This lithe young woman stands at about 5'9", her back straight and her manner silently dignified. Almond-shaped eyes are piercingly blue-green much like a refreshing desert oasis, and separated by a straight nose that shows signs of an old break. The fair-skinned, angular face of the Apprentice Tanner is framed by long tawny hair, frizzed and often captured in a ponytail. Her mouth is drawn into a stubborn, disapproving frown just above a cleft chin, reflecting a suspicious personality and her perfectionist tendencies.

Mara's clothing is in the style of a hard-working Weyrling, a far cry from the elegant, tailored look she prefers. Everywhere between rage and elation, the set of flying leathers worn over a black linen top is an embarrassing shade of pink. The violent color is faded in patches by the progress of time, obviously worn in the elbows of the jacket and in the seat of the pants, but it is enough to give a bit of relief from blinding fuchsia. Mara has attempted to make them look more presentable with the aid of ebony edging along the hems, lending a finality to the angry violet cuffs and a bit of maturity for this bright, facetious ensemble. Highly polished leather boots of black cover her ankles and announce her with a sharp click of heels wherever she goes. A Weyrling's knot rests over her right shoulder, featuring Igen's black and gold colors as well as brown for her lifemate.


Mara was born at Keroon, a child that seemed set on a path before the choice was even necessary. Her mother, a firm but gentle hand with training runners, was a clever lady who had won the heart of a dramatic, teasing tanner. Mara was their first child of three, but her younger sister and brother came about twelve and fourteen turns after her birth, respectively. Having already begun to make her own way, she never took the time to become close to them.

She first attempted to work with runners in the Beastcraft like her mother had. Mara began training her own animals with a will that others joked about as being "more beastly than the runners'", but the results were good and her reputation satisfied the girl's ambition. While practiced with her skills, it was soon apparent that the girl didn't have the right knack for it that would allow her to become as successful as she desired.

Taking one of her prized runners and some good faith, she instead tried her father's track and found it much more to her liking. Methodical, precise, and with rules set in stone for every procedure, there was nearly no failing in the Tannercraft if Mara took the time and effort to do everything just right - which she did without exception. She still kept a fondness for riding and training the more unpredictable runners, but the majority of her time was put into her apprenticeship.

After nearly two full turns of studying at the TannerCraft Hall (amongst friendly competition and more unfriendly rivalries), Mara happened to be present when a rider from Igen Weyr arrived near the gates. She'd seen riders on Search before, but when R'by called her to assist him it was hard to resist - especially when Finbarith insisted she return to the Weyr to stand for Sakrienth's clutch. Putting a pause on her apprenticeship was a hard decision for the ambitious young woman to make, but there was no denying the bronze his Candidate. Mara continued as much of her work as possible while staying at Igen, even receiving a precious commission or two that would help her on the path to becoming a Journeywoman. Search was evidently no reason to forget what she'd left behind.


Name Relation Location Position
Ellae Mother Keroon Hold Beastcrafter
Marin Father Keroon Hold Beastcrafter
Rinella Sister Keroon Hold Resident
Malien Brother Keroon Hold Resident



Canyons Cut by Wind Brown Coatlcuazith
Ever drenched in the deep shadow of the narrow places in the canyon, the seemingly charred hide of this brown at first glance would appear to be constant. But little rays of coppery sienna sunlight race in angled streaks over his wings, and stain his underbelly. One even catches along the side of his muzzle, giving him the look of a permanent smirk. Overall, the rich colouring does it's best to soften the sharply angular, long and box like lines of this ones build. It doesn't quite succeed however, as every line on his face is a junction of angles and flat planes. Even his head knobs, set low on his skull continue the motif. It lends an intense look to his eye, the ridges standing out over his darkly whirling colours like a shadowing precipice. This continues down the athletic length of his frame, right to the very tip of his angular tail, and is even carried out by his toe claws. There the sullen shade is shot through with sienna and coppery brown, for a sort of stripped and layered effect. It lends a right wicked look, almost as if they were roughly carved rather than grown.

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