Portrayed By Holland Roden
Place of Birth Katz Field Area
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Junior Weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Zeraeth


Born in a small cothold just outside of Katz Field territory, one of too many children, Maisy's family only had one expectation for her in life, same as her sisters; to marry up. Some wealthier cotholder would surely want a pretty young bride and, in return, help secure her family's less well to do future, right? Her fate was sealed before she ever had a chance to decide what she wanted out of her own life. As soon as she was of age, she was sent off to her husband-to-be, Goslo, and that was that.

Well, almost. Despite Goslo being many turns her senior, and certainly not the most easy on the eyes, Maisy tried her best to be optimistic about her situation and be as wifely as she could manage. It was in her family's best interests, and she loved them more than she probably ought. Goslo refused to make their marriage official until she was with child, though, and it was half a turn before he realized no child would be forthcoming.

The marriage wouldn't happen, but Maisy wasn't sent home. Goslo struck a deal with her family in which he would help them financially so long as she remained with him, effectively paying her family for her work instead of paying her. He found another wife, one to prove he wasn't the source of their child problems, and Maisy became her handmaid.

The wife was a jealous woman, perhaps not quite as young or pretty as Maisy, and it soon became clear that both husband and wife were taking out their growing tensions on Maisy rather than each other. It was more than the young woman could handle and, late one night, she ran away into the darkness with just the clothes on her back.

She was fortunate that the person who found her was a charismatic bluerider and not some violent criminal, and they agreed to take her back to Igen Weyr with them.


Vintage Antique Green Moss

Everything about this green is refined; that's not to say every inch of her is slender elegance, but she does have a sense of graceful glory that is undeniable. The edges of her face are rounded, her muzzle broad but tapering, with her eyeridges slanted ever so slightly to give her a distinctly exotic look. Her headknobs are broadly set, almost growing off of her eyeridges and becoming so slim at the tips that they actually curl slightly to preserve their stability. The top of her head and well into her headknobs show a descent into yellowed grass, though it returns to the gloss of jade around her nose and neck. This jade spills across smoothly muscular shoulders that are strapped lightly with paler apple, the jade continuing along her forelegs while the apple spreads across her back and hindquarters, lightening in a few places to become almost a transluscent shade of green. The color again deepens as it continues down her slightly stunted whippet of a tail, reaching a glossy mossy shade right near the tip. Each of her claws, dainty as they may be, look like they were carved from lime coated crystal, razor sharp and each one very drastically bent downwards.


Touch of the Cosmos Gold Zeraeth

Sun lit gold shines bright over the soft smooth hide of this dragon. It gleams with an eternal newness along the delicate taper of her muzzle ending in a slightly blunted point. The light flows around the loving blue-green swirl of her large eyes and onto fine wrought eyeridges that help to frame her delicate face. A short length of neck is well, but not overly muscled, which describes most of her frame in general. Her sturdy build is well proportioned but neither bulky nor overly light, she is just as much as she needs to be to move with purpose and as much grace as any dragon can muster. Front is equally balanced by the perfect length of her tapered tail. The agile extension is studded by softer ridges of half-molten nuggets. Thicker spars support the broad and lengthy swath of delicate wingsail membranes. The translucent sails appear much as streaks of light which emanate from her body and dissipate outwards into the cosmos beyond her physical boundary. It is as if she can invisibly touch those beyond her physical being as surely as the sharp golden curve of her talons can ensnare her prey.


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