Portrayed By Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey
Gender Female
Aliases Lia
Place of Birth Ierne Weyr
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
Dragon Gold Verzhuqueth
Height 5'8"
Hair Black
Eyes Hazel


Willowy is one way to describe this teenaged girl; waiflike would be another. Despite her height, she's narrow-shouldered and slender-limbed, tomboyish in build and with only the barest trace of curves yet to come. The curse of her lineage does have some benefits: long, black hair falls in loose curls to the middle of her back, stray strands framing a face that will sharpen over the turns once she sheds any lingering babyfat. Hazel eyes, striking in their hue, are the only truly distinctive feature beyond the implied lines of what will be a strong jaw and pointed chin.
She is otherwise a pale and ethereal creature in her way, a youth with skin that speaks of time spent indoors more often than out. Her clothing says much the same, consisting of long skirts and blouses, with the occasional addition of a robe or headscarf and veil in a nod to her native region's fashion sensibilities.


Ligeia is the first - and only - child of Aglaia, a daughter that cleaves close to the family lineage in more ways than mere appearance. And, much like her mother before, Aglaia passed the rearing of her child off onto the father of the child. While the particulars of their relationship was ever a mystery to Ligeia, she was largely a happy child and settled in well at Igen Weyr.

Her father, a baker, tried his best to pull her into the craft, but her interests never properly aligned with it. A studious child, she spent much more time reading and writing than anything else. And when the opportunity came for her to join Harper, she turned it down firmly despite her turns. When her father asked why, her response was plain and simple: "I'm going to be a rider like mama."

And now that she's of an age to be Searched? Well. That's just what she aims to do, with all the confidence of a teenager who doesn't know any better.

But, after two failed attempts - one at Igen Weyr, one at Xanadu - she's come to question if she's really meant to follow that dream. Still, she's decided to take up the knot one last time, with her hopes and dreams cracked - but not yet fully broken.


Name Relation Location Position
Aglaia Mother Ierne Weyr Goldrider to Valigath
Gierlan Father Igen Weyr Baker
Galina Grandmother Ierne Weyr Goldrider to Vidyazath
M'gaal Grandfather Ierne Weyr Bronzerider to Zaqalekhth
Malaakh Uncle Ierne Weyr Cook


Bubble Bubble Toil And Trouble Green Newt

There's nothing conventional about this green, not with her oddly hunchbacked build and that prominent snout of hers. Is that a mole on her nose? Well, it's as near to one as a firelizard can have, that's for sure. Her hide is a rich emerald green, a beautiful hue that, unfortunately, encloses a body that's long-limbed and lean and lacking in the traditional proportions. Her neckridges are too large, her toes too long, and her tail too broomstick-stiff to be considered endearing. Her wings are a dramatic departure in shade, delving into the deepest, darkest of greens; too large and too long, they make a fine cloak to wrap around herself and hide her dealings from view.

Taking a Break Egg

One. Two. Three. Four. That's how many parts this egg seems to be broken into, a quartet of klah-hued quarters that seem to just ache to be snapped apart and shared.

Dam: Gold Fine
Sire: Bronze Sheesh
Size: 44"
Credits: T'syn & Ligeia

Deceiving Appearances Green Herb

This average sized green appears larger than she is due to her rather long arms and legs. It's a visual trick which she uses to her advantage whenever possible to make foes pause should they think to get into a tangle with her. Head is rather large, or again appears so due to the heavyset of her wide angular jaw. Headknobs also extend farther back than average above and behind the defined arc of her eyeridges and faceted orbs they protect. Tiny ridges on her neck are studded emerald and malachite. The two colors make up her entire being with emerald as the base. Malachite rippled in soft squiggles randomly patterned atop. Seen from afar the two hues blend together giving her the appearance of a singular tone, while up close the distinction can be made out. No more so than in the long stretch of her thin wings. The membranes are similarly hued and patterned but stand out so much more as she flies when backlit by the sun.

Two Toned Terror Egg

Energy somehow radiates from this small shell. Bright fuzzy white crackle with static electricity. It seems as though the shell might just zap you if you get to daring. In fact there is another hues which form a spot on either pole. Be this some strange symbol of its static at the poles lovely orange furry blobs will make you wonder.

Dam: Gold Aureli
Sire: Bronze Kalon
Size: 45"
Credits: The egg theme was cat coats. Your egg was inspired by a two color coat. White is very common for one color and I used orange for the other. The hatchling theme was big cats. In case you can't guess, yours in inspired by a Canadian Lynx! Created by Iwa. Enjoy!

On Broken Glass Green Frog

This tiny slip of a green is all pale hues and subtle translucence, from the peri-touched tip of her nose to the seaglass swish of her tail. Bitty bubbles sprinkle the space between her eyes, dusting down her cheeks and neck before circling her throat like fizzy little pearls. A soft, glowing tone takes up over her shoulders, faint streaks of teal marring its beauty, like viewing moonlight through water, rippling streaks and all. They blur, soften, as all of her does, posture sometimes bold, sometimes demure, but always, always/ kind. Perhaps she knows what it is to have been broken - certainly there are subtle cracks in her glassy exterior, places where near-iridescence illuminates her weakest points. They fracture around thin ankles, clink up narrow sides, shatter in and out of view across wings that are just a little too short for her body. They are beautiful nevertheless, breaks forking like lightning from the roil of cadmium clouds, striking, precise, at the heart of the sea at their trailing edge. Seafoam crashes down around haunches, bleeds across the base of her spine, before sealing tight behind sand-burnished glass, forever imprisoned by the tail that so daintily curls around silver-tipped paws.

Cold as Cold Can Be Egg

This egg is but a charicature of nature, a soulless recapturing of a terrible moment, frozen in time. Brushstrokes of color tell more of a story than the imagery itself, each stark and brutal, as though this egg's surface was a medium for someone's emotional purging, rather than something naturally lain. Its upper half is splashed in varying shades of drab tans, no two strokes the same, slapped and blotted to represent sharp winds, heavy clouds, and perhaps falling rain. Certainly there is enough water below to presume the deluge has led to flood, stark waves of blue trimmed in white, pointed and aggressive in their curling. If one were to sink below these waves - as the pointed brown streak that might be a bow of a ship implies - well… a cold fate awaits them, if the harsh fade to black at the egg's very base is anything to judge by.

Dam: Gold Aloy
Sire: Bronze Whiskey
Size: 44"
Credits: Hello, lovely!! You asked for a random little (hand)maiden, and here she is! Her egg name takes from 'Into the Ocean' by Blue October and the painted set from their music video for the same. Your flit takes from an Anton Chekhov quote: "Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass." Her appearance draws heavily on various forms of glass - bubbly liquor in a champagne glass, glass frog translucence (which you are welcome to play up or down as much as you want - I didn't wanna be gruesome and desc her inner organs, but if you happen to want to see their outlines or some veins, have at!), and of course we had to tie in some ocean themes so we could fit some pretty seaglass greens in there somewhere. <3 [by: R'hyn]

A Fantasy of Wind and Flame Gold Verzhuqueth

Sunset's timeless splendor dances across a narrow, wedge-shaped head, fire-wrought glory flowing in a molten stream along her svelte neck until it spills, incandescently roseate, over slender shoulders. Delicate lines indelibly etched in ruby are engraved around the barrel of her torso, feathering outwards in scarlet-edged flames that lick slyly from breastbone to belly. From flank to tail, the rich rose-tinged gold deepens to almost scarlet before paling once more to the purest of pinks at the tip of her broad tail. Long, slim legs end in graceful paws, each finger and toe tipped by a pearlescently aureate talon that glitters with each dancing step she takes. From her shoulders fly free elegant sails of the purest rose-gold, stretching between tawny spars so radiantly luminous they are nearly white in hue. The trailing edge of each sail is gently scalloped, rising and falling in subtle arcs that tease the eye into seeing feathers where none exist. Amidst this fiery, sinuous glory is a single discordant note; the neckridges that march in almost mathematical precision from headtip to the base of her tail are blackened along the edges, shading from amber to a charred crimson along the edges. Yet, even this dissonance, however at odds with the rest of her aureate splendor, harmonizes with the captivating hymn that is this diminutive yet mighty being.


Title OOC Date Cast Synopsis
Igen Hatching 2022 October 01, 2022 Oddisa, E'stel, T'syn, Apheli, Ava, Dannissin, Ligeia, Saverio, Xinra Oriapeth and Roheith's eggs finally hatch and delightful chaos abounds.
The Hardest Part October 1, 2022 Ky'zai, Ligeia Ky'zai seeks Ligeia out post-hatching for a farewell (for now.)
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