Portrayed By Vanessa Hudgens
Gender Female
Aliases Minnie
Place of Birth Keroon
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Trader
Dragon N/A


Dark-skinned and well-groomed, Meena is perhaps the typical representation of a woman who cares greatly for her own appearance. Thin eyebrows curve in a perfect manner above her hazel eyes, spaced evenly on either side of a short, pointed nose. Her hair, just above waist-length and as black as firestone, is kept combed straight and very rarely is there a strand to be seen out of place.

Despite the sharp features of the woman, her body is above average in height with long slender arms, small hands and elongated fingers. Her long legs are quite muscular from the amount of walking in her life and her child-bearing hips are a prominent feature - a stark contrast to her rather slight bosom. She appears well-fed and carries with her a stern gaze, despite the clear air of uncertainty around her.


Daughter to a travelling Holdless trader family from Keroon, Meena was born along the Igen River as her parents made their way to Vesta River Hold for a Gather. The oldest of four sisters, Meena was often the one to care for her younger siblings and keep them from trouble at the various Holds and Gathers her family attended. As a family of daughters, it was only when Meena's younger sister turned twelve that Meena could finally relinquish her duties to babysit and assist with the family business. With both parents able to organise the caravans and efficient at haggling for goods, Meena's family spent much of its time on the road as part of a convoy of traders who would make the journey from Hold to Hold. Although a variety of goods were exchanged during these times, Meena and her younger sisters were often heckled and targeted by younger men as they grew up and this in turn led to Deyai's distrustful nature of folk from outside their trading caravan.

Leading an uneventful life to adulthood, Meena has always retained the same wary disposition around strangers. Still working with her parents, she continues to move between the areas of Keroon and Igen, although occasionally there are exceptions when the family must travel to Nerat. Despite learning to barter from her parents, she is often reluctant to be the front of her parents' business.


Name Relation Location Position
Mendina Mother Keroon / Igen Trader
Guston Father Keroon / Igen Trader
Marissa Sister Keroon / Igen Trader
Iyana Sister Keroon / Igen Trader
Raya Sister Keroon / Igen Trader






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