted as well as he could to Candidacy. Not only did his age make it difficult for him to relate to the older boys and girls, it was his first time being so far from home. To say he was a little homesick wouldn't be a lie, but he was often kept too busy for it to really sink in. He did make a few friends and managed to stay out of trouble… most of the time. He learned just how much a bad sunburn sucks and just how different (and dangerous) Igen's storms and weather can be. He also learned to care for a unique animal called a dunecat, which amused him to no end.

All good things come to an end, however and on one clear day where he and two other Candidates went for a swim, the eggs decided NOW was the time to Hatch and he and the others were hastily told to change and rush onto the Sands. What happened next was a whirl of chaos for the boy and eventually he found himself frozen before a small bronze Hatchling. After witnessing what happened to some of the girl's with the greens, Kyzen kept still until it became very obvious that the bronze, Zekath, was wanting HIM! And so began Kyzen, now K'vir's, path as a Weyrling, not for Fort but for Igen Weyr.

Common Knowledge

  • He has an unusual friendship with the bronzerider Ha'ze, even before Ha'ze Impressed Kainaesyth.
  • Owned a domesticated feline named 'Boo' who he is especially fond of.
  • Has a knack for finding trouble or unintentionally starting it.
  • Though many call him 'Kyzen', his full name is Kyzenviro.
  • He refers to one of his friends from the Fortian Trader families as 'Skydancer'.
  • He now had runner of his own, a gelding named 'Cal' though the full name is Calamity.


Name Relation Location Position
Garan Grandfather Southern Boll Hold Sr. Journeyman Harper
Kenali Grandmother Southern Boll Hold Cotholder
Th'ero Father Fort Weyr Weyrleader; rider of bronze Velokraeth
Kimmila Mother Fort Weyr Wingrider; rider of blue Varmiroth
Elladyr Brother Fort Weyr Child
Aranthi Sister Fort Weyr Child
Kiena Aunt Xanadu Weyr Wingrider; rider of blue Ujinath
Eliana Cousin Xanadu Weyr Child
Ezsrisa Cousin Xanadu Weyr Child
Keruthien Cousin Xanadu Weyr Child
Tlazio Foster Father/Uncle Fort Weyr Journeyman Smithcrafter


I Didn't Do It Blue "Dunno"
This lizard has been dipped in vivid royal blue from his muzzle all the way to the tip of his tail. Thick bands of dark navy stretch from his eyes down along the side of his neck and continue to streak along his back. A dusting of pale honey coats a wedge-like shape at his tail, and flows along his upper forelimbs and graces his dainty little headknobs. This wiry fellow has been graced with exceptionally large wings that will always look altogether too large for his body even after he has grown to full size. Those elephantine wings are shaded in midnight blue top that fades to a lovely shade of sky blue along the back.

Look At This "Tweak"
A rather gangly bronze he seems a bit more elongated than your average firelizard. Compacted head bears a fine intelligence, although it may be questionable how much it actually gets used. It's not entirely his fault you see! See these overlarge wings, how awkward and all angles the membrane stretched between looks a tatter mess of rope and sail and its hard to see how he would ever keep them all sorted out. Of course there is also that tail of his. How dare it go swinging back and forth and he didn't mean to knock that over if only you can catch the flash of cream colored talons that tried to right his latest affair. He seems rather uncomfortable with himself, this gangly darkly hued bronze and the heavy collar of chocolate brown that encircles about the juncture of his neck and chest is just the distracting ornamentation he doesn't need. What's that, just a trick of the patterning of his hide… You don't say?


No Shades of Grey Bronze Zekath
Angular of figure this metallic bronze looks ready to weather the worst that the natural world has to offer. Broad head is rather flat and tapers not nearly as much as most others. Eyeridges are not a smooth or rippled arc, but seem comprised of two angular planes that rise and converge over each eye. A thick shorter neck is studded with equally distinct bronzite ridges that erupt along his spine, fading along his back only to return to stud the length of his tail. Body follows a similar pattern, heavy in build but not necessarily bulk. It portrays one of strength yet skill for it is not just brute force his weapon alone. Wings match in size what is needed to carry him, the twine of muscle and sinew blended to support the stretchy swaths of wingsail. Of hue he is primarily a burnished slightly aged bronze. The strongest cleanest planes in the hue serve only to accentuate the planes and angles of his appearance, even where the muscle smoothly curves. The coloring is not solid and around the edge of each major part of his body the hue darkens along cracks and crevices making him seem to be wearing the color at times, rather than of it. Sails are a bit different, billowing of weather worn metal scarred and pitted by the desert storms he's weathered.


Title OOC Date Cast Synopsis
Chance Crossings October 22, 2015 Ch'y, Kyzen A chance meeting at a frozen lake shore results in something completely different!
Have We Met? October 23, 2015 Arva, Kyzen Two Candidates chatting over food.
Sunburns and Mystique October 29, 2015 Arva, Kyzen, Gallus (NPC) Kyzen learns a few things!
Rewards November 04, 2015 Arva, Kyzen A little treat for the Candidates!
Meeting the Eggs November 10, 2015 Kitty, Kyzen, Neyuni A small group of Candidates get a chance to touch the eggs!
Swim and Run! November 14, 2015 Arva, Kitty, Kyzen, Teena Some Candidates go to the lake shore to enjoy some relaxation… until the running begins!
Hatching Fall 2015 November 14, 2015 Al'dru, Arva, Kitty, Kyzen, Neyuni, Teena Zuhth and Eranzath's eggs Hatch!
Strange, Isn't It? November 15, 2015 Ha'ze, K'vir K'vir is joined by a familiar face from home and stops to talk.
Exhausted but Never Happier November 18, 2015 Arva, K'vir Returning to the barracks, two weyrlings have a little chat before exhaustion takes over.
Rainy Days November 25, 2015 Al'dru, Arva, K'vir After some rain, the weyrlings come out! And briefly run into the Weyrleader.
Small consolations December 5, 2015 K'vir,Neyuni time for a little chat
So What's Next? December 21, 2015 K'vir, neyuni Neyuni brings K'vir in for a chat about wing n' things

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