Portrayed By
Gender Female
Aliases Taya
Place of Birth Paradise River
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Wingrider
Dragon Green Corwynth


A young lady of average height. She has sunbleached blonde hair most of which is pulled back into a knot at the base of her skull, with a light fringe hanging over her forehead. Light brown brows arch over dark hazel eyes. Her nose is just slightly crooked, her lips pale pink and full. A white shirt with laces at the neck and wrists is covered by a cerulean blue vest. Black trews encase her legs and black boots are on her feet.


Mataya was born in Paradise River Hold. Her parents help one of the cothold there. She has 2 older brothers and 3 younger brothers. When she was 12 turns old she and her brothers would tussle about and it was during one of these tussling bouts that her nose was broken. Their mother, Jantaya, was able to get it straightened for the most part. Mardon, their father, just shook his head. 5 sons and one daughter and he knew the family was lucky in that there were not more broken bones. Her parents knew there was no stopping her really, though they did set limits. Mataya stayed within these limits knowing that she was lucky in that respect.


Name Relation Location Position
Jantaya Mother Paradise River Hold cotholder
Mardon Father Paradise River Hold cotholder




Green Corwynth

Ominous is she, built of rolling gray-green storm clouds. They writhe across a powerful but compact physique where each billow molds muscular curves and recedes at the slender hollows. Her head is sharply angular, slicing through the air as storm winds trace darkest spruce along the ridges of her head. A single beam of light cuts through the clouds to brighten her lithe neckline with golden sparkles. They speckle along the stormy green down to a sleek chest, fading into the darkening storm. Near black is the green of her billowed sails, broken by electric blue lightning which streaks in many forked tongues across their broad length. The storm peaks on her haunches, heavy with muscle and promised strength. Hints of paler green glimmer in the movements of her legs, strong though a touch short and baring electric blue lightning in place of talons. The final wave of the storm rides a long whipping tail, ever in motion behind her.


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