Here's a big guy, standing at just a couple inches shy of six feet and looking a little on the beefy side. But there's an amiable air about him, most times a friendly smile can be found with the accompaniment of a hearty laugh. Black hair kept croped up above his collar and around his ears, hang the tiniest bit shaggy infront of his eyes and a neatly trimmed goatee at his chin is over shadowed by a continual smathering of stubble across the rest of his face; leading to the image of someone who likes things clean cut but rarely has time to keep after it. His eyes are a bright green that shine out from beneath thick dark brows, made all the more dramatic by his well tanned skin.


Malakai is the second youngest child and youngest son of a rather large family. He's got five elder brother and one younger sister. When he was younger, he often felt he was a disappointment to his family. They have a long history of being fishermen in a small cothold just outside of Paradise River Hold, and he, is afraid of the water. Luckily his brothers weren't too keen on taking advantage of this, because not too long after he was born, their one and only sister came around and it was so much more fun dragging her off into the jungle to scare her than it was to scare him with the water. Just means however, that at all those family fishing times he stayed as far away from the water as possible and missed out on a lot of good times. He much preferred to be in the jungle and when he came around that age that most kids go off to a craft if they're going, he talked his parents into letting him into the woodcraft to study forestry.

Needless to say, his parents were kind and he caught the first dragonflight he could to the craft hall where he's spent a good deal of his years since. He has traveled around to different forests and jungles, studying the vegetation and animals that inhabit them.


Name Relation Location Position
Jaxson Father Paradise River Hold Fisherman
Rikka Mother Paradise River Hold
Jaxson Jr. Brother Paradise River Hold Fisherman
Rixson Brother Seacraft Hall Master Fisherman
Jaki Brother Seacraft Hall Master Fisherman
Ehren Brother Seacraft Hall Journeyman Fisherman
Kindlen Brother Paradise River Hold
Aisling (PC) Sister Ista Weyr Assistant Weyrling Master


Blue Kamaka

Brown Nori


Where Love Resides Bronze Garanth

The ravages of time mark this bronze without regard for his actual age. He wears within his hide turns of use and endless love, painted by thousands of stories told in the weathered craggy surface. He has a squared muzzle, tipped by slivers of tan in dark bronze as if chips had been knocked out. The heavyset neck wears a vine of ivy green crawling thru the tarnished bronze. It spreads from the crook of his neck downwards across his thick left foreleg. His stocky back is a weave of darker bronzes with the glint of a shiny thread here and there telling of how he might have been a shining monument had fate been more kind. Deep brown tarnish with bits of mossy green showing up on the more chiseled of his lines, grows up the remaining three legs, staining his strong paws and talons completely. Patches of that mossy green creep over the moist dark shadows of his belly and tail which is the only part of him that seems longer then it is wide. His wings are ragged scraps of lighter copper bronze patches sewn into sheets of tarnished bronze. It creates an impression of tattered, moth eaten drapes. Yet, the compact mass has strength and a sturdy foundation of good bones which gives promise of turns more love and shelter.

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